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  1. Recently damaged my socket and wouldn't work on the locking wheel nuts. Used the company nuts off, they got the problem sorted in about 10 minutes, replaced the locking nuts with standard fit. Think it was between 15 and 20 pounds per wheel
  2. Things you love to see, no booking, no 2 hour time slot and a free drink, happy days !
  3. Liam Kelly's reaction to being named players player of the year is a thing of beauty
  4. Booked my tickets for Hamilton races next Wednesday. Looking forward to a bit of normality during this ongoing shitshow.
  5. The Three Kings is an excellent watch, part football and part social history. Bill Shankly, what a man.
  6. Graham Alexander on sportsound between 6 and 7. Unfortunately on with Chic Young
  7. Well that's my afternoon ruined, no fuckin shopping channel
  8. Her half time analysis is a f***in car crash.
  9. Hanley, booked and caught blowing snorters out of his nose twice, solid start
  10. Those evangelicals, upto no good as usual
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