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  1. Looks to be a rich seam for criticism this season. Hard to reconcile his career at higher levels; although there has been a progressive decline of late. Maybe Cowdenbeath should be warned he is heading in their direction.
  2. Just had a wee check of the league table. A season to go obviously, but we seem to be leading on goal difference. Falkirk in the play-off berth, .....to avoid relegation. McGlynn revolution shaping up nicely so far.
  3. Nice development. Not making the trip up tomorrow. Interesting to see if both teams can take up the available compliment of substitutes though. Even more so if they are out of their teens.
  4. A lot at stake at Gayfield on Saturday. My last visit was 7-1, after Scott Stewart scoring first. Several years back. Hoping for an improvement.
  5. Afolabi's unsuccessful trial or not, he is light year's away from signing for the Diamonds. Adding to my own post here, move on folks.
  6. Afolabi's unsuccessful trial or not, he is light year's away from signing for the Diamonds.
  7. Like the look of the young man. At danger of cursing his future, there is a bit of a Billy Gilmour there I think.
  8. From experience, don't rely on train schedules presently. Had four service changes on the way to/from Cowdenbeath on Saturday and still ended up getting a taxi back from Croy after a staff related cancellation. Today's announcement over drivers' apparent acceptance of a pay offer sounds good, but doubt it will change things soon.
  9. 0-3. Only had two subs, one of those a keeper . Played the last 15 with 10. Not under any threat really.
  10. I concur Emma. He had a few good performances and then tailed off. From what I recall, he was rather disrespectful after signing at Stark's Park too.
  11. If Cole Gibson was the number 4 on Sunday, I liked what I saw. Young boy though.
  12. Cowdenbeath v Diamonds on Saturday will be this Saturday's away match. Travel and ticket sorted. Hope to see a few others including Arbroath, which is a favourite away day. No aspirations beyond a visit though.
  13. Not sure we will hit last season's highs, sadly.
  14. Scored in a friendly for Raith against Dunbar a couple of weeks back, David. The lure of Monkey Hanger money too strong it seems. More to follow, perhaps?
  15. It was mooted, but I doubted it would come about. Nice to be wrong sometimes.
  16. Not at his prices. Our pool to 'fish' in is somewhat cheaper, sadly.
  17. Just looked at McFarlane's stats. Only played 29 games for Diamonds over two spells. In 256 professional games, he scored 5 goals. A poor return, but 3 of those for Airdrie ; so acceptable for us.
  18. Another Neil McFarlane in the making. Well more or less. Bring it on.
  19. .....and considerable cost/wage from the limited comment that has come my way.
  20. A tad more credible, Sean but still speculative my friend.
  21. They are quite select establishments, I think you will find.
  22. A former custodian has been muted. No idea how accurate though. Personally, I would be happy with the signing if it comes about.
  23. Just making my appearance from behind the 'playoff' couch only to be faced with this news. Managerial lucky dip ensues. Back to square one pretty much. Players on freedom of contract after expiry of their deals. Could even lose Callum Smith yet, if money is tabled. Chance of Salim limping into the box by the end of September? Maybe. Back behind the couch I think, until it blows over.
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