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  1. My father in law brought me their old screen door last summer, said it doesn't fit then left it beside my shed. Dug it out yesterday, took it to bits, trimmed off a few inches and stuck it all back together and it fits beautifully. The other side of the pic is a wee step I threw together so the bairn can get in and out of the trampoline herself, ladders are no use due to her impairment. Sitting in the garden now scoping out my next project.
  2. 2nd year RE class and we all sat down and there was already paper on each desk so Colin drew a rudimentary penis on our bit and the teacher strolling past clocked it. Now this guy was American, in his 50s and built like the side of a house, he dragged poor Colin out of his seat while calling him a little mother f*cker then kinda pushed/carried him across the classroom and threw him against a wall all the time calling him all sorts of shit. When Colin bounced off the wall the teacher pinned him against it and held his fist up to hit him before thinking better of it and just going back to verbally abusing him. He then turned away from Colin and started shouting at all of us and calling the head of year and his wife who was also a teacher "f*uckers" and "Mother f*uckers" and saying he didn't care if us little b*stards told them and reported him for what he was doing. The whole time he was at 99, red face, raging, the whole nine yards, we all sat slack jawed while Colin stood by the door where the teacher left him. It went on for a while just him ranting and swearing then he started to come down and calm a bit. Colin was asked to retake his seat which he did and the teacher apologised to us all for his outburst then once he'd gathered himself the class began. Nobody reported it or anything and Colin just laughed about it (he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box) and life went on. Secondry state education in Scotland in the 80s ladies and gents.
  3. Is there a "help, my car is broken" thread?
  4. Home at 4, eating burgers and drinking beer by 5 and no messing about cleaning out ashes or waiting for the coals to flame out. This is the future of outdoor eating and that bad boy only cost £50 new.
  5. Fourth night on the bounce, keyworking gives you an appetite.
  6. Bbq and beer two days on the bounce and planning on the hat-trick tomorrow.
  7. Black unsweetened coffee, nothing else to get me past this 7am start on a Sunday.
  8. Spent all afternoon until about half six out in the garden shed being busy and now I've come in for my tea I'm not entirely sure what I've actually achieved.
  9. We have loads of knives because we both owned a set when I moved in and she uses mine but won't give up hers. They stay in the cupboard because when my child finally murders me I'll be dammed if it's gonna be with my own knife.
  10. I would say this is our busiest kitchen cupboard.
  11. This is way too risky, if everything didn't fit perfectly in each basket I'd trash the place and burn the house down. That bottle of lime juice is making me twitchy as it is.
  12. Boiled and decorated eggs with the bairns, baked shorties and cookies, made an artificial slope in the back garden and rolled said eggs with the bairns, delivered baking to in laws on the way to shopping for my Mum who lives alone before heading into work. Busy ass morning.
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