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  1. It's only on my planner because I recorded the games on the day.
  2. I have been missing football during these troubling times so have been trawling through the planner on the sky box. Just finished watching the New Saints away game and both legs of the play-off against Airdrie. Absolutely brilliant. The Handling and Froxy goals against TNS! Making Airdrie look like an absolute gang in the second leg of the play-off. What a team of heroes, and what a performance from big Tony Wallace. Good to see some youthful Sons P&B ers in raptures too!
  3. Have we ever had a father and both sons having played for us before?
  4. Aye, especially if it is wielded by a twat with bad hair and oversized shades... 😉
  5. @RockMusic I was with Wilf at Peterhead when he was told that the drum was no more and can assure you that he knew nothing about it. Your suggestion that he somehow engineered its removal is bizarre. He stated the effect it had on his health and ceased to attend matches. End of story.
  6. I think I have sunstroke. Thought we had taken the lead there
  7. Actually a good move and finish from us there
  8. Keeper ain’t gonna save anything if he is diving behind his line
  9. The app on my phone tells me that we won. Cannae be right, can it?
  10. A fine selection of quotes from a much loved tv programme in a toilet cubicle at the University of Aberdeen.
  11. Thought Duffy came across well on the radio. Was interesting to hear the scale of the challenges a manager at our level faces. Should be compulsory listening for some of our more excitable Facebook contributors.
  12. I was getting quite irritated listening to him and the presenters banging on about how he was unfortunate to be sacked after a “wee blip”. There was zero acknowledgement of the poor fare that was being served up to the loyal support for so long. I was less than happy recently, after a 4 hour drive, to sit through the pish that was the Raith game. I would be quite comfortable in offering to have the sum total of Tam Cowan’s knowledge of Scottish football’s lower leagues inscribed on my left testicle with a Stanley knife.
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