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  1. Jeez, Drew Busby landlord of well known local pub The Waverley died. Scored Third Lanark's last ever league goal at Boghead.
  2. It's noticeable how our midfield deteriorated when Hutton left, he was able to do the simple stuff, break up play, easy passes etc. Not always easy on the eye but very effective.
  3. I'm not so sure, I mean we are still handing out 2yr deals to players - Ryan Wallace. I think Farrell's in wi the bricks down there.
  4. Not surprised at all. To think Farrell offered Boyle a player/coach role for next season too. Scary The best I seen of Paton was his peach of a cross onto a headed goal for us at Edinburgh in the play-off.
  5. Every possibility, and if so fair play to them.
  6. Absolute beauties. Well done to all concerned in choosing those strips. No sponsor on them too
  7. Maybe out with his Da tracking down fans that critiqued his performances....
  8. Hello, if the match had been on a saturday it would have been easier for folk to go down, but couple that with us being in turmoil at the moment, with a crap manager, turnout may not be that good sadly. All the best
  9. Looks like we are following Brechin's trajectory too.
  10. The social club at the ground is excellent, (not so) fond memories of seeing The Sons play Rose in the Cup a few years back. Good luck for the season.
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