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  1. Why not just have some one at the turnstile to assist with the issues like they have to do anyway? Can't see what was wrong with the old system but if they don't sort it out they will put people off going. Still the crowds are soaring this season using the new Celtic counting system!!!
  2. Turnstile issues again, had to scan my season card about 5 times before it was accepted!!!!
  3. Every team has an element of boo boys,moaners and idiots in their support but I would rather they were following their local team than the bigot brothers. Back to the match. If Falkirk could shoot on target they may have taken more than a draw. Poor discipline from the Pars and AJ should have made the changes earlier. I didn't speak to many pars fans prior to the match who were confident despite the Bairns form. Still Hampden here we come.
  4. Perhaps Hamilton would have a bigger budget if the people of the town supported their team rather than the ugly sisters. Fair play to those who do and well done yesterday.
  5. Aberdeen, Hearts & Hibs all getting good crowds, three crowds of over 5k in 'the championship' last weekend, Scottish football would thrive without the OF not die.
  6. See the Sunday papers have Rodgers touting Mcinnes for the Scotland job. Remind me who Celtic are playing next?
  7. Always thought it was strange building it there as you can buy them in the Scotmid about 50 yards away.
  8. It was the same at the Falkirk game. A lot of fans missed the goals due to the delays getting in.
  9. It can't be the early 80s with that crowd, they only got a few hundred in those days.
  10. On the service bus heading over quite a few other Pars fans onboard. 20 minutes late due to traffic on the bridge.
  11. It was really a tongue in cheek remark as certain teams always seem to have home draws in the cups
  12. Why not make the 4 teams who have qualified for Europe have the away draws and the four teams who have qualified via the groups the home draws, or do I really need to ask?
  13. Just been to Coniston v Cartmel. Lovely ground and ideal for a Dons fan as there were fields of sheep on 3 sides of the ground!G]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170721/e7a5f3fadec5f1e41df35bca78489ae9.jpg[/img]
  14. Did Mount Keen from the South side last week and only saw 8 other people on the whole walk. Did the 'Old Man of Coniston' in the Lake District yesterday and it must have been nearer 800 other folk on the hill.
  15. Another GE soon? The majority of the public are suffering from voter fatigue and probably would not look forward to it. Does anyone else feel that the country(UK) is being set up for right wing or military take over( for security sake of course). With the military being placed on the streets due to police cuts was that just to get us used to the idea? Boris or Nigel to be the political face of it to save the country in this time of crisis.
  16. Look like Brown forgot he wasn't playing for the hoops today!!!!
  17. I bumped into a couple of Buddies in central Glasgow after the Cup Final yesterday, commiserated on how close we had come. Sound guys , all the best for next season (except at East End)
  18. Been up since five and only coming from Fife. Looking forward to the game we have nothing to lose. COYR
  19. Sorry to see Raith go down, if the Bairns go up will Alloa be the derby match at EEP next season.
  20. 18 Years ago today Scotland won 1-0 in Germany with a Don Hutchison goal. My first son was also born. He is now old enough to drink and has never seen Scotland qualify for a major championship. How long will he have to wait?
  21. Was not keen on Big Sam when he took over from Pardew but I suppose he had done OK!!!
  22. QEII is the monarch the QE2 is a ship. though I would vote for a party that would bring her back from Dubai to Scotland!
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