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  1. Just heading back from Balmoor, aye the conditions were awful but were the same for both sides. That's right up there with the worst Ive seen Sons play, at 1-0 down we took charge for around 20 minutes or so, when it went 2-0 we gave up. Hope it's just a blip as things have been looking promising. Thank f**k we've got a carry out for the road back
  2. Carlo Pignatiello is an absolute baller. Centrocampista
  3. Did you go to the game Dougie? Surely with it being in your backyard you went along to cheer on The Sons? What end were you in? Was Bairnardo sat on your knee?
  4. Fair enough Gaz, you'll certainly know more than me. McKinnon was an absolute cock though.
  5. Raymond McKinnon was your worst move ever, a guy who blamed defeat on our pitch after we beat his Dundee United side.
  6. A decent result for ACR Messina v Palermo, 1-1 in Seria C. For some reason the match was played at Luigi Razza Stadia, home of Vibonese Calcio, on the Italian mainland?? Balde opens the scoring for Messina
  7. An 8-goal thriller in ACR Messina's first match in Serie C since last season's promotion. Paganese 4-4 Messina Highlights (for anyone interested) should be on ACR's facebook Up next for Messina it's a Sicilian derby v Palermo at the San Fillippo next weekend
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