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  1. And their headline now is the womens cup final. They rarely give the womens game precedence over the mens game and given it is the last day of the premiership season that is somewhat surprising. I wonder why they took that editorial decision
  2. Given that it’s some time since the trust submitted their letter and given the board comprise only two people it’s somewhat concerning that they haven’t stated their intentions by now
  3. Given that the board have a responsibility to the clubs shareholders not wanting anything to do with the ownership issue is a strange stance to take
  4. I doubt he was given that Meadowbank didn’t come in to the sfl until 1974
  5. I see that Morehomes were due to pay us £300,000 in April. Maybe the club should call up the security that was granted in their favour
  6. I pretty much knew all of that but the bit I don’t understand is how the club can grant a security over its own land and the money borrowed doesn't make its way in to the club accounts
  7. I’d agree with this and as much as I think Farrell should go I can’t help but think that the players are getting off lightly. Farrell was booed on and off yesterday yet the players were applauded off. They are just as culpable with a few exceptions
  8. Genuinely can’t understand why this would appeal to league two sides. Relegation to a league of six where two end up in relegation positions. So a one in three chance. And likely next to no crowds against the colts. Also would the colts have to follow the fixture list or could they just postpone if it didn’t suit like they do in the lowland league. Even if this doesn’t get passed it certainly proves that the SFA don’t have Scottish footballs best interests at heart if you still needed any proof
  9. I get that but it doesn't detract from the point that the fewer fans that turn up makes it easier from Andy Hosies point of view
  10. I get what you are saying but is refusing to attend not just playing in to Andy Hosie’s hands. He will be delighted if crowds fall to a couple of hundred and the club fall to the bottom of the division. Because the fewer people who are interested suits his purposes and will make it all the easier for him to wind us up at the first hint of a half decent offer from a builder
  11. Cannot believe that Brett Long didn’t win any POTY award
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