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  1. If the Royal Navy are unable to stop wee dinghies coming over the channel what hope do they have against fishing boats. Does the navy even have the capability or ships to do this any more. How long till we see Farage with a ‘Dunkirk’ style fleet of little boats ready to go out and defend our waters.
  2. I have given up arguing with people like that as they will not be won over. I had one reply that it’s because we are all part of the ‘British family’. They were also stating that Scotland was too poor to do it alone. When I listed other countries that were smaller and were independent including some Baltic states, the reply I got was ‘they all have their own central banks’ As if there is something that will prevent Scotland from setting one up when we become independent again.
  3. I was born and brought up in Dunfermline but my Dad was a Dons fan and as soon as I was old enough used to take me to some of the away games nearby. This was in the late 70s and despite the Pars having been a top side a decade before everyone at my primary school seemed to support Rangers or Celtic. The only other Dons fans were from families with links to the North East. By the mid 80s there were a few more kids wearing red tops in the area, but some never went to any games and were obviously jumping on the Fergie bandwagon. I would also go along to EEP with friends from school from time to time as this was the start of Leishmania in West Fife and it was a lot easier to just turn up for the occasional game and see who was in the regular spot on the terraces. I never took to either side of the Old Firm as I couldn’t understand why the fans of the clubs seem to prefer to show how British or Irish they were and not celebrate their Scottishness. It has almost gone full circle for me now as despite my best efforts my boys are all Pars fans and I have had a season ticket for the last few years. The Dons are still my team though and my boys will also occasionally come to a game in the granite city if asked.
  4. Hello darkness my old friend! I’ve come to talk with you again.
  5. Hay Custard and Wood Ants! [emoji51]
  6. My son and some of his pals have booked up a couple of apartments in Hackney (where about in London is that Dad? 🤦🏻‍♂️) They haven’t got tickets yet, just going down for the atmosphere. There are 8 going but it has room for 14 so Dad may have to go as well to keep an eye on them! [emoji6]
  7. They must be using all the counters that have been fired by Vegas casinos for being too slow!
  8. I worked on the world greatest ocean liner in the 90s. En route to Hamburg from Southampton for a refit the SBS raided the ship to do a practice. All the passengers has disembarked so there was only crew on. I think the Captain and ships security were aware in advance but none of the rest of the crew were. I slept through the whole thing and didn’t find out about it till the next day when I saw all these guys going round the ship with sub machine guns! They then spent the rest of the trip getting pissed in the crew bar.
  9. This weeks Podlitical podcast with Prof Curtis is worth a listen. He summed up BJ saying he is not one for details and always over promising, therefore almost setting himself up to fail. Looks like he will never learn.
  10. It’s depressing isn’t it. But that’s what years of the gutter press and dumbing down of the media and culture in general have done. I like to think we have a slightly more politically astute population in Scotland and feel that the 2014 referendum at least got people here to engage more with politics.
  11. They seem to be quite popular on Twitter tonight as well!
  12. The biggest fear I have about Independence is who we will have to negotiate the break up of the Union with. We have seen that Westminster is prepared to break international law so how would we be able to trust anything they say or do.
  13. You do know that British bombing killed more in Hamburg during one raid than died from Luftwaffe bombing in the U.K. during the whole war. But we were the ‘good guys’ so I suppose that was acceptable!
  14. It’s not just the Tories, it’s an unhealthy British/English obsession with the fact ‘we’ won the war and don’t let the world forget it. I am not saying standing up to the Nazis was not something to be proud of but we did have a little help from the Empire, USA, USSR and ironically ‘refugees’ from occupied countries. Until we can start to look forwards instead of backwards then we are destined to live in an ever repeating cycle of Spitfires and Vera Lynn songs.
  15. The truth is that it is a sensible mix of the two that can fix this. If only there were sensible politicians brave enough to see this.
  16. Liverpool will be in serious trouble with the authorities after they have breached the COVID-19 guidelines today and allowed 7 to get in!
  17. Did the Hi-Hi not finish 3rd in the top flight in the early 60s.
  18. Has Papa New Guinea been mentioned yet. I used to work on cruise ships so it’s probably cheating a bit. The ships football team played a local side in PNG. One of the opposition was only wearing one boot. We asked if he had lost one but he replied ‘No I just happened to find this one!’ Also been to Fiji and when we went to play a football team there the other team had 15 players and no goalie due to a wee mixup with the port agent. It was an interesting match!
  19. As an Aberdeen fan of a certain vintage I am glad that Morton are not being mentioned much. I still get the fear thinking about trips to Cappielow.
  20. Tygers of Pan Tang supported by Magnum at Ayr pavilion sometime in the early 80s.
  21. I don’t know about the rest of the country but there seems no joined up thinking when Park and Rides set up. There are two by the M90 north of the Forth. At Inverkeithing the East Coast mainline runs through and it also branches off for the Fife circle but rather than place the P&R by this and create a transport hub linking bus and rail together it is at Ferrytoll about a mile away. Then at Halbeath there is a Park and Ride that has the railway line running to the north of its car park but the nearest station is either Dunfermline or Cowdenbeath. How difficult can it be to have a fully joined up transport infrastructure. And don’t get me started on the lack of linked ticketing that could allow you to use the bus or the trains!
  22. At least the football pitch looks flat. The one I played on had the raised pitching mound near the edge of the penalty box. It was a nightmare playing at left back! [emoji23]
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