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  1. The bigger worry is getting a contract extension for Hedges
  2. I really don’t understand this one at all. The boy needs to play regularly, finish this season and next and leave with our best wishes to a higher level. As above I really doubt the calibre of team he’ll get a move to this January or in the summer
  3. Very comfortable win. Said before, I expect us to finish clear in third
  4. Says on RedTV interview with Mcinnes that they had always planned with SFA to get him back after the Czech game for a weeks prep with the club for the United game on Sat. Good news
  5. Think should work out fine for him. The recruitment team will have likely signed him, not the manager
  6. Leigh signing gives a load of flexibility to the squad, including allowing to play Hayes elsewhere
  7. My fear with Wright is that is a vicious cycle. You need to keep giving him games right now to keep his confidence up. The games up if after a strong start to the season we dump him on the bench and he is reduced to 15 minutes here and there
  8. Scott Wright needs persevered with, not dropped. Has been excellent this season in general.
  9. I really like McGeough, again found it odd he got about a minute last night tho. Ojo can go, Main might go, I’d keep Campbell til Jan
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