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  1. Arbroath fans are obsessed with attendances ask any of the followers of the other Angus teams, Arbroath is 4 times the size of Brechin and twice the size of Montrose n Forfar , yet we constantly get reminded about them being best supported team in Angus...They do bring a decent travelling support when their teams doin well but it can dwindle when their struggling as well....Maybe it's because they ve nvr won as much as the others ....
  2. Have to disagree I felt there was nothing between teams and had we equalized I don t think anyone could ve grumbled....Not often you see a referee blow for full time when the balls bobbling about the box though....they usually let that passage of play finish...Maybe Mr Clancywas needing away to Hampden to see the Bolt !!!All the best to Dumbarton this year in a brilliant league, do us part timers proud ......
  3. We ve played worse n won , some horrendous desicion making in last third cost us.... Would ve kept Thomson on as well but early days and we played well enough ..Defence looked a bit better although right backs distribution was iffy at times not finding our players and a few hospital balls....Dumbartons big no 9 nish I think? Likes to put himself about...
  4. Ye it ll be a tester for us against City legend Ian Murrays Dumbarton,be nice to get a win but with not having the biggest squad and still bein in Petrofac Cup and an away tie to East End Park the following wk would nt want to start season huffing and puffing caused by too many games.... That sounds negative I know ......don t know too much about Dumbarton since days of a Paddy Flannery , I even remember a skinny beanpole called Owen Coyle at The Glebe playin for them ......
  5. We ll see ! have a rough idea after first set of games, bearing in mind Stenny are no bigger or greater a club than Brechin , like us spent most of your years gettin pumped, I nvr set targets or believe in sacking managers after every bad spell.
  6. Right enough we beat you once ,drew once and it took a last min pen to beat us in last game at EEP ?????
  7. that's a bit harsh on e loon min ! Anymore and I'll tell folk to check out Citys permed kitman in 83 champions winning team photos
  8. silly red cards as well last years crime count was appalling
  9. if we don t sort our defence out Tom and Jerry would score against us !!!
  10. Brechin City don t seem to show any interest in youth football at all ! They seem to put all their eggs in the seniors team basket ha ha ! A member of the local Brechin City Youth s Football committee asked chairman Ferguson a couple yrs back "what he was goin to do to bring The Boys Club and Brechin City closer together ? " He replied " nothing im only interested in Brechin City ! " At any Boys Clubs end of season prize giving s I ve seen players from other teams handing out the trophies !ie. Charlie King when at Forfar ! and Souter And Gauld of Dun Utd who both played for Brechin City Boys..it's years since Brechin City players attended these functions.... This season Grant Johnston took two 1 hr long training sessions for The Boys Club which I may be wrong but folk were saying Brechin City will receive money from SPFL for supporting youth football in the area, this was just a rumour but it's happenend in the past.....
  11. was nt he a bit injury prone last time ? Mind you I was impressed with Stranraers defence at Brechin this year so I d easily take any o their defenders
  12. a Yep sure will , did for Brechin 2 years in a row .Quality player playing well below his level.
  13. Pink Campbell or John Young ( signed some rubbish ), Jim weir took us too play off s and Scottish Cup quarters so would nt put him nr worst category.....
  14. I remember game at Elgin well,it prob should nvr have went ahead,I did nt think much of Hutt and Baillie was a liability got sent off on his debut for decking a Cowdenbeath player...Remember Kenny Lyall all left footed....John Young went through a helluva duds in the 90s before Dick came in and put us in right direction
  15. Goalies Chris Ainslie ( 4 0 up against East fife with 10 mins left ended up 4 4 he d a mare his last game in football prob). ......... Calum Antell see Forfar New Year's Day......... Defenders.....Brian Kenny , Bobby Dow,Dick Baillie , Dunlop, Mclune,Gary Bollan, Buist, Midfielders......Alan Walker, Graham Hutt , Neil Thomson, Gary Buick Forwards.... Jim Lister ( only poor for Brechin it seem) , Scott Dalziell , Ray Smith , Gerry Britton
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