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  1. Michael Masi been involved in the Champions League draw aswell?
  2. Maybe the lapped cars should’ve been dropped to the back of the pack instead. I mean, what’s the point in unlapping them with a lap to go? Also, in 25 years of watching the sport I’ve never seen a SC period ending as soon as the lapped cars have passed the leader. Interesting that Max called for consistency in stewards decisions at the beginning of the weekend then we witnessed a scenario that we’d never seen before which basically won him the title!
  3. I don’t think the problem is letting the lapped cars past but the rules state that once lapped cars are past the leader then the safety car returns to the pits at the end of the following lap, not half a lap later like what happened today. Basically they changed the rules so they could have one final lap of racing, which should have ended under SC conditions as per the rules.
  4. Looking at the regulations, specifically the last sentence here, which have basically been ignored and the SC should have stayed out one more lap. Article 39.12.
  5. Last throw of the dice from Max. Could get spicy if he closes on Lewis.
  6. Imagine Perez had taken Hamilton off there, cos they couldn’t do anything to punish Max for it
  7. At least he won’t finish last this weekend.
  8. Yeah, Massive Wagons were alright. Better than most supports I’ve seen!!
  9. Wingman Lando starting directly behind Max
  10. The Darkness at the Barras was superb last night. Not everyone’s cup of tea but they never disappoint.
  11. I can imagine if Max deliberately takes himself and Lewis out, then he will be disqualified from the standing like Schumacher in 97.
  12. Might need a steward in a hi vis to keep them apart on the podium
  13. They’re both gonna end up in the wall.
  14. Surely if RB refuse to go behind Lewis on the grid then it’s a penalty for not giving the place back?
  15. Surely advantage gained there by Max?
  16. 7 races in, and rage quit 4 of them. Not really enjoying this as much as previous games. Spending most of the time lighting up the rear tyres on the exit of slow corners and spinning.
  17. Agree with the previous comments. The first sector looks dangerous especially as the onboard shows the drivers can’t really see what’s round the next corner. If someone hits the wall and rebounds into the racing line, and there is someone 2/3 seconds behind with their foot to the floor with very little time to react to yellow flags, it could be a huge accident.
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