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  1. Away tickets to be had on line presently. £20.
  2. We have been here for a long while and therefore clearly sympathise. Get used to it though. It might be some time,
  3. Calum Smith, take a bow for a cracking team goal. Or indeed Scott McGill. Need to pay more attention.
  4. Today will be a test. If we prevail, then we celebrate. No surprise we are being financially outgunned. Even in the current league, we are likely 5th or 6th wealthiest. Money is not everything of course, but in the short term it talks.
  5. If he knows to keep his feet on the ground, unlike the Kennedy guy; it is clear progress.
  6. Jordan Allan making a start. Please make it worth our while.
  7. Horrendous day weather wise and denied a 'stonewaller' at the end I recall.
  8. Were you there? And I would have attended in what way, legitimally?
  9. Few questionable decisions there, but happy with a win.
  10. Accompanied by his previously reclusive triplet, drafted straight into the heart of the defence? Having previously been a goalkeeper at a team who his Dad was a regular provider of fringe players, perhaps.
  11. All valid speculation in the circumstances. For the older generation, I would offer Stuart Baxter being sensationally appointed manager.
  12. Going above and beyond here, Sir. Not sure quite what we will see tonight. Slight fear that we will fall flat like we did against Cove a few weeks back.
  13. I do not see a thread for the game before now. If I've missed it Apologies. Express start. Settled down a bit. Now the threat of Sammon, if that is a thing.
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