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  1. A tad presumptuous there, sir. The McKays have forged a strong dynasty in the North Lanarkshire area. A part of the world not known for nepotism; certainly not in public office nor in Coatbrig.
  2. If he had fallen over he would have scored. Honking; thankfully matters not.
  3. Kenny Deuchar's input during the game at New Bayview was infuriating. Our performance helped, though.
  4. Signed up too. I echo CC's comments about the result though. Links Park was my last away day. Not the best result, but remember the general experience fondly in the present times.
  5. Looking interesting cup wise. Hopefully not pride before the fall
  6. Not expecting to take the pitch on Saturday. Happy New Year to all Diamonds in the interim of course
  7. Dumbarton P Airdrie P Cove Rangers 2 Peterhead 0 East Fife 1 Falkirk 2 Montrose 2 Forfar 0 Thistle 2 Clyde 1
  8. Sorry to hear confirmation of Hutton's departure in Murray's interview too. Think he could still have had a few games in him yet. Onwards and upwards though.
  9. Roy hardly touched the ball in truth; but hope he can recapture his pre-season form.
  10. Clyde could have made it more respectable today though. Things did change late on, but not enough.
  11. Far from a great spectacle but a win in the end. Too many visits to Broadwood have not worked out that way
  12. PPV commitment on my part too. No idea what the outcome could be though.
  13. Kenny Deuchar unlikely to be accused of objective comment on the first half showing.
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