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  1. Just making my appearance from behind the 'playoff' couch only to be faced with this news. Managerial lucky dip ensues. Back to square one pretty much. Players on freedom of contract after expiry of their deals. Could even lose Callum Smith yet, if money is tabled. Chance of Salim limping into the box by the end of September? Maybe. Back behind the couch I think, until it blows over.
  2. Have to congratulate, as others have, Cove for their unerring march to the title. Fare well in the Championship.
  3. Not a great spectacle today but happy to keep the run going. Officials noticeably poor. A special mention to Hamish Ritchie for a pathetic penalty box tumble. Get @:%^(*¬" up, you diving twat. A better ref would have booked you.
  4. After an uncertain first half, it became a cruise. Clean sheet too, Countless subs. That'll do, squire.
  5. Makes little odds to the league now. Keep the unbeaten run going though.
  6. Not convinced that promotion ( should it come about) will offer huge money to spend.
  7. League triumph looks beyond us sadly, but I remain proud of the effort this year.
  8. We have had a fair number of those over past weeks. Sadly they don't work, out as far as Cove are concerned.
  9. Watched on the stream today. Missed the sending off as I was getting beer from the kitchen. Happy with the result though.
  10. £15. Not the best coverage but it suffices for those who would otherwise miss the game.
  11. Why do you believe that Falkirk will turn it round some time. They even manage to disappoint opposing supporters.
  12. Seems a brave move with Lennon. Alternatively, a dynasty is in the making.
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