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  1. Looks like we may have qualifying tomorrow morning before the race. Can’t see any running at all today.
  2. A power unit change means Verstappen will start at the back of the grid this weekend. Apparently this also means he will serve his three place grid penalty for the Monza incident in Austin in two weeks time (not sure if this is genuine, though).
  3. Happy 8th anniversary, everyone
  4. It’s frustrating that things like this can’t be called a racing incident any more and someone has to be penalised. I think both drivers were at fault, Lewis for not giving enough space and Max for not taking avoiding action like Lewis did on lap 1. We should just be glad that the halo did it’s job and there were no serious injuries.
  5. Biffy were superb in Glasgow tonight. It’s been a while, forgot how awesome live gigs were!
  6. Was there not a race in Hungary where Barrichello moved over on the finish line to let Schumacher win, even though he was already cruising the championship? Also the infamous one where they tried to engineer a dead heat on the line (Indy?), but Rubens was 0.001s ahead or something.
  7. Didn’t see that coming. What an opportunity for George.
  8. 9 wins for Bottas during five years in the fastest car, whereas Hamilton has had at least 9 wins per season since 2014. But yet some still say it’s only because of the car.
  9. Bottas straight swap with Giovanazzi I heard.
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