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  1. Can you swap "mediation" for "medication" in your well constructed post please. Thank You
  2. Superb Sons, brilliant day, Stenny & Rose dropping points too.
  3. Gemmell to be appointed as 3rd Kitman??
  4. It's the deposit for the flat that'll kill you.
  5. You will never get a better chance to see a town even worse than Dumbarton. I believe the weather is to be dry on Saturday too,. Do it.
  6. I think we opened last season with a 3-0 win. I wish that we pressed on and scored more yesterday, but 2-0 will do nicely.
  7. I have never seen so many middle aged men in replica Sons shirts Great to see
  8. I've yet to see any trick(s) from Orsi tbh. Maybe dropping to League 2 level he'll become a revelation
  9. Great result, saves us the annual wooden spoon. Hopefully gives us, Farrell and the players a little bit of confidence, only 2 weeks until the League starts.
  10. Or the severance cash to bin Farrell
  11. I know It's a central belt peculiarity
  12. Fair play to Pitch Teamwear/DumbartonDirect, ordered a shirt for a family member that lives away and the shirt arrived within 3 days.
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