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  1. A frivolous exercise in light of these revelations. Eulogises about his team being full of home grown talent then calls Dundee's youth development as frivolous. Walloper
  2. You're probably right DH. Clyde were always a bogey team for us, even when they were struggling. Strange seeing them in (I presume) red, always thought that was their change strip. Maybe one o the Bully Wee's can enlighten us
  3. Not the 50s DH. The Dundee players are Seith, Ure, Smith and Hamilton. Bobby Seith signed from Burnley in 1960 and Gordon Smith arrived the following year. This is most likely the League winning side of 61-62 or the European Cup heroes of the following year. It's difficult to make out the goalie but I think it's Pat Liney which would definitely make it the league winning season
  4. Team on terrible run desperate for a win gets Dundee as their next game. Stick on home win then
  5. BBC match report on TV said just over 3,500 there which I thought was terrific. I take it that was a mistake? Has your home support grown this season, you would have hoped so given the great season you are having? Really pleased that you look to have cemented your place in the division but hoping the wheels fall off in a fortnight at Dens (only for the day)
  6. But for a dodgy ref (who later admitted receiving a bribe) at the San Siro in the first leg of the European Cup, Dundee may have become the first British side to be crowned Champions of Europe 5 years before the Lisbon Lions. Milan beat Benfica 2-0 at Wembley in the final. The Dee would have undoubtedly enjoyed a huge home support had they made the final
  7. I definitely fall into the glass half full camp and look for the positive in all games but I think some of us are getting a bit carried away after Saturday. I was pleased with the first half showing but was really disappointed in the second. It was a great opportunity to bang in a few goals against quite frankly the worst Patrick Thistle team I've ever seen but apart from a few wee flurries it was a non event. I agree we looked really comfortable defensively but as others have said the Jags were slow as death up front. Trying to keep positive though I hope this is a stepping stone on a wee run of unbeaten games
  8. I'm sure he did. The ones I definitely remember were Gary Sprake, Jack Charlton, Norman Hunter, Billy Bremner, Paul Reaney, Johnny Giles, Eddie Gray and Allan Clark. I think Reaney may have put Leeds in front at Dens, Bobby Wilson equalised for us. Eddie Gray scored the winner at Elland Road. I think we may have hit the post at 0-0 at Leeds but not 100% certain
  9. I've heard negative comments in the Coxy and read plenty on another Dundee forum. We're lucky to have him. Give him the service and he'll score plenty
  10. Not a great performance but 3 welcome points. Disappointed we didn't kick on in the 2nd half and get more goals. Thought Elliot and Berra both showed up well and Hemings was excellent yet again, can't understand why some Dees complain about him. I like Thistle and really hope they stay up but based on today I'd be worried if I was a Jags fan. Don't recall one single shot on goal throughout the 90 mins. Not expecting a win at Palmerston next week but you never know
  11. September 1967 at Dens. Dundee 2 Aberdeen 1. Lost the League Cup final 5-3 to the Lisbon Lions the following month then narrowly lost 2-1 on agg to at that time the mighty Leeds Utd in the semi final of the Fairs Cup the following year. Hooked for life, most of it mediocre however apart from winning the League Cup in 73. Some classics watching the Dees though
  12. Another poor performance where we throw goals (excuse the pun) in, another game where we are saft as shite, and another tactical cock up that confirms James McPake should be no where near Manager of our football club. John Nelms has to realise that tonight's pitiful attendance was nothing to do with a live TV match on a Saturday night and twenty quid a ticket. Too many of our support have had it. I went tonight out of blind loyalty but I'm seriously questioning my reasons to keep going back. I don't mean to sound like a drama queen but I really feel our club is dying on its feet just now
  13. Very good first half, well on top with the high pressing game preventing Alloa playing the fluent football we've seen from them previously. Wee bit worrying how we started the second half really flat again, a better team could have punished us. Overall got to be happy with the result and clean sheet to boot. Another excellent performance from Hemings who proved that if he gets the service he will score. Just a shame he never got what would have been a well deserved hat trick
  14. I would agree, the photo is a bit grainy but it certainly looks like Stubby's stance
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