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  1. What doesn't happen in there is a more suited question! Fine atmosphere in the derry, roof about come off last night!
  2. Yeah hence why I said slightly... It came down to last day and if we had of drawn they'd of beat us on goal difference by one goal, just wanting more seething Accie fans in their beds
  3. Beating them to top six by goal difference on the last day now that would be a laugh and slightly like old times
  4. Of course we do, you not seen the news about us in the papers lately?
  5. The wizard Wighton gets the praise from me for that goal, that pass into Harkins then slides it along to McGowan who I thought missed it by giving the Partick defender a chance to stop it. Happy days and an ecstatic Derry with those scenes, beautiful viewing!
  6. Kyle Letherens brother retweeted something which contained this link -http://www.soccerladuma.co.za/news/articles/categories/south-africa/kyle-letheren-linked-to-the-psl/199402 "He is willing to come to South Africa to further his career here" wouldn't really "further" his career...
  7. He was on the bench in there Scottish cup match against Alloa(I think) but never featured!
  8. To answer that honestly, not got a clue! A keeper at Dumarton or Alloa no doubt... I kind of want to see him play again, given the manner he was thrown in the squad and the goals themselves I don't think he could've done much better other than two of them!
  9. Letheren looks set to leave in the summer with Barnsley and Doncaster interested.
  10. I'm astonished at how Aberdeen haven't conceded a goal for so long! Great going forward but at the back they leave gaps bigger than Katie Price's wide set vagina! Edit: until today that is
  11. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k5mTn7g9gyc Same again..
  12. Badly missing McGowan! Need to say anything more? The past few games has showed that
  13. This is what my reaction was, I do understand what he's trying to say with the whole it can easily change however what was the last talented player out of dens we had from our own youth? In the last ten years I can only think of McDonald who went to Burnley for half a million and recall him scoring 2 against Arsenal at Turf Moor in what must be a personal highlight for him! Was sent on his way after he was subbed and went on to watch the rest of the game in a pub with family in the 5/6-1 beating from Man City!
  14. Agree with what your saying but I think it's more of the travel side of things! Can't wait to see how he gets on and progresses, who was the last youth out of dens with as much ability, K. Mcdonald?
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