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  1. Good result, happy with that, especially with Buchanan missing. Tricky venue, sloping bog of a pitch, and other results went our way.
  2. Thanks, bit of a strange one that. A matchday bar income loss can't be doing the club any good.
  3. Why's that? Surely it was a decent money earner for Rose?
  4. No reason we can't continue this decent run, a tight ground, sloping pitch & good home crowd will make things difficult though. Looking forward to revisiting their cracking social club. Rose 0 Sons 2 (Wallace, Wylde) X
  5. Ryan Blair has been poor for a few weeks now, some of his passes & decision making today were crap. Heartwarming to read that you give Greg Wylde a tad of credit though, where I was sitting I thought his 'bizarre goal' was a lovely, placed shot from the edge of the box finding the bottom corner of the onion bag, giving the keeper no chance. 3 vital goals in 4 games now from stand-in Greggy, is quite impressive.
  6. Entertaining game, on another day we might have taken the 3 points but credit to Forfar, took their chances. Thought Orsi had another decent game, we played some nice football at times. A good attendance too.
  7. With a fiver off, we may well need to open a section in the away end for home fans as the home crowd has been great this season.
  8. Since getting horsed at Forthbank, when we went baws oot & tried all out attack, Farrell seems to have realised that mistake & now we sit deep (which isn't pretty at times) and counter attack which has paid dividends big time. More of the same please
  9. Aye, guy from ReMax sponsors/subsidises the bus this season. I went to nearly every away game last season, usually on the bus, occasionally car or train. Crazy stop-offs to pick up 3 or 4 folk at Buchanan St Glasgow pissed me right off though, adding an hour onto the trip to the likes of Peterhead. Bonkers
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