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  1. Judy Murray would be the ideal first President. We could make it a hereditary position but have a tennis match to decide which son succeeds her!
  2. It’s on the Maygate, it’s called The Caledonian Craft Beer Merchant.
  3. 18.6 % Imperial Stout. A special order at the Craft Beer shop in Dunfermline. Worth a visit if you are in the area. They also have a small on sales room in the evening as well now.
  4. Was Liz not also crowned Queen in Edinburgh with the Scottish regalia as well as in Westminster. We could always call her Queen Elizabeth the First of Scots after Independence and then go for a President after that. Someone like Billy Connelly or Andy Murray, internationally known and not a politician.
  5. With the rain this morning I was surprised it actually started. I had been looking forward to seeing the finish as it was practically going past my house. Typically it was sunny by the time it had been due to be in Dunfermline.
  6. Just watched the sports section on Reporting Scotland this evening. Do they mention a 5-0 win by a Scottish team in Europe last night? Do they go to East End to preview and promote a game BBC are covering? No, it’s all will ‘They’ win the league again or can we expect a challenge from ‘them’. FFS guys there are 42 senior clubs in this country not 2 !!!!!!!!!
  7. Just watched the sports section on Reporting Scotland this evening. Do they mention a 5-0 win by a Scottish team in Europe last night? Do they go to East End to preview and promote a game BBC are covering? No, it’s all will ‘They’ win the league again or can we expect a challenge from ‘them’. FFS guys there are 42 senior clubs in this country not 2!!!!!!!!
  8. Ah, but it’s the biggest game in the world with its ‘special’ atmosphere!!!!!
  9. I would not be at all surprised if keeping subs in Faslane for a while became part of any deal/arrangement post Indy. The Brits do not have a great record in the way they have let some countries have their independence in the past. You just have to look at the Indian sub continent and Ireland for the mess we/they left there.
  10. I am correct in thinking this was Porterfields first defeat as Dons manager?
  11. Exactly, but if Pittodrie can have a better atmosphere than they have experienced in ‘the best league in the world’ how sterile must the atmosphere be down there? I used to follow Palace when I lived in London and Selhurst had one of the worst atmospheres of any ground I went to. Now they are being lauded as having one of the best. Imagine what Burnley fans would have thought of a rocking Tynecastle, Easter Road or even the ugly sisters if you can look past the ‘party songs’
  12. I agree. They continue to hype their game up but it is has become a rich owners plaything and a lot of the grounds of the top clubs are now full of day trippers rather than true supporters. I have experience of watching a lot of English football in the late 80s and being a football fan down there was almost the equivalent of being a drug dealer. Cages at grounds, Police escorts at away grounds and always the threat of major violence breaking out. Teams like Chelsea and Man City were playing in the second tier(it was still called Division 2 in those days) and getting crowds a fraction of the worldwide support they have now. In fact many top flight Scottish clubs got higher crowds than those in the English Div 1. This was the era of Wimbledon and Luton who had a smaller average crowd than the Pars at the time. The turning point was the 1990 World Cup and Gazzas tears. It became cool to be a football fan again the Premier League soon followed and the rest is history as they say. I feel we have missed a trick by trying too much to emulate or neighbours south of the border. The all seater rule killed the atmosphere in a lot of grounds and rows of empty seats look a lot worse on TV than empty terraces making our game look even more tinpot. However all is not so rosy down south, witnesses Burnley fans compliment the atmosphere at Pittodrie last season compared with games in the EPL. Our game may not be the best in the world but it is ours and we should celebrate all that is good about it. It would be a help if our football authorities also ran the game for all our clubs and not just two of them.
  13. So do you think the Leave campaign had any plan other the current omnishambles we find ourselves in?
  14. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I can also remember the Pars filling the away ends at Easter Road and Tynecastle for cup games back in the 80s. Must have been about 6-8000 on the ‘good old’ uncovered terraces.
  15. There was just over 1k at the Edinburgh City game last Saturday and I would say about 80-85% of the crowd appeared to be Pars fans. I would hope some were Pars fans who support Liverpool as their English team. I heard that Scotrail also ran additional coaches from Aberdeen. This caused some ire up there as they hadn’t done so last season when the Dons were playing at Hampden.
  16. Do the SFA or SPFL not have a say if football games are arranged to be played in Scotland? Especially when there are already competitive games being played the same day. Maybe the SFA will have a masterplan now and invite the Rugby European Champions to play an exhibition game at Hampden. Given their organisational skills I have every confidence it would be a huge success!!!
  17. It’s is a shame then that we don’t have a national football stadium that could accommodate that then. I don’t know about hundreds of Scottish games that could have sold the same maybe the occasional game between the ugly sisters and Possibly the ‘salt n sauce’ cup final as well. The Dandies could also have sold more tickets for the 2014 league cup but the authorities would rather have empty seats due to segregation issues at that game. As for the National team, possibly the recent game against the ‘Auld Enemy’ and the Italy game spring to mind as demand outstripping the capacity.
  18. The fact that this was the largest crowd for a football match in this country for about 30 years and it not only didn’t contain any Scottish teams but was played at the national rugby stadium should make the footballing authorities in this country hang their head in shame. However it could be counter argued that there is a market out there if the product is right!!!
  19. I wonder if this will be his speech when he comes here on Monday?
  20. In those days they could often take more fans to an away match than they would get at castle greyskull. One of my favourite memories way the loyal fans screaming for the head of the ‘greatest ger ever’ as the Dandies went 3-0 up. ( that’s those who were still in the ground).
  21. Heard similar from a guy phoning radio Scotland this morning. He said we need the English and the money they give us from the Barnett formula!!’n If we are such a drain on them why not give us our independence? Or is the oil,electricity and water, that we have a factor?
  22. I am still trying to figure out if the buffoon act is an act or just the cuddly public persona to fool the media and Tory members to vote for him. Something that will be focused on instead of the right wing agenda the country is in danger of adopting.
  23. So are EK going to win this group?
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