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  1. How did Waters and Aubrey play? Both had good games , keeper saved a pen and Aubrey as I said comfortable, Drumchapel didn't pose much of a threat, expected more
  2. Kilsyth Rangers 4 Drumchapel Utd 0 A great performance from Kilsyth today, very comfortable throughout, Drumchapel did miss a penalty an the Kilsyth keeper had one more save to make of note, alot of noise coming from these teams who are stepping up a level, but Kilsyth eased to victory, wish Drumchapel all the best for the season, it's not all about who's got the most money
  3. Kilsyth Rangers 4 Drumchapel Utd 0 Full time Comfortable
  4. Kilsyth Rangers 4 Drumchapel utd 0 OG
  5. Kilsyth Rangers 3 Drumchapel Utd 0 Wullie Sawyers hat trick
  6. Kilsyth Rangers 2 Drumchapel Utd 0 Wullie Saywers double
  7. I know that, you know that, I want to know where the poster who said Craigmark have signed both players got his information from but he seems to have disappeared
  8. Where are you getting that information about Wullie Sawyers?
  9. Another thread appears about Darvel, , some peoples obsession has went too far
  10. I think you'll find that statement is wrong, but that's for another thread in another forum
  11. Brilliant news for our former striker Salim Kouider Aissa who has now impressed on trial and secured a 2 year deal at premiership Livingston, scored over 40 goals for us in the season before last and has now went from junior to premier league, I wish him every success, good luck Sal.
  12. ^^^^^ which one are you, what was your previous name on the original Darvel thread
  13. Yes it does, you have already stated that the downside to 5 being relegated means at the end of season 2021/22, 5 would need to be relegated from the conferences to balance the leagues?
  14. The club would like to welcome new signings Martyn Shields, midfielder signed from Petershill, and striker Gary Stewart signed from Thorniewood
  15. Those are most of the players signed for the new season when it happens, the current squad list with additions to come is David Tait David Waters Chris Reid Mark Tyrrell Stuart Conway Scott Upton Ryan Deas Martyn Shields Gavin Mackie Franny Kelly Nicky Prentice Richard Kane Willie Sawyers Gary Stewart
  16. You Got the attitude from a couple of committee members, your words not mine, now it's first hand experience, make up your mind ffs, and the way you put things across you really do think you know it all
  17. If that isn't an attack on a club or people running a club I don't know what is
  18. Your getting yourself confused if you look back on your post, I am not talking about the youth manager leaving, I am talking about the Kilsyth Rangers manager who left who was interested in speaking to a local youth coach, and the manager I am talking about coming in is again, the new Kilsyth Rangers manager. So you can put your typing in bold all you want and put FACT in capitals but your completely mis understanding what I'm talking about, I have my own views as to why a lot of the local community won't come to watch Kilsyth Rangers but they will remain my own. And you basically did say if Kilsyth Rangers aren't interested in taking any of our players and there's no where for them to go then what's the point, let's just rap it. Also I can say things and they are not wrong just because you say so, it's my opinion. Also nothing in my post was on the defensive or attack, that's another assumption you made, and you may not think so but your not right all the time. You started your post attacking the club earlier saying they are one of the worst for community involvement because you heard it from people you have spoke to, and you have ended your last post with you don't know the running of the club, a few contradictions imo
  19. I understand everything you are saying and totally agree, clubs should have a connection with the community, I wonder who the committee members are you speak of who said, we are junior and always will be, are you sure they were committee because since all this wosfl stuff kicked off the club have always said that they need to move with the times, and no one I spoke to said other wise. On your other point the club was approached by a local team a while back who put points across about joining forces to be a community club, but as you said we didn't think it was a good idea at the time, and ultimately were probably proven right as that club folded and it wasn't because of Kilsyth Rangers, there were some unrealistic proposals put on the table about new 4g surfaces and the like for just one example, can't remember everything now. Your other point about the under 19 coach you spoke to, it will be Kilsyth Athletic, I know the gentleman you speak of and I have also spoke to him and I actually spoke to our then manager who agreed to speak with him about taking some players from the 19s and to meet with him, for one reason or another it never happened, I should maybe have pushed it a bit more but I had also found out the Kilsyth manager had applied for another job, so thought maybe he was losing interest and he did eventually leave the club. New manager was put in place and needs time to get his own ideas across and I'm sure something will happen in time as he came from coaching at u21 level, to say the club has no vision is rubbish but your entitled to your opinion, the club has a proud history and why more locals don't come out to watch their local team (senior team now I suppose), well you'll need to ask them as the club have tried to attract them. Kilsyth Rangers also tried to attract more sponsorship from local businesses, got some on board with advertising boards etc, but found some local places would rather sponsor amateur teams and Sunday league teams than support their local senior team, they'll have their reasons, we'll see what happens in the future. You say Kilsyth are one of the worst with connection to youth and community football, and the people are blinkered with no vision? Yet you say that was an impression you got speaking to a "couple" of people, so you don't actually know the running of the club itself. If you can remember Kilsyth Rangers have had u18 and u21 teams in the past, not now for whatever reason. You also said there is no interaction with youth clubs in the area well up until January this year "they say they do but they dont". Could you show me where the club has said they do? And also saying the under 19s called it a day cause there was no where to go and no pathway, you can't lay the blame at Kilsyth Rangers door for that
  20. So you were speaking to committee members last year who told you the club had no vision? And why do you think the club has a limited chance of attracting new fans? Simply because of what these committee members told you or do you know more?
  21. Where did I mention Kilsyth should be in it? I never said that and not for one minute do I think they should be, I think I maybe should have chose my words a bit better and didn't mean to offend anyone, I was meaning in a round about way some clubs below the premiership did not get what they thought they were voting for, I used Rossvale as an example of a club who hadn't been in the junior ranks for very long and on reflection it was a bad one so I apoligise to them and Dan man I think who is a Rossvale supporter, of course they deserve to be where they are and I'm sure have hard working committee men like any other club, it was a bad example
  22. Keep reading about the' big clubs' in tier 6 The change has happened at the right time for certain teams. A lot of established junior teams with a lot of history missing out with the way this has happened, I mean look at some of the famous junior teams in the conferences, compared to the likes of Rossvale who have a public park as a ground? I know they got promoted last year but more established junior teams deserve the place in tier 6
  23. This document you've posted is for Rep of Ireland, not the UK, read it, it mentions GAA, gaelic football returning
  24. Just been catching up on this thread, can someone tell me, is there a certain criteria each club has to meet to gain entry into the wosl tier 6 league, or is it a case of go with the premier teams regardless of who they are?
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