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  1. Friday night is bad enough but 7:05 KO? Fancied us to bring close to 2K to EEP on the Sat but probably half that now
  2. I think you have the right match but that's not a goal being scored. All 3 Dundee goals were scored in the first half at the TC Keay end. I was behind that goal and tried to move to the Provie Rd end at half time going around the back of the south enclosure. Took me half an hour due to the size of the crowd
  3. Good to see the Saints fans turning up in big numbers, nice wee bonus for our treasurer ahead of the dreaded drop. Accies to lose and 4-4 draw at Dens the ideal outcome
  4. Big Dundee FC connection in this photo. Apart from the aforementioned Brown, Knox, Wallace and Scott, ex Dees Kenny Cameron and Hugh 'Shuggy' Robertson are also in the pic behind Walter Smith. Also pretty sure that Eric Ferguson is on extreme left in third row. Not sure why as he was physio at Dens for donkeys years. He also served the Scottish national team for many years too.
  5. Poor away support by our normal standards. Then again it was 90 miles away and we'd lost 9 on the bounce. Does it compare with a couple of thousand DABS turning up at Dens in their hour of need? Nah, no really
  6. Eh dinna like Celtic but eh like your posts Flybhoy, always interesting photies
  7. Hopkin top of the list for me. Failing that I'd go for McCall, has done brilliantly at Ayr on a small budget and knows how to se teams up in the Championship
  8. I haven't renewed my season tickets yet and if McIntyre remains in post I doubt I will. Do I trust him to spend next seasons budget wisely? Not a feckin chance. He has no ability to change things when the team are struggling, clueless doesn't come close to it. Nelms has to realise goat keeping McIntyre in post is going to have a hugely negative impact on ST's etc. Never been so disappointed as I am right now, absolutely awful performance today
  9. Without doubt Dens Park has the most impressive pylons in Scotland
  10. I'm sure that's Thomson Allan in the goal for Hibs. An absolute hero of mines when playing for Dundee. Had a few tremendous seasons for us winning the League Cup and being in the Scotland squad that went to the World Cup in Germany in 74. My favourite Dee goalie of all time
  11. I sit behind that goal slightly to the left of it. I was right in line with the shot and your keeper saw it at the very last second. Terrific save and game changer
  12. Keepers who like a starting position further off their line may get a caught out occasionally but overall I think it prevents more goals. I only saw the highlights but didn't think he was too far off his line on Tuesday. In the games I have seen he has certainly been very positive, can only help the back four
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