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  1. Just hope we have enough money behind the Club to keep the wages flowing for signed players until we get back on the park; and more pointedly in front of a crowd whenever that might be.
  2. Callum Fordyce is a bit of an unsung hero this year. He's been arguably our best and most consistent signing, very rarely looks troubled and is always fairly calm. He's been shunted about to accommodate Kerr and crighton coming back and just gets on with it, a real team player. Completely agree. Sound signing and glad he is with us a bit longer.
  3. Tickets booked for next week. Tricky game though. Ryan to continue the scoring streak?
  4. One way or another, I suspect we will be playing Thistle next season.
  5. A dire 90 mins that we should have won. Weather may not have helped but painful viewing.
  6. Dunfermine allowing Ryan to go on loan is perhaps more understandable with their acquisition of Dom Thomas.
  7. More on the game, we've been at our best when counter attacking teams, but that option just wasn't there today, especially after losing 2 early goals, the second of which was a great finish tbf. The amount of times the ball was just pumped up front and the big centre half absolutely mopped it up sweatless, we will never compete lumping balls to Gallagher, Smith or the enigma Roy. Unless the ref clamps down on any timewasting then it's absolutely fair game, if we were 2-0 up I'd be lapping that shit up definitely, it's called game management and getting it right into the opposition fans. No-one to blame but ourselves today, loads of pressure but very little ideas. Pretty much how I saw it. Hopefully a bad day at the office,so to speak
  8. Good shout; but I think Creighton deserves a berth ahead of Gasparotto.
  9. Realistically I don't think either were. Fordyce's certainly not.
  10. And the laws of the game permit 'delaying' do they? Petty but still a valid point.
  11. We were not at our best today. However the two handed save by the Raith defender at the end merited a penalty. All the sendings off were harsh but I am willing to make an exception for Davidson for the numerous occasions he should have been dismissed against us but wasn't.
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