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  1. DFC have still to announce any plans for away fans next week. Surely it'll be ok, would like to think so.
  2. A fine win for us at Cumbernauld whilst Airdrie lost by a reverse of our scoreline at home v Montrose. Will Stevie Farrell stick with a winning line-up? Will our pitch be ok in time? Welcome back Sir Ian. Please feel free to discuss either sides prospects in this upcoming clash.
  3. For sure. Just imagine...2 wins on the spin for The Sons, one can dream. Fingers crossed
  4. With Airdrie losing heavily at home today, it would be great to replicate our showing today, next week. Our pitch though.
  5. Will do Tam. Signing Robert Jones is a clear sign that you guys need a managerial change.
  6. ^^^seething Sometimes a picture can say more than any words
  7. Genuinely can't believe Clyde signed R Jones & moved GoodDick wide. More please Sons
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