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  1. You seem very concerned with Celtic? you want me to sort out a ticket for you?
  2. Aye mate that tony mowbray celtic side which got beat 4-0 off st mirren was a great side.
  3. As usual with you diddy clubs, you use transfer budget and wage budget as a comfort blanket Blackburn won the premier league with a smaller budget than there rivals Montpellier won the league in France with smaller budget Hearts have a smaller wadget budget than sevo and top of the league Porto won champions league. Football isn't won by wage budgets, stop having your diddy club mentality. Aberdeen should concentrate on second .
  4. Logan betteer than Lustig? get back down to the first divison with that talk ya halfwit
  5. What you on about? this is about Celtic & Aberdeen, Celtic will win the league. Highest wage budgets dont win league titles, Celtic will do the treble. thanks for GMS
  6. Celtic will win the league by at least 10 clear points this talk of Aberdeen mounting a serious title challenge is nonsense, not 1 Celtic supporter is worried.
  7. Aberdeen wont beat Hamilton, and Dundee United is your game in hand who again will beat you.
  8. Aberdeen won't get near winning the league it is ridiculous talk.
  9. You guys think GMS will be good enough for Celtic?
  10. That's the price you have to pay when your going to win 4 trophies.
  11. StandFree is obessed with Celtic no voting worm.
  12. Knowing you will never in your life time see your club win the league? serious question, do you think you will? or do you just come to accept it probably wont happen.
  13. There will never be progess till Heart admit they are rotten to the core with bigots.
  14. So you telling me your fans haven't been involved in incidents v aberdeen and hibs? stop lying steven.
  15. We are biggest club in Scotland we obviously are going to get more idiots having a go at us than diddy clubs.
  16. So only Happens at Celtic games, thats ok eh? there lies the problem. Your club have ignored it for years upon years.
  17. Why he should he accept get bigots hurling abuse at him jimmy?
  18. Yes I read the Hearts one, but until Hearts take action and admit they have a huge problem then I will not take anything they say serious 1.They booed minute silence for world leader 2.Fans attacking Neil Lennon/entering field of player (happened with Riordan as well) 3.Spitting and bigoted abuse to Celtic players warming up 4.Celtic fan died of Heart attack at CP in a game a few years ago, Hearts fans sang and mocked this. 5.Hearts fans and there choice of song leaves alot to be desired. Hearts have a huge problem.
  19. when are Hearts going to address the problem with bigots they have in the support?
  20. Great statement by Celtic, Hearts need to admit they have a problem and a big one at that
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