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  1. I'm guessing that's the natural order from the 1950's?
  2. The home top is far better than last seasons. The reaction to it on here is way over the top Black and gold stripes or hoops is our traditional colours so nothing wrong with that
  3. This is very true, the problem is though that we have to sign players for the league cup. Can we give them one month contracts?
  4. They could do the same as United and bring their entire squad
  5. Colin Spence played a lot more than four games surely. He was there for two or three seasons
  6. Don't think that is 1968 if it's a Scotland under 23 side. Conn and Dalglish would only have been 16/17 then
  7. Hope you're not saying that about the whole club in six months time, never mind a programme
  8. 1968/69. I have them all but admittedly the purchase now is just a donation and force of habit. I regularly don't even open it and it's straight in to a box. It's a hard habit to kick once you have started. Used to contribute back in the day but the editor won't have me now.
  9. Looks nothing like an elephant
  10. I see on the website where the squad number should be it says n/a. I guess we are going back to numbers 1 - 11.
  11. I think you will find that we are sitting above you as the table stands.
  12. Given that the spfl thought it was a good idea to replace pre-season with the league cup group stages I really don't understand the logic of having no trialists. Most clubs at the lower level will still be building a team (although maybe not quite to our extent) and to take away the opportunity of trying players out, which is what pre-season is for after all, just seems perverse.
  13. Thanks to all seater stadiums football is much more of a 'sit and watch' affair now than it was fifty years ago when the atmosphere was far superior to the sanitised conditions we have now
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