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  1. I must admit I thought he had got down well to save a decent shot at the time. Just shows you how wrong you can be.
  2. We badly missed Hutton in the middle the of the park. Nothing in it in the first but over ran in the second. Both full backs struggled to stop Peterhead’s wide players too. And when you put McGeever up front you know we are in trouble
  3. Be interested to know what the club get for allowing our pitch to get churned up on a wet Tuesday night. Anyone know?
  4. But it was never going to be anywhere close to a sell-out so why not just make it PATG from the start?
  5. I see that you can now pay at the gate on Saturday. So what was the point of having tickets? I took time off this morning to go and buy tickets and within an hour or so of me getting them the pay at the gate was announced. Weird
  6. there is probably room behind the existing houses for an access road but looking at that plan again they might make the access to the houses via the existing pedestrian way in to the ground and make the only way in to the ground the entrance to the existing car park
  7. They'll be accessed from the other side, through the roads that already exist. As far as the money is concerned it will surely belong to Dumbarton FC as the ground belongs to the club/company, no?
  8. So you think all the injured players are at it?
  9. It gives McMillan games and maybe done on the basis that Pollok will agree to the loan ending if we need him back
  10. The only team below us who have better form over the last six games is Peterhead
  11. Any Dumbarton fan who can't be arsed with the seaside leagues really does have a lot to learn
  12. If Boghead had been maintained in the same way that Gayfield has then I'd much rather be there. But it wasn't and the Rock does now feel like home
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