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  1. That livery is a thing of beauty. Should keep that for the rest of the season.
  2. Should be easy after they lift his car over the T1 barrier with a crane on the first lap.
  3. I think they are all on the soft tyres. Interesting that Hamilton set his quickest Q2 lap on used tyres, don't usually see that. Maybe see something different strategy wise in the race?
  4. Paul Ricard is a nice track to drive, even if it’s boring in real life!
  5. I’m getting used to Vietnam now although I always lose time to the AI cars in the final sector. It’s always Tabac for me, the quick left after the chicane. Sometimes need 4/5 flashbacks in a row to get round it
  6. Despising Monaco with every passing season
  7. This thread bringing back a lot of happy memories of simpler times! Slightly off topic but I remember buying the PS magazines for the “demos disks” that allowed you to play their first couple of modes of new games that were about to be released, Abe’s Oddysee being my favourite.
  8. Portimao is quickly become a favourite track. Some excellent camera angles of the cars going up and down the elevations, my favourite is looking down the main straight from T1 and seeing the cars pop over the crest just before the finish line.
  9. Finished 4th season on My Team. I thought having Hamilton on my team would help, I won six races and he didn’t win any I finished third in the drivers and team third in the constructors. Keeping Lewis for my 5th season and looks like a three way fight at the front between our team, Mercedes (Verstappen and Sainz) and Red Bull (Norris and Danny Ric).
  10. Not keen on the idea but at the same time if it means less practice and more actual racing, I’m all for it.
  11. How did Gasly end up 7th aswell? I’m sure earlier on in the race they said he was 8 seconds slower than everyone else as he was still on the full wets and he took ages to stop for inters.
  12. Miami confirmed for 2022. I wonder if they will drop a race from the calendar as 24 races would be a bit much.
  13. Gutted Norris got his time removed but rules are rules I suppose. Bottas showing again how much of a jobber he is, always amuses me when he thinks he’s the man with his “to whom it may concern“ radio messages when Lewis and Max have an off day and he takes the pole/win.
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