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  1. Will be away on Saturday so missing a trip to Dens. Not confident, sadly.
  2. not a classic by any means bur perhaps a mirror image of our visit there on 1 Oct.
  3. Hopefully Callum Smith can be firing again. Not playing badly by any means, but just missing an edge for me.
  4. Pragmatically, more of an issue when the ball does not end up in the net. Move on, methinks.
  5. Happy with 3 points but a hard watch today.
  6. I was thinking that too, then remembered the victory a few seasons back when Ally Roy looked a world beater; for a few minutes at least.
  7. Not sure about that. Delighted with a win. Not one I thought would come about.
  8. Last time I visited it was Meadowbank Thistle. The Eiger steep stand will have gone though.
  9. I don't advocate a change. If we did, we have two of the playing squad undermined immediately.
  10. Looking forward to a first visit on Saturday. Another ground getting ticked off for me. A return to the starting line up for Frizzell and Smith needed. McCabe back on the pitch too after Friday's absence.
  11. I suppose the difference for me is the likely expectation to play Wylie. He has a 'show reel' of a few tidy goals but we have seen little of that. Improvement needed Ben would be my message.
  12. Sadly I am far from convinced about Wylie. I am also doubting that Salim has the mobility required. Five minutes or so at the end of a game seems to mask that.
  13. Almost has the air of a friendly.
  14. Wasn't there today to comment directly. In times gone by there were always the ' shouters' from the stand. They are venting a frustration they have. It is likely without any reliable basis. A challenge of their personal prowess may take a while.
  15. Will be watching from afar today. Our opponents' defence was quite effective in their cup visit. Add a missed penalty plus some bad luck and we were thwarted. Hoping for a more clinical performance from the home team this time.
  16. Have I missed any signings 'swoops' in the past couple of days?
  17. Ticket bought. Will reflect on prospects over the course of the week. Maybe even buoyed by a signing or two?
  18. It is clear that Murray Johnson is a very capable young keeper.
  19. Can't see a thread for this thrilling fixture, so here goes. Happy to take a point at Palmerston and hope a win comes our way on Saturday. Watched Alloa v Edinburgh City highlights. Alloa looked to face a few quick breaks and were a bit pedestrian at the back. I like Andy Graham but he may be showing his age now.
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