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  1. Minks dropping their disposable face masks everywhere.
  2. The Adventures of Roderick Random by Tobias Smollett.
  3. Reign of Fire (2002) Seen this when it first came out in the cinema. Dragons have taken over the planet & scorched the earth, small pockets of humans fight back. Even the director admitted the idea of this movie was daft, but it really works (even with Gerard Butler in it) 😀 A cracking film. Great visuals, scenery and effects. 8/10
  4. What exactly is a vegatable naan? Naan with a filling of minced garlic, onion, coriander, mint, chilli, spices & the occasional pea.
  5. Chicken Bhoona and a vegetable naan 😍
  6. The Divide (2011) A handful of people shelter in the basement of their apartment building after a nuclear explosion. Things deteriorate rapidly, a look at the breakdown of human dynamics amongst a group of people trying to survive. The film has some pretty disturbing moments. Recommended 8/10
  7. Sorry to hear that. It's a sore one. When our last Grey passed on we held off......for a whole 2 weeks, we just had to fill the empty space.
  8. War of The Worlds (2005) Decent enough, great action & special effects. The ending is a bit sugary but a big part of this adaptation was about a dysfunctional dad connecting with his kids. 7/10
  9. I like "Asset on the ground" former bounty hunter Lenny DePaul 😀 Thing is, some of the tales the team are getting from folks in South America might be quite credible, maybe not for Hitler but other Nazi's certainly.
  10. Destroyer (1943) WWII flag-waver starring Edward G Robinson as Steve "boley" Boleslavski, a retired US Navy officer now working in shipyards. On hearing that his old battleship, the John Paul Jones has been sunk by the Japanese, a new one is commissioned, built & Boley pleads to serve in the Navy again. Desperate to prove himself, he is back on board where he starts annoying the young crew with his over enthusiasm & old school ways. Glenn Ford & Edward G clash as they compete for each other's Navy rank & also Boley's daughter. A great movie, it may well leave you with a tear in your eye. 9/10
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