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  1. The Arbroath Thread

    Big Luke has the ability but with that ability you need some commitment, heart and desire and he lacks that in abundance. Glimpses of magic in a game then hides the rest. I wasn't to saddened when he left in January. Would happily take Spence
  2. Confirmed Transfers - Summer '19

    what a keeper he will be in league 1. Anyone want Grant Anderson?
  3. Brownlie the only one I am surprised to see go, shocked that Anderson and Hamill have been offered new deals
  4. Miss a sitter .... keeper round time to roll it into the back of the net and I think he still waiting to take the shot, looks a decent player when hes not hiding behind defenders
  5. Stranraer v Brechin City

    You aint enjoying the refs this past few weeks. Yes he made a few errors but he made a few errors for them aswell. Same ref for both teams. We cant keep blaming them when we cant find a way to score goals or keep the ball out at the other end. I think we will do enough to stay up if we play like we did against Arbroath and the way we played in the final 10 of the first half with a high tempo and balls into feet. We love this getting the ball and blootering it from back to front to Innes head and the big man is chasing his own knock downs. We have 3 players in the middle of the park who can play football and we miss them out. Unfortunately tho we are in the position we are in but the 6 games we have left 4 of which are against the teams all in our fight Montrose Airdrie Dumbarton and Brechin we need to get 12 points and stay in the league. I fancy our chances against them 4 for than I would fancy our chances against Annan Clyde or Edinburgh. MonBlu
  6. Stranraer v Brechin City

    Dougie Hill won the game for Brechin with his last ditch tackle on Joao after he had rounded the keeper if we had went 1 nil up it would have been game over. Andy Jackson doing what a goalscorer is there to do at valuable times. Well done to Lyle Avci after a string of top drawer saves.
  7. Squeaky bum time
  8. Obsessed really?? what makes you think this? Thanks for the insight as to what the players are on each week. Sadly we are where we are because of our inability to see out games from winning or drawing positions. Young players or not we still have players with over 100+ games at senior level ie Hamill, Anderson, Smith, Cummins, Turner, Lamont, McManus so we have plenty of experience in the ranks that's excluding Currie with over 50 games Brownlie over 60 games and Joao who has 99 games. So if we go into league 2 that is worst case scenario, you honestly don't think there will be further budget cuts?? And good on Mr Farrell for sicking by us in December 2017 but I have never known any man to walk away from the queens head.
  9. What I would like tho is 6 points this week, if not we are down. But over the piece we have had some dodgy decisions against us I love that excuse, its the same referee for both teams. Hopefully Faz disappears soon
  10. No thanks mediocre pish.... He puts some effort in over 90 mins doesn't he? lol
  11. Partick Thistle v Stranraer

    Stuck record for the past year. Move on with the times Kvz
  12. Partick Thistle v Stranraer

    Pathetic performance from Stranraer I felt our 2 centre halves played well, Jamie Hamill once again proving how much of a liability he can be. Fitzpatrick What a player yous have a constant threat along with Cardle who is a proven player at championship level. But Pathetic from Stranraer constant long balls missing out the midfield, Lamont looks disinterested we need players who will put a shift in for there cash
  13. Stranraer v Stenny

    Robbo best at RB IMO.
  14. Confirmed Transfers - Winter '19

    Isaac Layne signs for Stranraer
  15. Queen's Park 2017/18

    Adam Cummins?