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  1. Since we seem to have gone a bit international now. I used to work on cruise ships and the ships football team used to occasionally play at a ground in Acapulco which doubled up as a Baseball pitch. It had the pitchers mound and bases in one corner of the football pitch!
  2. Expect some tabloid papers to start printing some scandalously stories about her soon or ask for a boycott of her records as some sort of punishment for the island’s treasonous behaviour!
  3. Is the Oak Stand not at Luton. You practically walk through someone’s back garden to get to it.
  4. We could have a truly Federal Scotland with other regional capitals at the historically ones, Dunfermline, Dumbarton, Perth , Etc. The Kingdom of Fife could fully come into existence again with Sammy the Tammy the new monarch. [emoji6]
  5. I am sure it was during the summer holidays otherwise I am certain my Dad would have taken me along to the final. I remember being quite impressed that Aberdeen held two trophies at the same time having won the league a few months earlier. It was to become the norm in the next 6 years.
  6. It’s almost directly on the equator I think and also has tropical rainfall nearly every day as well.
  7. Went for a short walk yesterday past John Knox Pulpit, round West Lomond and then back past the Bunnett Stone. On the walk along side the road back to the car park we were stopped by a group of young ladies with their kids who asked ‘where is the mountain?’ It wasn’t till they mentioned the waterfall I realised that they meant John Knox Pulpit and they had turned the wrong way when leaving the car park. Thankfully it’s paths all the way as I wouldn’t have fancied their chances if they had to walk ‘off piste’
  8. If I was near Kirkcaldy or Glenrothes I would be fearful for my life as well!
  9. Seen this review of Ben Nevis doing the rounds. WTF!
  10. Looks like the Mogg boys are sporting their retro Hearts away strips.
  11. I see the Moggies are being sent back to school in the mid 80s Hearts away strips.
  12. Would that be the same Scandinavia that consists of the Independent country’s of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Each one fiercely independent but also happy to be classified as Scandinavian. Even after Indy, inhabitants of these islands will still be British, just not politically.
  13. I watched this earlier today and felt disgusted by it. I would like to know what hotel allows people to ‘legally’ enter it so they can go round knocking on all the doors. It may have terrified some of the people in there who are probably fleeing from situations overseas that we have been responsible in causing and a knock on the door can be something that is dreaded. It is a sad reflection of the UK today that some people have been so brainwashed that they see asylum seekers as such a problem. If they are such concerned taxpayers as they state I suggest that they look at the tax avoidance and evasion that’s going on as the real scandal in these islands. I wonder why they don’t!
  14. Then they passed it on to Northern Britain in 1967!
  15. There may have been a campaign to strip him of his British Citizenship!
  16. Saw this on Facebook earlier. I am trying to remember the time when Britain won the World Cup!
  17. I am not able to work from home as in the care sector but I always wondered if the reduced commuting costs would compensate for any increase in energy bills from having to work at home?
  18. The thing is a lot of English see no actual difference between England and the U.K. to many they are one and the same thing and don’t seem to understand when anyone from the ‘fringe nations’ point this out to them. It is the Scots or Welsh who have the ‘chips on their shoulders’! I still often have to correct my English wife when she refers to things like for example the Olympics team as English and she has lived here for 20 years and would vote yes in the next referendum. I wouldn’t surprise me if many in England still used the Union Flag even if all the other Celtic nations became independent. They would still probably sing Rule Britannia as well without any hint of irony(if they are allowed to [emoji23]).
  19. I am not sure how it would all pan out. Having lived down south and being married to an English girl many of her ilk don’t seem to know where England stops and Britain starts. They often say one when they actually mean the other. To the English The U.K. has always been England with a few celtic attachments. Just look at what National Anthem the English football team uses. It’s also only from around Euro 96 when football came home the the flag of St George overtook the Union Flag as the colours of choice for English football fans.
  20. I only had the pleasure of working on the QE2 for a few years in the 90s They never had these beers onboard in my day but serve them on the Cunard ships now. I saw them on an ex-crew FB page and managed to order some from the brewery in Salisbury. They probably have excess lying around just now. Did your dad go on about his time onboard like I do to my kids?
  21. Waiting for me at home when I finish my shift.
  22. I know it’s the current bun, but I would seriously be more worried about the quality of the security that he has if it can’t be guaranteed in some remote part of Scotland. What a load of bulls***te.
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