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  1. Shame Bowie is no longer with us. ‘Ground control to Captain Tom!’
  2. Predictably it has to be the 80s. After the disappointment of losing two league cup finals in 79 I finally got to see the Dons win the title at Easter Road in 1980. Cup Finals day in May started to be taken for granted and Europe’s finest also started to fall at our feet. It was also a time when I moved on from going to the games with my Dad to going with my pals. Things could also get a bit ‘tasty’ on the terraces and outside the ground in those days. Moving down to London to work in the late 80s opened up a possibility of going to see a different team every week. In those days you could just turn up at grounds on the day, all ticket games were the exception. Living in South London I was also able to see Wimbledon and Palace both reach Cup Finals. In 1990 I followed the National team to the World Cup before going off to work on cruise ships in July that year. By the time I gave that up in 98 football had totally changed.
  3. Other than the Unionist Parties in Ulster. Has there ever been a party in Eire advocating reunification with the U.K.?
  4. Done. When do my UBI payments start then! [emoji6]
  5. I am an Aberdeen fan, do you really need me to tell you! [emoji23]
  6. I have been lucky enough to witness the Dons glory years in the early/mid 80s before moving down south and watching both local teams Wimbledon and Palace play in FA Cup finals. I would love to have been of age in the 60s to have seen my hometown team winning cups and playing in Europe.
  7. Correct me if I have got this wrong, but did the EU not just attempt to trigger a clause in the deal that they had agreed with the U.K. Whereas the U.K. last year threatened to disregard part of a treaty they had previously agreed with the EU therefore breaking international law at the time. I am not saying that what the EU were doing was right, just that it is a bit hypocritical of the usual British media portrayal of Johnny Foreigner bad.
  8. You have got to remember that everything bad about Brexit will be the EUs fault and any problems as a result of Scotland going independent will be because of the Scots. It is never England’s fault!
  9. Surely they can let all the supporters of both these clubs into Hampden for the final and not be breaking any social distancing guidelines. [emoji6]
  10. I got the vaccine last week. I work in social care so all our front line staff have been offered it. I have also got an appointment made for the second dosage in April.
  11. Just got a flyer from the Tories today. I counted 14 mentions of a referendum. I get the feeling that they are slightly obsessed with having one!
  12. Ask a Tory voter today these questions: 1. Name one Tory policy which materially benefits you personally. 2. Name one Labour party policy which will make your personal life worse. My mother in law in deepest Tory Sussex is always praising Mr Brown for giving her free bus travel, then proceeds to vote Tory at every election without the slightest hint of irony.
  13. What happens if you say to the barman/woman ‘and have one yourself’. Would they only be allowed to have 80% of the drink and then have to send the other 20% to HMRC.
  14. I remember my first experience of ‘exotic’ food back in the 70s was a vesta curry.
  15. This clapping can GTF! I work in care myself and my wife is a student nurse but I find the whole thing very patronising, with politicians and celebrities eager to use it as a photo opportunity. It is almost as bad as poppy time with people trying to outdo each other with the noise they can make to show that they care about the NHS more than the next person. My wife was once unable to speak with her mum on the phone(they live on the south coast) as her dad advised ‘she is outside banging some pots and pans together just now!’ Guess who she voted for as well. Has Captain Tom started walking round his garden again as well yet?
  16. The new BBC chairman seems as though he will be continuing its left wing bias!
  17. Did there not used to be a roadside sign by the A90 just north of Forfar saying ‘You are now entering P&J country’
  18. We sometimes had the pleasure of the ex PM at my boys games as one of his kids played in the same age group but for another team. I overheard him complimenting one of my lads goals once but that still doesn’t make up for his views on the union in my opinion.
  19. And yet as we have seen over the last few weeks, EU countries do still and always have had control over their borders.
  20. I feel privileged to have been alive at the time he was Utd manager though as a Dons fan probably didn’t fully appreciate it at the time. It’s hard to believe that both McLean and Ferguson turned down the Rangers job in 83 as they had better chances of silverware and European success staying where they were. My sympathies go out to all Arabs and his family at this time.
  21. I don’t think the Herald has ever been the same since we lost Ian Bell. His Column was the main reason I used to buy it. I don’t buy any print media now unless I need something to start a bonfire or dry out my walking boots.
  22. The U.K. and US didn’t get what they voted for! Only 43% voted Tory but they got an 80 seat majority and Trump actually lost the popular vote in 2016 but only won because of the electoral college. It is the electoral system that need fixed in these countries. You could also ask how you can have a true democracy when the media and means of informing the public are held by a few mega rich.
  23. That will be Manston Airfield near Broadstairs in Kent. Am I the only person who thinks it is just a coincidence that BJ announced the deal in the middle of the afternoon on Christmas Eve when most of the country is on the build up to what limited festivities they can have this year. I am almost surprised he didn’t do the announcement in a Santa outfit though he did manage a Brussel Sprouts quip in it. It leaves almost no time for any proper scrutiny of the deal by Parliament. Why do I get the feeling that’s how he had planned it all along.
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