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  1. Don’t think the new boys will be eligible. I’m sure they have to be signed and registered before the original tie. Would rule them both out.
  2. Hopefully neither but my money would be on Woods. He’s been training with us.
  3. Any Hearts fan thinking this will be a tough game are really underestimating how poor we really are. We're blunt upfront, soft as shite in midfield and give away goalscoring opportunities for fun. Easy away win. Only slight hope I'm clinging onto is that Hearts are without two first-choice centre-backs, and maybe Haring too? Not sure if he'll be risked if they want him fit for the weekend. Still shouldn't make much of a difference.
  4. The fact the board haven't put their foot down and categorically ruled him out makes me think it'll still happen. Nelms is just trying to find the best way to spin it to the fans. Definitely won't go down well at all, and it was all so avoidable had Nelms done any sort of research on McIntyre and Dodds before appointing him.
  5. You won’t. Easy win, no doubt about it. We’ll maybe make a game of it for 20 minutes or so though before our total collapse.
  6. Almost did exactly that in the cup game against St Johnstone. Just lucky the header was off target.
  7. You’re probably right that he’s bought himself another couple of games but I really don’t see the point in delaying he inevitable now. He’s lost over 50% of his games in charge, shows absolutely no signs of putting together a decent run, and we’ve been toothless upfront his whole time in charge. Board needs to act now and get someone in and give them two weeks to work with the players before the Livi game.
  8. I can’t see it. It makes more sense for them to offer the stadium to United too. Having two teams paying rent on the stadium rather than one brings in more money than merging the two clubs.
  9. Can’t see anything other than Hibs cruising to a 3-0 win, we’ll probably only have a handful of shots on goal and look like we could play all day without scoring.
  10. Doesn’t really matter who you start with, you’ll still beat us with ease.
  11. I heard that Birmingham wanted £3k of his £8k wages paid for a loan deal which is probably out of our budget. This was at the start of the summer though, so maybe their demands have changed.
  12. I don't know exactly, but it's been in the papers, pre-match interviews etc. that he's been injured. He was on the bench on Saturday and that's the first time he's been in the squad since maybe the Stirling game? I'm assuming McCann thought he didn't need to start him but instead introduce him later on in the game to give him game time before Saturday. Are you suggesting something else was going on? Edit - it was an ankle injury, see link https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dundee-sweat-over-fitness-of-star-midfielder-glen-kamara-for-aberdeen-clash/
  13. He's been injured since before the St Mirren game.
  14. If he gets between 5 and 10, I'd be happy tbh. Only 5 players scored more than 10 league goals last season. Again, I'm not sticking up for Moussa, I just don't think we can drop him until we have a suitable alternative who can play the target man role (we did have Haber, who we should have kept IMO).
  15. He scored 3 goals from open play, 1 against Hearts and 2 against St. Johnstone. I'm not sticking up for him and I don't think he's good enough to be our main striker, but it is noticeable that pretty much all of our attacking play relies on having a target man. Any time we've played without one we've struggled even more because we don't have an out ball. I'm not sure Mendy has the build or presence to play that role but generally, at least before Saturday, Moussa's hold up play has been ok (it was good last season). I honestly think the penalty miss has really affected his confidence which is probably why he was a little bit slack with his passing at the weekend. His two chances were hardly sitters either, I think they've been exaggerated because it was Moussa the chances fell to. Meekings and Mendy's chances were much better chances IMO. He should probably have taken a touch with the first one, and played it across goal for the second one. Mendy missed a bigger sitter last week too (two if you count the one where Samson made a decent save). I don't have the stats but I would imagine Mendy has missed more expected goals (the xG stat gives you a better indication of how good a chance it actually was) than Moussa.
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