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  1. Our stewards are nt any better ! Jobsworths with club foots ! Shout at kids then disappear when big teams are in town ! See the frozen weather s taken its toll on a few game s the authorities Ferfar fans will be calling for sanctions against those teams Oh I 2 2 today Jacko double
  2. Well I see Forfar signed Andy Ryan decent enough signing! When you sign a player on loan you know it's a temp measure ! But it's just a bit frustrating way it's worked out for Shields then to lose Isaac at same time means we re back to Thommo n Jacko ! I ve read all about Perrys operation costs now and that's a fantastic effort , shows how much they dread gettin Darren back in the team ha ha ! Maybe supporters could have a whip round tomorrow on bus to Stenny ???
  3. Dross that's prob better than sits on our bench every other week ! And your no better I ve heard you criticise from the terraces ! As for Perrys op I nvr heard about that but surely club have insurance ? I ve no qualms about manager as I don t think he was given best of starts ! I'll still be at many games as I can win lose or draw , but just eager to know if we re really to see a fight or just relegation with a whimper ! I ll be there next season too in The Third if need be no probs .....As for reply to Greendot ! If you were offered a player of Messi or Ronaldos talent you would bite their hand off (well Suarez would) but we re talking a 33 yr old Dene Shields here ! Who played about 5 games in 7 months scoring a couple cracking goals all the same ! There's loads of players out there many of whom are now lost to game or reluctantly gone to juniors ( for better wages I guess) ......
  4. Fair play to him if it's for family reasons ! but makes us look a tad unprofessional why sign him in first place if he was always going back ?? Now what for club ? Put Jacko as an out n out poacher and he ll score goals that's what he's best at ! Yes there may be 17 days left o window but that's another 2 games gone by then ! Get guys signed now we re 7 month into season !And management n club should have ideas
  5. Was about to ask how you d heard about Isaac but see he started for Alloa tonight! That's a blow but good on him he nvr did us a bad turn !
  6. The Campbell players when at Farfar ! Cause trouble in an empty house , always right in Tigers face then run too daddy ! Just sleek it ... Smithy sorted them out with a last gasp pen save a few seasons back and gave it a right big get it up ya to him
  7. My comments about Soutter were totally tongue in cheek ! I'm surprised about folks comments about Petrie remember the 4 3 Rangers game he was outstanding ! I thought he did fine ! Masson did well in first spell but was poorer 2nd spell I felt he was too 1 footed ! But I d still take him back !
  8. Petrie would ve put a bit more fight in midfield ! That's a pity
  9. See it looking hopeful we re gettin Isaac for season ! He's getting a pair o flippers and a months scuba diving course to sign. ,!! John Souttar free to find a team as well sign him until he finds a bigger team after all Brechins only team he ever wanted to play for ha ha ha !,,, I take it Tappings injured as he's surely good enough for first division , I also heard Petrie at Raith could be loaned back ??? All speculation tho !
  10. Was a breath of fresh air in a team that had for various reason s gone stale, ran at players , liked to shoot , and nvr gave up! Will be a big loss Be interesting now to see if committees gonna take a chance and back Dods to strengthen team and fight relegation or just accept the inevitable ! We re not miles away from improving but lack quality on the bench in my opinion!
  11. St Johnstone now off that ll be them banished and up before the authorities who run Scottish football namely ( Farfar fans) how dare it rain in Tayside ! Still sunny in Farfar tho ! Although my brother in law made a strange comment he lives in Farfar and he said "No wonder games off with the amount of rain there's been "
  12. It did 3 seasons ago ha ha ! A bodies pissed off but it's hardly surprising with amount o rain there's been in the area apart from Forfar which has basking in sunshine !
  13. Two games off last season and one this season hardly justifies actions ! Even Parkhead and Dens have had games off this year! I met someone at Petrol Station who said pitch was nt too bad but ref was more concerned about continuous rain forecast .
  14. We re prob as pissed off as you ! If you want cheered up listen toDick waxing lyrical about your team after the last game you's won in the league at Glebe in Sep
  15. Southesk burst its banks ! Caravan site under 2 ft o water ! River st houses flooded , Hurricane Frank wreck s half o Scotland but it was sunny in Farfar
  16. Your right before farfar started playing on a hockey pitch Station Park flooded and frosted too .
  17. Does anybody want any Brechin players ? You can have the for nought honestly ?? Ha ha
  18. Do we still have Isaac for Saturday or is that his time up ? Hard one to call but bound to be a goal fest ,! Hopefully Darren offloads the deadwood and brings in a couple o expierianced guys in Jan as I think we re only 2 or 3 players away from being a half decent side ! Gotta mind we lost 3 or 4 of the leagues better players at end of the season ! And I m as guilty as anyone for forgetting that at times !!!
  19. Johnston was involved in first 7 or 8 games we lost (I'm not blaming him for defeats )But he seem s well outta picture
  20. I spoke on Alloa thread about him with several Alloa fans and they seem to think he's not ready for them as there's a massive gulf in leagues seemingly !!! I think if he d full time training he d suit a Falkirk,Dunfermline sized team .But hie s Defo gave us a boost last few months
  21. I know it's only highlights but we ve had a few chances by looks of it ! But terrible defending for goals looks like it could a been about 7 4
  22. Canna comment as I was na there today , but Thommo deserves a start I d say he s done ok coming off bench lately ! I d let Euan Smith , Tiffs , Montgomery (who's obviously nvr gonna get a chance ) and Johnson go ! Jury out on Weatherson ! I think we let better squad players go at endo season likes o a Ferguson , Cameron , Steve Jackson ,
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