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  1. Without sounding too disrespectful to my team your bet on Farfars safe min ! You guys could play the worst you be played in years and we still won t win , we ve no goal threat Jacko and Thommo work hard but da score !!
  2. He ll get time I'm sure , although it's not easy to watch fans have been patient so far although numbers are noticibly down ! As long s Dick avoids running up n down touch line tryin to rub our directors up the wrong way every time Forfar score !!! Surely won t take that much delight in beating a struggling team ??
  3. Don t think there's any hoping about it ! We really are bad !! But am gonna stick by by him ! Saturday could see home supporters turn against him especially with our Farfar pals in amongst us goading us ! On the other hand it's maybe the game that will be the making of the team ! A derby win would do wonders for confidence ! Ps...... What's our longest losing streak been ? After equalling our longest unbeaten stretch last season ? (Seems ages ago now)
  4. Ye YOU are more than capable and probably will quite comfortably minus Dicks mind games and trackside antics !! We re a poor poor team !!
  5. Ray used to resort to long high balls too when things were not working and I can only ever recall it working once in a game against Forfar when Jacko was quicker ! We played well in a 15 min spell v Pars and it was all nice passing moves ! In fact we overdid it at times !
  6. sorry not sure but a guy Finnie has been on bench 2 or 3 weeks prior but can t speak for Sat
  7. Agree with above comments ! Players out of position etc ain t helping cause ! Needing a scorer though for all Jacko and Thommos hard work they don t score too much and that's what it's all about !! Can t see any midfielder chipping in with 10 goals or so either. Hard game this week then derby game which may actually be the type of game we re needing to bring players outta there shells!
  8. Did we miss another pen ? 2 weeks in a row beaten by 10 men ! Good times are surely just around the corner ! Well let's hope anyway ha ha
  9. Says a lot for club if Dyers prepared to join us despite our woeful start ! (Mind you prob knows he ll be guaranteed a game ha ha )
  10. Remember he inherited a squad of 6 with only 3 weeks before 1st proper game !!! He s made some decent signings who will in time find their feet ! I do agree we do look slow and devoid of ideas at times but he's nvr been able to field his strongest 11 yet so he ll have to be given time ! I agree with Steve !Airdrie were a poor poor team also but we nvr looked like winning so that's shows how much works to be done yet! It's gonna be frustrating and painful at times but I'm sure we ll get there !
  11. We are absolute mince we re not playing as a team but this ll change over next few months ! Give the man a chance , once he gets settled team he ll be first to drop himself and maybe be easier to boss from sidelines !
  12. We are poor , started off ok a few half chances , but nvr looked like winning against a very poor Airdrie team ! Front two are working hard but not getting very much to feed on ! High balls up to Jacko have nt worked last 3 seasons and are not gonna work now ! We still have decent players and I'm sure we ll turn corner in time by playing foôty though not punts up park !
  13. I beg you a pardon ? We be got feelings ha ha ha
  14. Where was Weatherston yesterday ? Is Perry badly injured ? Will we need to bring in another young keeper for the bench next week ? Looks like we re gonna be back to the bare bones again ! We re gonna have to bring in loan players now surely eh ? Anyone enlighten us ???
  15. If you ve seen our left back last few weeks you d take Tiff at Left back believe me
  16. Noticed Dodds conceded pen !having already been booked ? Was he lucky to stay on park ? That's good it's all coming together take it Perry injured in warm up ?
  17. Just as I was looking out the ticker tape Trouts goes n buggers it up
  18. Noticed Perry was listed right back but Montgomery now there ! Was he injured in warm up
  19. Looking back Duffy brought in a really good player. For each position and built his team around them ! Your right my first season was around 82 and I ve had more good than bad! Seen some damn good players and some mince ! I d say Pinky Campbell was worst manager in those years but that's just my opinion
  20. Who's trialist ? Is game on Ayr FM again
  21. At least we all have a sense of humour about our impending doom (just now wait till mid Nov when we re still mince we ll be growling ha ha) ... I m sure we lol turn corner soon but we are needing a couple loanee s or even a mid 30 s old head to bring a bit o calm to proceedings like we had with Barry Smith a few seasons back!
  22. We had a good 15 minute spell 2 nd half but if I m honest Pars had taken foot off gas but at the same time we played some good stuff in that spell?
  23. Ye thank s ! Phew ! Poor lad shoulld na slate him but he was outta his depth ! Although Smithy did na do him any favours at first goal .
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