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  1. I’ve no doubt you are right but is the point not that the work should have been done in time for our first two home league games of the season
  2. They’ll be flying back out when the Clyde fans hear that Dumbarton’s game against Airdrie tomorrow has been moved from Dumbarton to Airdrie because rain is forecast tonight
  3. Two home games off in October? That didn’t even happen at Boghead. Poor stuff from the club if you ask me. Unless it’s a ploy to play all away games without fans and then all home games when fans are allowed
  4. Can’t say I remember him but it was Conor that scored for orient
  5. Talking of streaming I love how the club have said on the website that they have news of how season ticket holders can watch the Clyde match free of charge. I guess that £250 was just a figment of my imagination then
  6. If there had been a goal in the Forfar game you would have known about it before seeing it because the sounds were well ahead of the action
  7. Mathew Reilly. St Mirren youngster
  8. Don’t know how they all fund themselves but I think I can say with certainty that we will be the only club where the owners contribute absolutely nothing
  9. I'm not really disagreeing with any of that. I just thought what he said was a bit daft
  10. I see Alex Dyer said it would spoil the sporting integrity of the competition if they were to field their under 18 team. And forfeiting the tie doesn’t?
  11. We certainly need more players. I’d imagine another keeper at least as we must be the only team in the country who has a goalkeeping coach but doesn’t have our own goalkeeper
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