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  1. You are even replying to your own posts Daddy.
  2. Just a pity Wylde and Bronsky were unavailable today, never know we may have nicked it or extra time at least.
  3. Hard lines Clydebank, great run in the cup, just met an Annan side in good form.
  4. McLean can get to f**k, his indiscipline this season is ridiculous. Not hard to see why Queen's were happy to let him go, a pity as he started this season well for us.
  5. Spot on. It was good to see a load of youngsters at the game on Saturday.
  6. Wylde, Pignatiello, big Joshua & McLean were good today. Decent enough crowd in too, well done the youngsters bringing their drum back. We're not great but East Fife are dire.
  7. It starts getting dark around 3.30pm, probably no got enough 50p's to power up the floodlights.
  8. I enjoyed 'Walter Smith - A life in Football' on BBC 1 Scotland. A nice tribute with contributions from Tommy Burns' son, Sir Alex, Wayne Rooney etc.
  9. Another fairly obscure one I have @philpy CSKA Sofia (sponsor free)
  10. A walking advertisement philpy Safe to say I've never worn it for 5-a sides never mind down the pub.
  11. Given we are barely attracting 300-400 in the home end I doubt it'll be a problem
  12. A few weeks away from entering our 125th year & not a peep from DFC about any sort of celebration is pretty poor.
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