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  1. Colin, you are indeed correct. One hopes that Scotrail will be sympathetic to the change
  2. Sabatini was too much of an enigma in his time with us. I wanted him to do well; but he fell short and often.
  3. Ochilview was competing with Broadwood for the Ice Station Zebra Award today. Not a classic but happy to take a Cup win
  4. Looking ahead to league business. Important to regain momentum after the Cove defeat. Travelling up for the match. Mixed experience from past attendance but optimistic.
  5. A return to Ochilview on Saturday. A pleasant ground due to amenities (pubs and nosh). Mixed record there. We have been doing relatively well; but for last week's disappointing performance. Couple of former Diamond in the Stenny squad, so they will likely have the games of their lives. Airdrie win , for me.
  6. Sounds a bit like the Diamonds' team back in September for the first game. Time will tell.
  7. If only it just were Alloa! Most of the Scottish League ( and a few no longer there) have been involved along the way.
  8. Have had forty, odd, year of that dread. Hard to make it go away, sadly.
  9. Away fixture was disappointing, but we can't say our performance on the day deserved anything. Will McInroy be available? Will Easton be stifled out like he was back in September? These will prove important factors I think. Tricky to call, but hope the Diamonds come out on top.
  10. I think you will find many dissenting views to that confident assertion.
  11. Attending the Locality Hub this weekend. First time under that naming I think. We are , hesitantly, top of the league. Our record in Methil is poor in recent years. Hoping for a positive result and Kyle Connell not notching.
  12. Alloa Athletic 2 vs Montrose 1 Cove Rangers 2 vs Peterhead 0 Dumbarton 1 vs Falkirk 2 East Fife 1 vs 2 Airdrieonians Queen's Park 2 vs 0 Clyde
  13. With only Fordyce and Easton cropping up consistently so far, plus McInroy ( a few games in truth), Watson and Smith on the side-lines here and there we seem to have a team performing ( sometimes) better than the individual parts to bring about our dalliance with the top of the league. I'll take that fellow P & B' ers. I might disagree in some respects but it is just an opinion in the end,
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