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  1. Correct. Get VoL or Dalbeattie to f**k please Maybe they should relegate clubs that don't have there own ground !!!
  2. Bonnyrigg bringing many supporters down?
  3. Why would Threave going up not help the Pyramid in general?
  4. This time last year The Star had 8 points from 9 games and lay !4th in the league out of 15 if you exclude Selkirk. At the moment Played 1 more, 1 less point but probably more important lying 12th out of 16. You can argue if that is progress or not, but the league is getting more difficult for the likes of The Star and at the end of the day league position is all that matters. Just looks like it is going to be another rollercoaster of a season, more consistency needed, 2 shocking home defeats sandwiched between scoring 4 and 5 away from home. The same old record just keeps going round and round
  5. September, big month for The Star, two league games, Gretna away and Vale at home with two cup games sandwiched in between. Could go a long way to defining the season. Need to start scoring goals and beat Gretnafc2008 and Vale, draws must be a minimum. Winnable cup game at home to Gala as well. Here's hoping for 3 wins in the month.
  6. What's the script with that car? Assume it has been abandoned there? Been sitting there for what seems like a long time
  7. Hope you bring better weather with you this year, it was a wee bit wet last season. Star have got the same midweek away game as last season as well, Edu/Caledonian Braves away, which was handy at Annan but now up at dogging central on a Wednesday night
  8. Now that the huffing and puffing of pre-season is over, anyone with an intrest in the Star got any predictions? Last couple of season's Star have been on a bit of a slump so here's hoping they can improve this season. Actually see they are 6th in the Lowland league all time records. Think sixth will be a bit out of reach but hopefully a solid top ten position. On paper some good signings, new manager and a big squad for a change. Personally i think the league might divide in to 3 and Star just need to raise there game against the "lesser" teams, always seem to give the top teams a good game. Hopefully a good competitive season and a Nineth place finish in the league. Mind you i think i wrote something similar last year.
  9. 8 new players signed up at the Star today.. Strongest looking squad at Islecroft for a few years. Plenty of competition for places. Hopefully avoiding a relegation struggle this season.
  10. First time I've posted on this topic but been reading it , suffered from anxiety from my school days, mid eighties and it took me 30 years to seek help. What finally broke me was a couple of sections of road I drive daily I just couldn't, absolutely scared stiff started taking back roads all to avoid 2 one mile sections. Then had to go to a couple of funerals over a short period, sitting in a church all peaceful and quiet just sweating buckets and wanting out. Over the years I've at various times, been unable to stand in queues, fly, drive, travel on trains, buses, even stand or even sit at the football. I managed to do everything eventually but it felt like torture. Even gave up drinking thinking it was messing with my mind. Eventually went to the doctor feeling like a time waster. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety, put me on Sertaline. Small dose at first built up and the cut down again. Now on my last strip of pills after nearly 3 years. I feel great, something I wish I had done earlier. It took a lot of determination, grit, soul searching and some home truths. Had my first drink over 3 years at the weekend never felt like I missed it. It will still take a lot positive thinking but hopefully I will be able to live a lot less stressed live. Fingers crossed. Reading this thread has helped. I know everybody is different but i hope everyone perseveres and eventually has a positive outcome. Many thanks
  11. Pissing themselves with that much laughter that next week's game will be called off due to a flooded pitch!!!!!!! What's to defend? Can The Star still not get voted out of the LL if the play-off results go the wrong way?????? In my slightly outsider opinion, only watch The Star if I can't get to the QOS game, the whole Selkirk situation has been badly handled, were the LL clubs opinion asked for or was it the suits and blazers that made the decision? If Star can still be voted out what's the chances? Well established club that meet all the critearia. Staying down here its a bit remote and out of the way, Dalbeattie in terms of budget, potential and player attraction will never be the best, do clubs really want to come down here on a Wednesday night or a cold winters day? Personally I fear a vote to keep the Star in the LL?????
  12. Cheers. C'mon Berwick/Rovers!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind you everybody likes a day trip to Dalbeattie
  13. Certainly in the Scottish Cup game at Islecroft, Dalbeattie were the better team, probably should of won and the Spartans game Dalbeattie should have been ahead at ht, but you might you might say the pitch was a leveller and they had a howling wind on there back as well. Onward and upward it is then.
  14. Surprise result for the Star today, beating Kelty 2-1, what happened , was it a great performance ? Star finally getting the rub of the green? Or were Kelty rubbish? Out of interest, has the play off/relegation issue been settled? i.ve lost track of what's happening! ie if it stays as it is will Star be in a play-off and Whitehill relegated or will Whitehill be in the play-off?
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