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  1. Magnificent placenames archive

    Found this amusing last night...
  2. Better Call Saul

  3. TV gantry? What’s one of those?
  4. Depends how many fans you are expected to bring - up to 200 in the stand, 200-400 covered terrace in the Shed, 400+ uncovered terrace behind the goal. These are just my guesses btw, if anyone wants to correct me please feel free!!
  5. My mate is a huge John Lennon fan and recently sold all his memorabilia on eBay. Imagine all the Paypal.
  6. Just been asked about my availability to take charge of a football team in Sheffield. I said I would be interested, but I can’t manage Wednesday.
  7. Will this be billed as the “we hate Falkirk more than you” derby?
  8. F1 2018

    The last few years Hamilton has stepped up to another level when the season is coming to an end, and nobody can keep up with him. 22 wins away from Schumacher, a record people thought was beyond reach but it looks like Lewis is going to catch and beat that record if he keeps up this form.
  9. This. Been a Morton fan for 23 years and I can tell you this never goes well...
  10. F1 2018

    The only option Ocon has is to take a backseat for Mercedes and be their reserve/test driver next season and get the second seat in 2020.
  11. F1 2018

    That wasn’t Lewis...
  12. F1 2018

    To think Ocon is losing his seat for this moron. Only a drive through penalty, getting off lightly IMO.
  13. F1 2018

    He should be shown a black flag, looks like he moved towards the Williams way before the corner.
  14. Ayr vs Falkirk

    DeeBairn having a nightmare here. Pleasing