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  1. James Scott was very much still a “potential” player when he left us and he’s not played football since. I would like to have him back, but I wouldn’t push the boat out for someone who’s not close to being the finished article. Is he worth £1k a week and forgoing our sell on? Yes. Is he worth £3k a week and an undisclosed fee? Absolutely not.
  2. I can see why we signed him the first time - Turnbull gone, Donnelly out long-term, Polworth in a mood, no reserve squad, potential isolation periods for players. Slightly more mystified by us extending his deal but still I think he’s at the club with the idea of him being a player we can “get away with” for a short spell. He did “okay” in a number of games last season. I think the majority of us accepted that in the hope that long term we’d have a better, more creative and entertaining midfield. Those in a twist about his Betfred performances are probably overreacting, based on the fact, until last Saturday, we hadn’t signed any central midfielders. Hopefully Slattery signing and being joined by another will make everyone chill a bit.
  3. Signing a midfielder who had played for Southampton in the Premier League on a three-year-deal and signing a 32 year old international centre back with seemingly a bit about him has certainly raised my mood ahead of the season. Southampton have a reputable academy and you don't graduate from that to the first team without having a bit about you. Similarly, you don't get 22 Finland caps and play in so many top leagues if you're a mug. They seem like they are both measured signings, rather than punts that we are hoping might come good. Another one signing of proven quality in central midfield and I'd say we've got at least the makings of a good XI. I also keep forgetting that Shields has signed for us with his injury. Hopefully he's not out too long and that should be a boost to our attacking options. However, even considering all of this, we need to be realistic at what is a good season for us. Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen will all be heavily tipped to finish above us from the get go. St. Johnstone are fresh off a double-winning season and there's two other city teams in Dundee and Dundee United. Don't get me wrong there's been many years the league has been that strong and we've succeeded expectations, but we will need our wits about us to do well.
  4. We played Hibs at Fir Park twice in the 2019/20 season and both times, including away fans, the attendance was less than 6,000 so it makes perfect sense to me. It would take a very special occasion for us to get those numbers in our own right I'm afraid. After a season of no crowds and giving fans their season tickets for free, I would probably say it would be financially negligent to potentially miss out on 2,000 ticket sales in case any day trippers want to come out of the woodwork. I'm fairly certain that every Motherwell fan who wants a ticket for the game on Sunday will get one.
  5. I imagine anyone who wants a ticket for us will get one. Unfortunately, I'm away for the weekend and I will miss it, so there's one season ticket holder down and at this point in the summer, I'm sure there will be many more like me so I can't see any issue with numbers. There will be some fans of ours who go to cup finals and European games who think that the club shouldn't give Hibs any tickets, just incase at 4 o'clock on Sunday they decide they might want to wander along.
  6. I’m going to take a punt at Ross Forbes. Scored twice against Flamurtari, once against Steaua Bucharest and then one against Bredablik the following season. Four in total.
  7. I do remember that summer for Cov. Mowbray tried to sign every man and his dug and failed. If Ojala can stay fit, he has the makings of a cracking signing. It does slightly concern me that he’s 32 and he’s played so few games across his career, but I guess a player of international pedigree has to have a downside if he ends up with us. Hopefully he is a leader too. Mind you, I’m still scarred by thinking Eddie Nolan was a great signing, so I’ll wait and see him in action. With McGinley, I get the impression Alexander now sees him exclusively as a left-back, even if he did arrive at us as a left centre-back. He had all that patter about wanting to rotate his centre backs but he didn’t have anyone fit to replace them, before proceeding to bring McGinley in at left back. No doubt after me writing this he’ll end up playing centre half today 😆
  8. Just read it’s Amy Winehouse’s 10th anniversary today, which means it’s 10 years since we opened the 2011/12 season with a 3-0 win over Inverness - a cracker from Las and a collectors item from Hammell among them. Randolph; Hateley, Craigan, Hutchinson, Hammell; Humphrey, Lasley, Jennings, Law; Higdon, Murphy. What we would give for an XI of that quality now!
  9. Tait hasn’t got off the bench for St. Mirren in their league cup campaign yet.
  10. If we are going to replace Gallagher, Campbell and Polworth, I'm really unsure what the hold up is. We've known it's on the agenda for all three, pretty much since Polworth got sent off at Pittodrie in January. Are we waiting on EPL / Championship sides deciding which players they are willing to loan out before going for them? Are we hoping some targets get left out the first few league games for their current club and then want to leave? It seems like a lot of big risks are being taken here.
  11. I think Lamie played fine, pretty much between Alexander coming in and the end of the season and I thought he was decent enough against QOTS on Saturday. However, the two games I've not seen seems to be getting him terrible reviews. I think you could perhaps get away with him alongside a leading, experienced, better centre-half, but he's really not the type to partner a guy playing his first professional games. I thought his best performances last season came when he was playing in a back four beside Gallagher (wins against County, Livi in that run) but then when Maguire and Campbell had to isolate he ended up back in midfield and didn't play in defence in a four again.
  12. It's absolutely nuts that I don't particularly rate Mark O'Hara - but at the moment I think he's simultaneously our best centre half and centre mid.
  13. Fortunately, I had a dinner that had been planned weeks ago last night so I managed to avoid watching the game completely. However, one thing that does massively concern me is that he's looked at his bench at 2-0 down and thought that none of the eight players sitting there could make an impact. I know that Parker and Amaluzor were probably signed as "projects", but if he doesn't think either, at this stage, could have an impact against a league one side for 15 minutes then for me, we simply shouldn't have signed them. The "at this stage of the season" line is becoming more and more redundant when you realise the league starts next weekend. We still clearly need at least three starting players to sign before then. If we don't, I'm trying to cast my mind back to anyone we've signed between the first game of the season and the end of August who's gone on to have the impact we will need these players to have.
  14. I just wish the "didn't play a single minute" bit was also true for Jules.
  15. Semih Aydilek on loan from Birmingham was another one, the same day we signed Cillian Sheridan on loan. Mark McGhee freely admitted he'd never seen him play before and only took him on loan because Alex McLeish said he was a good player. Didn't play a single minute.
  16. In fairness, he didn't actually kick a baw in the first team, or even make the bench. Only the under 20s hipsters and the football manager players would probably know of him.
  17. I'd have liked to have seen how Vadocz fared the following season alongside the likes of Stephen Hughes, feeding Porter, McCormack and a rejuvenated David Clarkson. You could tell he had a certain class about him, but it was lost to an extent under Malpas' management playing alongside players like Trevor Molloy and Paul Keegan.
  18. Van Veen strikes me as a player who is slightly less mercurial than Ciftci, but with a much better work ethic. Which suits me down to the ground, tbh.
  19. I think there was something along the lines of him being signed on some kind of amateur contract and he wasn't worth the compensation it would've cost to sign him properly. Might be wrong.
  20. I don't doubt that selling players from the academy is a vital stream of income for a club like us and should be credited accordingly when we manage to do it and obviously the pandemic was absolutely outwith our control, just saying it was a bit of a close call, managing to get £1m at quite literally the eleventh hour for a player who was still on the face of it, relatively unproven. However, on the other hand, another contributing factor to the 85% thing was that there was probably a crossover in accepting £3.25 million from Celtic and deciding the budget for the season. The benefit from that will probably be in the 20/21 accounts, presuming the balance wasn't tipped too much by the likes of overloading on players in January, or having to sign another goalkeeper every couple of weeks.
  21. Don't get me wrong, the people that do these kind of things obviously put a hell of a lot of work into them but I'm always a massive sceptic of their accuracy. However, that said, you can instantly work out that we were paying Casper Sloth, David Turnbull, Trevor Carson and Charles Dunne first team wages when they barely kicked a ball between them the entire season. I'm guessing had Hull not came in for Scott in January we might have been a lot further down the profit graph.
  22. Wonder if doing the website is under Las' new job description, as we seem to be bypassing his own-goal winner for Airdrie in 2001.
  23. I don't know why Premier Sports aren't putting a highlights show on and as they're not, I don't see why we aren't doing our own highlights. They're currently showing a re-run of yesterday's friendly between Celtic and Preston.
  24. I thought we were decent as you could expect at this stage of the season today. A couple of soft goals conceded, but you can work on that. I’d have been more concerned if we hadn’t created chances or looked like we could come back. Lawless looked like the player I thought we had signed in January, which was a big plus. Was good to see Donnelly get an hour but it’s clear he needs games under his belt.
  25. I agree with you that I’m happy with recruitment in goals and the forward area - if I was being extremely picky I’d say I’d maybe want one more up top, someone who plays out wide and is right-footed, but largely that’s good. I missed the game the other night and as the general perception is that our midfield wasn’t up to it, I can see why we’ve maybe signed him short term - I just wish it was on the three week deal we initially gave Clay and Lucas and not for six months. I just see us in November time being lumbered with loads of average midfielders on the payroll. We never seem to give someone a short term deal then not extend it either. I’m happy enough with us signing O’Connor as he was playing for Leicester’s reserves last season but this lad appears to have fallen off the face of the earth for a few years. If you think of him as the same age as Maguire roughly, I don’t think of Maguire as someone who has played much football for his age, yet he’s closing in on 70 professional games. Don’t get me wrong in January I was praising us for bringing Eddie Nolan and Lawless in, but slating us for bringing Jordan Roberts in and we all know how that went. Hopefully my instinct is totally wrong again!
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