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  1. Another poor performance where we throw goals (excuse the pun) in, another game where we are saft as shite, and another tactical cock up that confirms James McPake should be no where near Manager of our football club. John Nelms has to realise that tonight's pitiful attendance was nothing to do with a live TV match on a Saturday night and twenty quid a ticket. Too many of our support have had it. I went tonight out of blind loyalty but I'm seriously questioning my reasons to keep going back. I don't mean to sound like a drama queen but I really feel our club is dying on its feet just now
  2. Very good first half, well on top with the high pressing game preventing Alloa playing the fluent football we've seen from them previously. Wee bit worrying how we started the second half really flat again, a better team could have punished us. Overall got to be happy with the result and clean sheet to boot. Another excellent performance from Hemings who proved that if he gets the service he will score. Just a shame he never got what would have been a well deserved hat trick
  3. I would agree, the photo is a bit grainy but it certainly looks like Stubby's stance
  4. To be fair when Hampden was getting crowds like this it was absolute dump. I remember coming home from games and being filthy up to my knees due to the mud heap outside and the ash terraces inside. Doesn't excuse the abortion they made of the redevelopment
  5. Luckily for me I will be at the Carole King show in the Caird Hall so will miss this. Will it be 'One Fine Day' or 'Time Don't Run Out For Me' for James McPake?
  6. Despite the fact that you're no half as good as you think you are whoever finishes above you will likely win the league. It'll no be us though as long as McPake is in charge
  7. Tale of two managers. We should have been home and dry by HT but wasted a lot of opportunities. McCall made 2 subs at half time and totally changed the shape of Thistle. McPake couldn't match it. Stats show we were unlucky but in reality the Jags deserved their win. We will do nothing in this league whilst we stick with the 2 dumplings at CH and play with one up top.
  8. My understanding was that admission prices at Dens and the Fruit Bowl are the same. The missing 150 red lichties was possibly down to being unable to car share with their Angus based DAB pals. Or maybe a realisation that they'd get nothing from the mighty
  9. With Dundee unbeaten at Dens in the league and Partick languishing at the bottom you would expect a home win but with a fortnight to work with his new squad I'd not be surprised if McColl makes this a very close run thing. Was surprised to see Thistle lose yeterday after a great result in Inverness but this league is the champion of inconsistency. Not a great performance from us yesterday but encouraging signs throughout that we're starting to get the ball forward quicker at times and getting crosses into the box. Dorrans pick of the bunch, early days but feel he is going to be a major player for us this season.
  10. I've been one of his biggest critics however I thought he made a decent contribution today and he obviously prefers playing in the centre of midfield. Hope his injury isn't as bad as it first looked
  11. And what a sporting lot they are too (not). Byrne clearly got a really sore one which you could see as he struggled to get to his feet and hobble off the park, yet the away fans thought it appropriate to boo him
  12. Two very good finishes from McPake but can't understand those Dees that thought he had a great game. Continually gives the ball away and doesn't show for the ball nearly enough. Mind you if he played like that and scored 2 every week I wouldn't complain. Dorrans MOM for me, his undoubted ability beginning to shine through. McGhee very good again, our most consistent performer so far this season
  13. I was in Rimini ahead of a Scotland v San Marino match. Thought I'd better phone home to report I was still living and the missus says that Dundee have signed some Argentinian and there's been a bit of a fuss. Jokingly I said Maradonna and she says no it's some other boy called canagee or something Claudio Cannigia says me, aye that's the name. Queue me and my 2 mates dancing about the street daft watched by loads of bemused Italians. Happy days
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