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  1. Yeah, I noticed Tony Watt had an Instagram story that said “one week to go ⚽️ “ or something to that effect. We might get to see what Max Johnston is all about with SOD being at the euros.
  2. Mugabi played at the African Cup of Nations just before we signed him. I’m surprised that angle wasn’t more prevalent with the media team at the time.
  3. I'm not sure that he will go there and start 40 games as a number #9 next season, but you really can not blame a guy of his age taking a three-year deal on high end Championship wages. There are shades of Alex Rodriguez-Gorrin with this one. Had we extended his deal in January, it would maybe have been a bit weird, but by the end of the season we are gutted to lose him. On the plus side, considering the #numberpolis, hopefully this means we can get back to our first choice striker wearing number 9 and none of this 44 pish.
  4. Crewe seems to me like the kind of move Long could have got himself this time last year, had he not had an over inflated opinion of his own ability and saved both us and him the season of him being a moody, expensive substitute.
  5. Main was fantastic for us for six months. I think he scored 8 in his first 16 games. He then had a woeful six months, but after Christmas in his second season, the pressure on him to score seem to be relieved as Turnbull and Hastie started scoring and he actually became very useful at being the big man up front who hassled the defenders and allowed other players to produce. Despite the goals drying up after six months, he did play a pivotal role for 1.5 of his 2 seasons with us.
  6. I wonder if they'll start signing our Livingston players off us and in doing so create even more of a process.
  7. Aside from the depressing top line, the rest of it satisfies me that there is plenty evidence he can score against half decent teams.
  8. I suspect the truth lies somewhere between both of those versions of events. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not the type of guy I’d want to go for a pint with or who I’d want to marry my sister, but Lafferty is a good Scottish Prem striker, there’s no doubting that. Cole aside, I can’t see a better option of someone who’s proven at this level. If it came down to him or a guy from somewhere like Shrewsbury who scored 6 goals last season and can play “anywhere across the front”. I was probably in the “sign him” camp until those stories were going out. It seems like a step in the right direction getting rid of Polworth and Gallagher after their outbursts last season and I don’t know if this might just be a reminder that he’s very capable of being like that too. PS: another thing to consider is that if we signed him, it might adversely affect the #announcecharlie campaign.
  9. I actually used to work with the Jacobs triplet who gave up full time fitba first. Lovely bloke and fair raised the standards of the work 5s 😂
  10. I see yer man Callachan has now signed with Ross County, so that chat from the other day can be firmly nipped in the bud.
  11. The reason I think a fresh start is best for him is that he can go and prove himself from the start, without anyone's expectations of what he was like previously. If he signed for us again and got playing there would be people on a weekly basis, whether it was merited or not, claiming he had lost X yards of pace, or people expecting him to break down every time he put a hard challenge in. The same people criticising him for leaving would be the ones slaughtering the club if it was us who offered him a two-year deal. I didn't quite comprehend the level of mile-out in our support until the social media days - a big reason as to why I dodge twitter and facebook altogether now.
  12. Aye, he goes with nothing but the best from me too. His first season at the club, where he largely stayed fit, has sadly seemed to be the exception rather than the rule in his career. I’m surprised, but happy for him, after all he’s been through that he’s had a two year deal. Sadly, I’d already written off seeing him play for us again and all things told a fresh start is probably best for both parties. I must say that despite technically not being the best, his pace was a massive asset and he always fitted in well when he was fit for us - both in the back three and when he partnered Aldred in the early stages of sexy Motherwell.
  13. On the other hand, I actually think it's quite credible to get those "numbers" in a terrible team with dross around you but given the description from everyone else and the fact he didn't stand out to me when we played Accies this season is enough to be a no from me. We do need our next centre mid to be able to play a pass.
  14. I have to admit to not knowing enough about his style of play to accurately pass comment- but does 10 goals and 4 assists in a terrible Accies team not suggest a decent bit of creativity?
  15. Mulgrew has 40 something Scotland caps, good at free kicks, vegan, wants to play until he is 40, can play in defence or midfield - Alexander would basically be signing himself.
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