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  1. Can any of the Billy Daintees remind me of when you won the league? Your young team seem affy confused, have saw you 3 times this season and they keep on singing about being 'Champions again'. Only one team have ever won the big league in Perth and we all know who that was
  2. Indeed, how you managed to keep 11 men on the park was incredible. The amount of persisting fouling by a number of Well players seem to go above the referee, anyone with a bit of competence (I know, difficult when talking Scottish refs) would have seen at least one red card.
  3. I doubt very much they're embarrassed, par for the course with that mob. I haven't read the whole thread but wondered if there is any comment on the Dayglo's banner quoting Mussolini?
  4. Not a 100% certain but I think it may have been a world record fee that brought him to Dens a few years later, certainly a British record at the time. Money well spent by the Dundee board as there was a huge increase in attendances as well as 2 League Cup victories. Best player ever for Dundee according to my auld man and most of his peers
  5. 1967/68 - first season I was taken regularly to Dens. Lost epic LC Final 5-3 to Celtic then a narrow 2-1 aggregate defeat to Leeds Utd in semi final of Fairs Cup 1971/72 - 4-2 win over Cologne (5-4 victory on aggregate) was the greatest last 20 minutes I've veer seen. Then battered AC Milan 2-0 in the next round only go out 3-2. If we'd only got that 3rd goal that we deserved.... 1973/74 - LC Cup winners 1-0 against Celtic. Lost to them in semi final of Scottish Cup after beating Aberdeen, Rangers and Hibs (drawn away each round) in front of huge crowds. 24,000 at Pittodrie, 65,000 at Ibrox, 29,000 at Easter Rd and 33,000 at Dens with thousands locked out. I think there was 75,000 at Hampden for the semi 1986/87 - not any tangible success but just really enjoyed watching this team, played some great football with the likes of Jim Duffy, John Brown, Robert Connor etc 2010/11 - Deefiant season. -25 points for Admin 2 but a 23 game unbeaten run that brought a bond between fans and players that I doubt we'll see again. If the missus knew how much I donated to the cause that season I think she'd have divorced me
  6. I was in the North enclosure and encountered a solitary English fan outside wearing a Union Jack. Guy looked about 40 and seemed to have no idea where he was going. Got mostly verbal abuse but saw him take one or two digs from boys walking past him. Almost felt sorry for him. I was at most auld enemy matches back then and I'm pretty sure there had been some trouble 2 years previous when a similar number of England fans were in the east terracing close to the corner flag. it wasn't a good outcome for them either
  7. No need to apologise. Knocking out the Germans twice, beating AC Milan at Dens twice, all routine stuff back then
  8. The greatest last 20 minutes of a game I've ever witnessed at Dens (or probably any other ground tbf). Wolfgang Overath would be a World Cup winner 3 years later but left the pitch in tears that night. Apparently gave some Dundee players the German version of 'yer tea's oot' when they went 4-2 up on aggregate. They weren't slow to remind him of that at full time
  9. A few very good Scottish goalkeepers at that time including George Farm and not least of all the great Bill Brown who is considered by many to be in the top 5 Scotland no 1's of all time
  10. The old Maryfield Hospital is at the top of the picture. I think that it closed in 76 and was demolished not long afterwards. Extending the South Enclosure for the full length of the pitch would have added to the cost considerably due to the difference in height. The same applied to a lesser extent to the Provost Road end but could have been done had the board decided to spend more money on the fans than themselves. The story about the stand being purchased second hand from Rangers is complete nonsense. As mentioned above it was designed by Archibald Leitch who was also responsible for grandstand construction at Ibrox, Hampden (North Stand), Goodison, Roker Park amongst others
  11. I see your manager is quite rightly angry at the treatment handed out by a group of bairns to Glen Kamara last night. The growing trend of racism/facism in eastern Europe is getting worryingly worse. Pity he never had the balls to come out and castigate his own so called fans for the disgraceful treatment of Leigh Griffiths for almost the whole 90 minutes at Dens last week. Or maybe that didn't matter cause 'Boydy' said it was ok.
  12. From the time when a certain prominent Tory Government minister (any year since 1979 the more I think about it) was caught with his trousers down and Hamish the Goalie was going through a rough marital time: Cecil Parkinson, Cecil Parkinson Have you sh***ed McAlpine's wife? Sung at a derby at Tannadice constantly throughout the game. In very recent times when only 500 home fans were allowed into the play off game at Dens: Can you hear the Killie sing?
  13. Italy in September, fantastic we thought. Hotel on beach in Rimini, check. Swim shorts in bag, check. Suntan lotion packed, check. It was absolutely baltic at that game. 5 day trip and never on the beach once. Highlight of the week was phoning home on day 3 to hear the wife tell me that the Dee had signed some Argentinian that was causing a bit of a storm. I think his name is Caneeja or something like that. Locals confused at me dancing about in a phone box.
  14. Have said time and time again that Cammy gets unfair criticism from a section of the support. We know he isn't a great crosser of the ball but tbf neither is Elliot. He's certainly the best RB on our books and the sooner he is back the better. Doesn't mean we shouldn't look to strengthen in that area but I'd be much happier with him in the team.
  15. The only surprise for me yesterday was that there seemed to be a lot of Dees who genuinely thought we'd get a result before the game kicked off. TBH I never expected 6 but I thought we'd do well to keep it at a difference of 2. McPake's loyalty to a group of players who struggled to get out of the Championship is going to hurt us. Just because we beat a terrible Killie team twice doesn't suddenly make us equipped to do well in the top league. We desperately need new blood in otherwise it's going to be a long long season. 2 full backs and a centre half at the very minimum
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