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  1. Imola isn’t the same without that final chicane.
  2. Was there not 4/5 British drivers on the grid a few years back? Just noticed Williams are keeping the same lineup too.
  3. Alfa confirm they are keeping the same line up for 2021.
  4. Gasly staying at Alpha Tauri for 2021. Think we’ll see Albon back there too, and RBR getting someone from outside their pool of drivers to partner Max.
  5. The tears on social media have been extra tasty today. The best part is, every win from now isn’t just another win but it’s another record breaking win. Once that seventh title is won, there will be no more records to chase.
  6. Lewis: my tyres are done *passes Bottas and pulls away 1s a lap* Lewis: my tyres are fine
  7. Watching a lap onboard makes me want to throw up
  8. Haas confirm their 2021 line up -
  9. A few people have said Williams are punting Russell and bringing in Perez as they need his sponsorship money, and George will go to Haas.
  10. Even worse is them letting the lapped cars unlap themselves then give enough time to let them get up the road a bit. Why not just drop them to the back of the pack? They’re already a lap down.
  11. Both Ferrari cars top 5. Quali will be fun with not much practice.
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