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  1. So you're saying that travelling to and from the game isn't part of their job?
  2. They're professional footballers. Them being able to have a night out after the game should not come in to it at all
  3. It’s when they have no idea what football is that you should be taking them. Because once they find out they won’t want to go
  4. What is it about a Friday night game that you prefer to a Saturday afternoon game?
  5. Probably just watch it on TV then. Was looking forward to it as well but Friday night away game is not for me
  6. Tbh I don't understand how Wilson kept his place after McKee recovered from injury
  7. Makes you wonder why the club would agree to play the match on a night when Carswell was unavailable. Especially given he has been one of our best players
  8. That’s a tough one. Possibly the TV game?
  9. I’m sure they played Dumbarton in the mid sixties as well
  10. Tbh I thought that was a really poor decision by the club. If you wanted to applaud for the fan you were then forced to applaud the queen. If you didn’t want to applaud the queen you appeared not to be applauding the fan. Minutes silence would have been far more appropriate
  11. Yet again we sat too deep and yet again the substitutions seemed to weaken us. Eventually someone will take advantage of our tactic of sitting back and allowing teams to come on to us. Still by the time that happens we could be so far ahead that it won’t matter too much
  12. Thanks for those. Bbc website still doesn’t have them. Draw on Monday?
  13. So that suits you and that’s fine. No need to criticise folk for whom cash suits better though. If the club have both options then that’s best for everyone
  14. Agree with all you say but could they not have moved the game back to the Saturday?
  15. Is there not enough threads on the premiership page for this sort of stuff?
  16. Playing it on the Tuesday rather than the Saturday will make no difference to any suspension
  17. Its crazy playing it on the Tuesday. A good way of guaranteeing hardly any Dumbarton fans there. Anyone know why?
  18. https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/football-matches-shorten-60-minutes-trials-start-clock-stop-ball-goes-out-1561828
  19. Said yesterday during the game that each substitution seemed to weaken us. Not sure if the manager somehow feels obliged to make substitutions but it certainly seems that way. I couldn’t see any reason for any of them yesterday
  20. According to Wiki it was nine that season following the 2-3 loss
  21. You think our league is overly complicated and then suggest the Belgian league as something to aim for?
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