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  1. What's everyone thinking about our season ? I were nt expecting much yesterday with injuries n suspensions but it's another defeat ! Do we just roll over and accept relegation s coming and put up with dire performances or will club try n strengthen in Jan ?? We ve been knocked outta every cup 1st time of asking !! I m first to admit we ve done really well over last 15 yrs or so ! So gotta take our share o bad times ! If we accept dire performances crowds will become ludicrous making next season harder ?
  2. The Dunfermiline players mithers would beat us right now. ,!Absolute nay chance o us winning !
  3. We ll get hit by a hurricane of goals a right ! Dodds ll play 6 at back with the wind behind us
  4. I think it d be a tad harsh to sack him as club left it late to appoint him and lack o signed players so I'd blame them as much as anyone for that ! But his reluctance to change things does irk me ! And why do we nvr score in the first half of games ??? (Silly question I know but true ) One thing about Ray was he was nt scared to try anything to get a win ! We usually have attacking options on bench so I d be happy to go gung Ho !
  5. Your prob right ! For some reason I thought he was booked earlier! Do you think Dods ll go ? We ain't t getting breaks and we ve been poor against Rvrs and Stenny but coulda really won both games ! James Dale made a difference on Sat nvr once hoofed the ball ! Where's he been all season ? Dods could ve easily been on bench on Sat and let MacCormack play ! I thought a few players looked hacked off on Sat ! Tiffoney shoulda been hooked after half an hour he was running around like a headless chicken ! Dods seems reluctant to use subs and change things
  6. Dyer was nt booked twice in a minute ! He was first booked halfway through 2nd half ! Saying that he looked totally pissed off whole 2nd half like a player not wanting to be there !
  7. We were nt very good but did nt deserve too lose a very poor game ! Nothing between teams at all ! Noticed over last few games Dods is just clearing his lines and nvr passes the ball sometimes putting us back under pressure ! Tiffoney was a passenger and an embarrassment McCormack nvr touched him and he went down squealing then had a good chance to shoot but opted to dive ! Not the sort o thing I like to see! Another cracking goal from Isaac and an equally great finish from Jacko although it was deemed offside! Good to see James Dale get a run and he did quite well did nt just want to hoof it up park . We ve been poor 1st half of last 3 home games and only start playing 2nd half !! Defo a good chance o 3 points thrown away today more effort needed from certain players ! Best for me were Bates ,Perry n Tiger
  8. ye not much to say hoping last week was just a blip so I'll settle for a win of any kind to keep us in touch with rest of the league
  9. The 3 foreigner rule bein scrapped fucked Scottish Football ! The big gun s waste money on foreign imports therefore giving young Scottish talent less chance to prosper! Look at decent Scotland U21 teams over the years ! They reach 22 or 23 and don t get into first teams because of imports on inflated wages ! Forcing them down the leagues or even part time .. It would nt be worst idea but would have to be structured and well planned! For Example would superstars returning from injuries be eligible to play etc ? It would boost attendances but not massively .... Pros n cons I can see both sides of argument ! But at least Ronny s expressed his views unlike The Blazers who run our game ?.....
  10. Can only agree with above comments , looks like we need Darren on pitch ,Perry s done well enough since he came back ! Bates was maybe due a bad game been outstanding in recent weeks ! Euan Smith brings nothing to team ! We need workers just now ! Hopefully a blip in our mini revival
  11. Were we really poor again ? Like we were v Airdrie n Alb Rvrs ?
  12. As mentioned earlier when I seen Smith in and Tiffoney out I had my doubts as Smiths done nothing this season to date in my opinion and does not work hard enough ! Can t comment on him today though! Maybe Tiffiney was carrying a niggle ?? It's a pity after last 2 games hard work..I nvr saw this result coming as I'd thought we d turned corner .Looking forward to hearing Dods tell us heads went down after losing first goal !!!!
  13. These were the games we needed to do something but it's not happening ! Yet again all our previous weeks hard works been in vain..
  14. Arguing with The Hedge about looking after grass and what equipment to use is like telling Mary Berry how to bake a cake mate !!!
  15. See Euan Smiths back in team , hope he puts in a shift today ! Guys that get in team now have to burst a gut following previous last 2 weeks performances no room for passengers !
  16. Hey the guy for Salford had about 80 touches on Fri night and still scored a cracking goal !!! He's came in to help us and it's working so far ! Hopefully ourselves ,Isaac and Alloa will all benefit from this arrangement ?
  17. There's highlights o our game yesterday on Brechin v Ayr forum , cracking strike from him !! He's awful 1 footed though prob his only downfall.
  18. well it was dry from 5.45 am till around 8 .30 am . You can argue all u like but I work night shift ! Does ntmatter anyway pitch hardly cut up at all , I'm sure even Ayr fans ll back me up
  19. You ll prob get 15 million for Isaac Layne from Man City in coming months ! What a loan signing he's been scored with outside of right foot today good wee player! Changed our season ! Hard working and fast ... Cheers lads
  20. Another good hard earned point , Don t think anyone can grudge us it, with a bit o luck might ve took all 3 ! Cracking strike from Isaac ! Every player worked there arses off again , .As for pitch it was wet in patches but hardly game off material . Made for exciting game at times
  21. it only started raining about 8 30 am and pitch has been great since it was fixed!! Maybe an over zealous ref but can t comment till I see for myself !!!
  22. Honestly all depends on which City turn up ! After last weeks display I'm full of hope ! Hopefully Isaac continues where he left off last week ! Bottom v Top so I'd settle for a draw
  23. Players reaction at end restored my faith in team !! See Buchan had a hat trick against Vics on Sat
  24. Gerry loves a goal in a City v Ayr tussle! All depends on which city show up !
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