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  1. Maybe but Peternapper said that clubs should not be allowed to have two teams in the same league. And I think you'll find that there are still juniors
  2. Robert Robertson was way ahead of his time. Not only did he attempt to buy a place in the top division by buying out another club he also threatened to make Sons the first franchise club by moving them to Cumbernauld
  3. I'm not disagreeing with any of that but i just don't see where an alternative is going to come from.
  4. Bit disappointed to see the website referring to us as the fifth oldest club in Scotland
  5. I get why you are saying that but realistically what sort of board room changes would you expect? You're not going to get anyone willing to buy their way on and anyone with a bit of knowledge is going to be very wary given the ownership situation.
  6. Dumbarton fans are worried. Dumbarton’s owners will be delighted
  7. I think you'll find that only the first three are older
  8. The season before that the league cup semi finalists were Cowdenbeath, Dumbarton, Celtic and Rangers. The draw was done in secret.
  9. A lot of anger on here which is hardly surprising. But football at our level is cyclical. Let’s face it in the thirteen years since we won the fourth tier we have been punching above our weight for a lot of that time. For perspective we spent eight of the thirteen years before that in the fourth tier. Relegation is just part of the game for a team at our level
  10. To be fair when the actual owners come along with an offer of sponsorship it might be hard for the place holders on the board to turn it down. Who knows how much autonomy the board actually have
  11. Celtic being first in the premiership doesn’t mean very much either given the huge advantages they have over the other teams
  12. Of course you wouldn’t. I have no idea why the games show up when you search the club but not the date. Let’s face it the lower league play offs are of little interest to the bbc
  13. If you just search the day nothing comes up. But if you search the team the fixtures are there. So more a problem with the actual website rather than them not knowing about the games
  14. Season ticket holders had to pay to watch a stream??
  15. You’ve obviously not seen someone die of covid
  16. I think you might be misunderstanding how lawyers work
  17. We could have the best groundsman in the world but without regular proper draining our pitch will always be woeful. A workman is only as good as his tools and if the club won’t provide the proper tools . . .
  18. You're not old enough to remember but Dumbarton did try to buy their way in to the old first division back in 1970. But the football authorities ruled it out as unfair
  19. In what way did we sell Megginson short?
  20. Three decades I’d just about give you but not four
  21. Difference being that there was a chance that Clyde might have lost. There was absolutely no chance that Cove weren’t going to take four points ( which is all that they needed) from Alloa, Dumbarton and East Fife
  22. Rooting for Airdrie? You can’t be serious can you?
  23. Course we can. Airdrie playing for nothing today and Cove in celebratory mood next week so points there for the taking. As long as we are in touching distance of Clyde going in to the last day we’ll do it
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