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  1. When I moved to London in the late 80s Chelsea were below Charlton, Wimbledon, QPR and Luton in league standings. They did appear to have a large potential support but only got about 12-13k at some home games. Football has changed so much since then and very little of it for the better. Perhaps I am looking at the past with a rose tinted view but football was more competitive and therefore more exciting in those days. A team like Leeds could get promoted and win the league a few seasons later. Even Palace managed to finish 3rd in 91.
  2. CPFC- The Zenith Data Systems Cup 1991. I am astounded that they were not invited to the ESL with a history like that.
  3. Perhaps apt that it happened when the nation is still officially in mourning so I feel I can now join in. They say these things normally happen in threes, so with Paul Ritter, Phil and now Ms McCrory perhaps Liz can relax a wee bit for now. Seriously though tragic to die so young, my thoughts are with Damien Lewis at this time.
  4. Apparently Ice Cream sellers are coming under pressure to change the name of their Ice Cream cone with a flake in it, as a mark of respect for the age of the Prince when he died!
  5. I only came close to the old guy once back in 1990. He was visiting the ship named after his Mrs when I was working onboard at the time. We were lined up as he walked through our department with the Captain and Ironically the person he stopped to have some ‘small talk’ with was a staunch republican from Belfast who had advised us previously that they had been present at Bobby Sands funeral. Unfortunately I was not privy to the conversation that they had.
  6. If I am honest I was more upset by the death of Paul Ritter earlier this week. A versatile actor and his role as the Dad in Friday Night Dinner was probably the last thing(other than football) that my whole family would watch and laugh at together. The fact he was only slightly older than myself made it even more tragic than a 99 year old from a privileged background.
  7. There will be a new challenge of how long you can last without sweating!
  8. If they cancel the Masterchef final tonight! [emoji35]
  9. Important questions now need answered. What happens to youngsters who are doing their Duke of Edinburgh awards? Does Edinburgh now get a new Duke, if so who? Does anyone really actually care?
  10. I have seen some people asking for Covid restrictions to be lifted so we can have a Diana style funeral! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. FND was one of the rare occasions that our family would watch and laugh at the same thing. Having teenage sons probably helped us relate to it as well. He was definitely the star of the show and the fact he was only a year older than myself make it even more tragic and scary.
  12. I dread to think what form the ‘education’ may take.
  13. I was working on the QE2 in the 90s when it made it first visit back to the Falklands since the 80s conflict when it had carried the troops down. I had expected some excitement from the islanders but they seemed not to care one bit. The squaddies that we met however were glad to see someone from the outside world and considered the locals to be a wee bit weird. The ships football team played an army team and after the game went to one of Port Stanley’s two pubs for a pint only to be told by the landlord that they didn’t open for another half hour and we would need to wait outside. This despite the fact we would probably spend more in the next hour than they normally took in a month. The locals were also known as Bennies due to the woollen hats they all wore similar to Benny from Crossroads.
  14. I take it that you have never stayed at a French campsite. It brought a whole new meaning to BYO!
  15. SNP/Green for me. I have voted for every major party (except one) during my voting life which started in the middle of the Thatcher years. But this one seems to be the most important of them all.
  16. I couldn’t have put it better myself. I have lived in England and have many friends and family down there. My wife is English and her parents are both life long Conservative voters, they are now finding it harder to argue against Indy as I only have to point them towards the PM and the shenanigans of his Government in Westminster.
  17. Ah the F word! The only way federalism would work in the U.K. would be to split England up into regions and I don’t think that there is much of an appetite for that down south. I would happily have taken Devo Max back in 2014 if it had been an option but now feel only independence will resolve the constitutional issue.
  18. It’s great seeing the meltdown from some folk(mainly with Union Flags in their profile) on Twitter about this. Probably the same people who had been out banging pots and pans every Thursday night a year ago.
  19. Seeing all this love for a ‘good’ Conservative reminds me of this quote from the late Iain Banks.
  20. Did writing; w**k w**k w**k Good guy w**k. Against all the names Not get accepted as voting once.
  21. What do you mean ‘getting to World Cups’ surely if Celtger colts are playing Brechin or Cowdenbeath then it’s only a matter of time till we actually win it! [emoji6]
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