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  1. The strange pattern thing on the front is actually the umbro logo The strange pattern thing on the front is actually the umbro logo thats been cut up into different shapes make the design
  2. That was me that mentioned to them the badge they used to put on the shirts didnt have the bright colours and sent them the badge above, when they were making my custom shirts.
  3. Got this badge from an original players umbro 1990 shirt if its of any use? Good idea re the retro tops. I got the people at Toffs retro shirts to make me some of the 1980's Bukta shirts, mainly the away ones, red shirt with white collar and black bib with red/black hooped long sleeves, all white shirt with red,black stripe down both sleeves and the white shirt with black collar and pinstripes.
  4. I'm sure your new player/coach will get you out of League 2 this season with all his management experience. Just wonder how you'll do in the Lowland League next season?
  5. I'll let you off . 3 games out is not bad though!!
  6. Their season is finished, as it finishes in May like most others, so they're not in the middle of their season!!! Barry played in 18 or 19 games last season for them he told me..
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