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  1. Pretty sure you're correct, that was my immediate thought when I saw the photo. Used to live near him.
  2. Has Posties/Sandpoint ever been considered as an option?
  3. Young Sons getting a slot on football focus today.
  4. Did you expect a mid table League 1 side to come out and play any other way?
  5. Mentioned this to Busby in the Waverley once and said we should have won, I thought he was going to hit me!!
  6. No, it was an abysmal attempt at a pass from the other centre half that let us in for the third.
  7. In Duffy we trust! Really positive performance today. No real failures, impressed by all the trialists', a couple of great finishes.
  8. Far too fit, reliable and committed to be playing for our team of half fit crocks!
  9. JD waiting for some positive news early next week.
  10. Our first encounter with the "Gorgie boot boys".
  11. Thought Grant Adam was getting a mention, SA pals with Charlie apparently.
  12. Wrong thread I know but game v TNS showing as 3pm KO Saturday 17th Feb on SPFL website.
  13. Stevie was less than pleased with him after Dunfermline game, reading between the lines, let's hope we don't have a "Mark Brown" situation going on.
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