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  1. Our owners put zero into DFC, in fact they'd love to see our demise and sell the land for housing. Our fans, Chairman along with well-meaning sponsors & the SonsTrust help keep us going.
  2. Aye, or they'll stand in the kitchen and ask "do we need salad stuff or cheese" (or whatever) 😠 Just bloody look
  3. Excellent ratio of caramel to shortbread. 👍 Looks glorious
  4. Just try & get yourself up when you wake around 8.30, I honestly know that can be hard when you are feeling low, but a routine can be a big help. I've had depression 25 years, some days I don't want to get up, but I make myself get up, then other days I'm manic, up early, out with dog, washing on, vacuuming, cooking etc, routine is key, as hard as it is.
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