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  1. Basically yeah, they haven’t denied copying last year’s Merc car but they are saying it’s legal as there’s certain parts that can be copied. As @doulikefish mentioned above, they have impounded parts of their car (brake ducts and rear wing (?)) and also asked Mercedes for the same part on last year’s to make sure they aren’t the same.
  2. Lando again on the last lap, superb!!
  3. I thought elite sports like F1 had more relaxed rules about quarantining as long as they travelled together and stayed within a ‘social bubble’?
  4. A couple of years when Hamilton retires, probably.
  5. My favourite band has a Russian sound engineer. They also have a Czech one too.
  6. Looks like Vettel def be off the grid then for next year. Doesn't appear to be a seat anywhere for him Said last year he should chuck it, average driver that makes too many mistakes. Those titles were down to Newey, not him.
  7. I once went out with a girl who had a lazy eye. Turns out she was seeing someone else at the same time.
  8. Bit harsh IMO. Remember the good old days when something like this was classed as a “racing incident”?
  9. Excellent from Norris there
  10. Another Red Bull protest and Hamilton starts 5th.
  11. FFS it’s the first race in seven months 🤣
  12. Strange that Red Bull protested against DAS considering it was deemed legal in pre-season testing.
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