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  1. It looks like 27 game season will be a big ask given that play now stopped .Realistic may be 18 games season and play offs/promotion ?.Although the championship is still a full season continuing at present .Once home and away.I8 game season would leave us with 8 games and playing every team once more apart from Clyde (Already played twice home and away). Away to Montrose and Cove and Home to Partick and Falkirk four home four away games left if 18 game seson . .Accept that in the good old Broomfield days Partick and Falkirk would be a wins .Not so sure now given our poor home record Any thoughts ?
  2. With teams playing each other three times this season and with Airdrie playing twice at the Falkirk Stadium then three points very welcome . ps frustrating for all fans watching Falkirk TV if on field action missed due to the camera spending wasted time showing Falkirk subs x four or other off field activities or exercise bikes !!!
  3. All I ever remember being played at half time at old Broofield was old scottish country Jimmy Shand type music perhaps someone in the know from Old Broomfield days could confirm ?
  4. Thanks el Gringo just seems to have been this season that the programmes have been sold out early doors .Not in the know for numbers printed but I think that some people have missed out which is revenue lost and as you say any unsold can then be put in the shop for future sales or for anyone who missed the game etc.
  5. Again at last home game programmes sold out not a good thing for programme advertisers or player sponsors lack of programmes means lost sales/revenue for the club
  6. Murrays own style is bringing every player back at a corner and leaving NO ONE UP .This surrenders half the pitch to the opposition with no out ball.Keeping one player up at least keeps two defenders back from your own half
  7. .I think it is frustrating that at corners against Airdrie now seem to set up with everyone back which allows other teams to push every one forward and if the ball breaks out it is straight back since the is no out ball . Please at least keep one man up which would at least keep two defenders back. Dumbarton fans is this a tactic Murray does with all teams he manages ?
  8. Not all the players who left have when we went full time went on to better things .Yes Cadden was a miss .Lithgow and Crighton went to a team in the same league as did Parry but hardly were league winning when they played for us .Bain and Cox have not progressed since leaving us .Lister and Prunty were towards the end of their career. The point I was trying to make is that we tent to look backward and perhaps want to sign players who were good in the past .Happy with the general age of the team but need experienced players in the squad if we are to progress next season .The first though in relation to recruitment perhaps should not be lets bring back player X he was good for us several years ago.Time moves on esp for footballers
  9. Why does everyone keep going on about resigning Neil Parry .His name was mentioned from the floor in the recent Q and A with the manager .I know that the experiment of full time football did not work and we we neeed to have some experienced streetwise players if we are to be in the mix next season but building a team around our old players from 2 years ago is not progress .How many went to play at a higher level when they left Airdrie ?
  10. Dont know if turning the clock back and resigning players who for various reasons did not go full time with the TW experiment is the best way forward.I think we sometimes look too fondly on ex players when in truth many have moved on and very few went on to better things after leaving us .We do need to get a balance of experiece and youth .Players tend not to have the same emotional attachment to clubs as supporters
  11. Need to see progress results wise .Our basic defending in set plays is a joke .Need to improve if we are to be the big team going all guns blazing for promotion next season but to be honest crowds wont improve if we continue to perform Iike yesterday.I think there is a lack of urgency and we play looking like a development squad but are lacking in this league We are easily bullied by other teams and are very lightweight playing nice passing movements in our own half that dont hurt the opposition who just push on to us with a high line .Bringing in more players on a large scale wont happen remember a number of 2 year contracts have already been given out
  12. and said "There are those that should know better and those that genuinely know no better " in the boardroom section of yesterdays programme which also contained a copy of the ground regulations
  13. Hope the consortium also consider the fans who are shareholders at present .They invested in good faith to help the club and like a lot of other people have had very little or no information from the club for a while .Also their support may also help the consortium going forward.
  14. Been away today so just catching up , I was at the trust agm .I think it said somewhere that there was no change to the trust commitee but thought Alan Stirling had been voted on to the commitee .I support the trust in fund raising and the great comunity work but feel that they in no way want to rock the boat at this time , it may also be difficult to review the contribution situation with the young players once the contract is signed .I do agree that every one is entitled to their views and should be allowed to make their own decision about continuing to attend games etc .
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