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  1. Anyone any old strips or sponsored player strips they are willing to sell or donate?
  2. 15th game in a row 4 month 9days since our last win how many more do we need to suffer Blue Moon? Can you and the 11 others not see whats happening? 180people at a midweek game... all aboard the league 2 express said it long ago and got shot down. Shambles
  3. The 4-1 defeat.. the 14th time in a row we have failed to win. But it obviously doesnt prompt you guys in the boardroom to act lets wait till the end of the season and do it. Why not give someone a chance to see what he has to work with and what he could add. But that would be to sensible of a decision for the old pals act
  4. Another defeat but its ok Sanny McAnespie went 28 without a victory. Please do the right thing and get that man out of our club
  5. Maybe it did feel like it at the time but this season so far 2 wins out of 25 is unacceptable. Clearly not the case but it is the reality that comparisons will be made and when compared the stats say he has been a poor appointment in my opinion and many others opinions. Unfortunately the powers that be have different ideas and visions for the way forward. I have accepted that League 2 will be our new home but a change is required or it will soon be the Lowland.
  6. The rug was pulled from his feet last season in losing who exactly?? A very poor player budget but we raved about the players brought in and players kept. The team he has at his disposal is one of experience and not short of quality and one of which he should have done better with, its not the KIDS that he had last season that kept us up. Your right realism is needed time to realise that there are other options available. http://www.fitbastats.com/stranraer/manager_records.php If you can find anything that says hes not then point it out please and thanks
  7. HEADING FOR THE BIG 150 2 wins all season, not won away from home since April last year. Last season it was all about the kids, this season he has an experienced squad and we are still very poor. The man can talk the talk. Whos to blame? as a fan base are we to accepting of failure? are the committee to naïve? and also to accepting of failure? We are relegated if you go by the form we have produced all season I cant see us clawing back the points to stay up. Crowds are dwindling due to whats on show, to say the least it has been pretty pathetic. I cant remember the last time I enjoyed a game. The stats say we have the worst manger in our history of our club yet we still stick by him as if we owe him something time for him to jump or be pushed from the ship and atleast give us a fighting chance next season or we could find ourselves following the same route as BRECHIN.
  8. Agreed and we would Love to see #WG33 back in blue
  9. Yeah I know there is nothing official but that is the story that is doing the rounds since it emerged in the paper yday aswell as Joao returning a guy who has turned us down the past 2 summers I wouldn't give him another opportunity. Did he play in the middle of the park for yous? I am led to believe he is now a striker, I would like to think there were younger, hungrier strikers playing at that level who could do a job and would jump at the chance to go senior.
  10. So the story goes, thought he had retired till I seen the new article yesterday. Good or bad signing who knows. 4 south of Scotland players up today with first team so we might hav a bit of dig out of the local lads.
  11. There was me just thinking it was a Stranraer thing. But we hump it long to the smallest player in our team. If we get a goal I will take a 1-0 clean sheets are scarce
  12. Who said about training in Stranraer? Never happen and would never work. Boys from Stranraer also feel as though they would have a given right to play not work hard and prove they are good enough to play which will also hinder some of there progress. What your complaining about is just a harsh reality of the support that we have but I could just about guarantee if we were winning games you would have more through the gates and also if the price was lowered to reflect whats being played on the park. I get that everyone will have an opinion on what the see but I dunno where you have come from with that speech, training, crowds, locals... what we have is a good few seasoned pros some of which have returned because the grass wasnt greener and a few KIDS that are learning the game. But dont be fooled by the kids as there arent that many of them in the squad now
  13. I really thought we had a squad capable of avoiding the drop aswell but in actual fact we dont. We have a team made up of decent players on paper but put them on the park and its the opposite. Connor is a good player but he needs time on the ball you dont get that at this level he has good 20min spells where everything goes through him then for the following 70 he is posted missing. I would love to see us back to a 4-4-2 I think you would see a different Stranraer side. Faz came in after Brian Reid in the Jan and we had a team that had good players that didnt like the manager that was easy for him to turn around, first season we had again a decent squad losing out shining ligts in the January, Wallace Belford and Bell (who wasnt playing well atall) finished the season 5th... last season again we looked a decent team on paper but we huffed and puffed all season long until the loan signings hit form in Ali McCann and Innes Cameron. This season has been poor so far to say the least. As for ginge and budgets at Stranraer I might be wrong but when he took over from knoxy his budget would have been less than what it is now And the following season after that his budget might have increased when we had Rangers in the league but that I am unsure of. But I would have him back in a heartbeat. Football that we seen under him was always exciting and if we conceded 3 you always knew we would score 2 or 3 maybe even 4.
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