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  1. EA takeover of Codies complete. I hope they don’t ruin future F1 games.
  2. Have to obverse social distancing to be fair...
  3. That fan just picked up more yards than the Chiefs offensive line.
  4. “Face cage gate” has been the best thing tonight...
  5. IainMorton


    I challenge you to name a more disappointing final season lol Dexter? That was pointless tbh.
  6. IainMorton


    It was only £6.99 so not that bad 😛 like I said it wasn’t the best finale but not the worst either.
  7. IainMorton


    It’s on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix only has up to season 7, had to buy the final season on AP.
  8. That fucking eBay advert with the couple moving into their new house, the walls have somehow turned into a massive jigsaw puzzle and the items from their old house won’t fit. Get that in the sea.
  9. IainMorton


    Binged this over the last few months, very good series although the finale didn’t go the way I was expecting or hoping, bit of a damp squib but nicely done at the end I suppose.
  10. I’ve got a better chance getting that seat
  11. A few whispers going round twitter that Hamilton won’t renew his Mercedes contract and will retire. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does as I think covid and being locked away in a bubble while at races has hit him hard. Always thought he suffered with mental health problems, look how he was driving when he was going through the breakup with Nicole Shitsinger. He is always at his best when there are no distractions to affect him personally and needs a clear head.
  12. Started third season of My Teams, Kimi and Vettel have retired and now have three F2 drivers on the F1 grid - Schumacher (who I signed for my team’s first season before replacing with Gasly), De Vries and Zhou. Also noticed that Anthoine Hubert is there, not sure I’m liking that but I’m guessing it’s codies paying respect to him.
  13. Yep. If Red Bull want to challenge Mercedes they need both cars up there. The fact that Hamilton scored more points than both Verstappen and Albon combined this year says a lot.
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