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  1. Spot on. The negligence of our pitch is all on the DFC board.
  2. I certainly have, hopefully more will too. Doubt I'll get a reply
  3. The person (ex Chairman Steele) who appointed his golfing pal as our groundsman has long gone, anyone with any nous at the Club would have binned this current clown who lives in Ayrshire, which is really fucking handy, and reached out to Dumbarton Rock again, but that's sadly not how these muppets do things. Reap what you sow as they say
  4. Rangers ground staff are usually at the stadium on a Monday doing work if the wee B team have played at the Rock that weekend. Probably do more than our clown tbh.
  5. It's been glorious sunshine all day in Dumbarton. Our groundsman is a joke mate, he should know his pitch, checked the weather forecast and covered the strip of pitch shadowed by the stand, on Sunday perhaps. He probably played 9 holes of golf earlier and had his dinner disturbed by a phone call regarding a possible issue with the pitch for tonight.
  6. Get that utter clownshoes of a groundsman in the bin, he only got the job as he was Steele's pal. I've never seen a more disinterested looking employee on matchdays. Dumbarton Rock would have been down there all day getting that park playable for tonight.
  7. Gregor Buchanan's 150th appearance for us tonight Another glorious header like the one at Stranraer on Saturday would be lovely big man
  8. Well it's to be sunny through the day, reaching 5 or 6 centigrade tomorrow and falling to 0 around kick off time, should be ok I'd hope. Definitely hoping it'll be on, we've played well past 2 games, should be a good game and a good crowd.
  9. I know you are trying to lull us into a false sense of security....but thanks anyway
  10. If only you had taken that 55 hour round trip to Stranraer, you could have witnessed a bit of history yesterday.
  11. Easy win Looked really solid Onto Tuesday
  12. Get in there, nice finish by McLean All Sons just now
  13. Started brightly, got a bit scrappy, we had a nice ball into the box free header missed. Stranraer hit the bar there, tough game
  14. Probably start with Tuesday's XI then, tough venue for us at times, but dig in like the other night and we'll hopefully be hard to beat.
  15. Stair Park would be quite overwhelming for you, I fear.
  16. Excellent win, worked our socks off, Peter Grant played well, looks a right good signing for us. Well done Sons
  17. From the Boghead years, goalkeeper Lawrie Williams, more recently big Nade.
  18. Young Gray can be a game changer, as seen today & earlier this season, great pace & runs himself into the ground for the full 90. He's a credit to himself & the team.
  19. A cracking goalkeeper, 7 caps for Scotland, a respected coach & a UEFA Cup Final appearance. R I P Billy
  20. Probably a fair result, we looked very comfortable, played some good stuff after halftime. No real harm done with Stirling drawing too, thought we had a penalty shout. Reports of Stenny being a footballing force have been greatly exaggerated.
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