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  1. Can we not just say it’s on anyway so the United fans have to travel through in this weather then stand in the WDE for 45 minutes before being told the game is off?
  2. My grief counsellor died recently, thankfully he was so good I didn’t give a shit.
  3. This year I’ve got a Jehovah's Witness advent calendar. Behind every door someone tells me to piss off.
  4. Some things are more important than your life for some though; like Likes on social media. Suppose but only if the killer is decent enough to upload it to your Facebook after he has put a bullet in your brain.
  5. This always pisses me off when things like that happen. It's especially bad in the American school shootings "OMG there is a maniac running towards me killing everyone in their path, quick, where is my phone so I can record it?!"
  6. Was it not considered a derby match when we were in the same league? Not sure if there was much hatred, though.
  7. IainMorton

    FIFA Rage Page

    Think I’m done with ‘20 already, play in career mode and switching the difficulty up/down by one level is either too easy or getting humped every game. Nothing in between. Actually “rage quit” in a game last night as I was 6-0 up at half time and getting bored with it.
  8. I still have nightmares about that Turriff away game.
  9. A Scotsman, Irishman, Englishman and stunning blonde are sitting in a train carriage. The train goes through a tunnel and the carriage is plunged into darkness. Suddenly, a loud “smack” can be heard and when the train emerges into daylight, the Englishman is sitting holding his face which is now bright red. He thinks “someone must have touched up the blonde girl and she thought it was me” The Irishman thinks “he must have made a move on her and she’s slapped him, good on her” The blonde girl thinks “he must have tried to feel me up but got one of them instead, and they have smacked him” The Scotsman thinks “I can’t wait for another tunnel so I can thump that English c**t again”
  10. WTF is that noise in the background? Sounds better than the game, TBH.
  11. Being miserable is what Scottish people are best at, TBH.
  12. Aye, he can retire from international football.
  13. Why are you watching Scotland? Why is anyone watching Scotland? Imagine paying £30 for this nonsense.
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