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  1. I remember a certain Director at Aberdeen previously commenting the the two arse cheeks were like ‘ladies of the night’ lifting their skirts to any league that looked attractive to them. It seems that they are both perfectly willing to pimp out their kids as well! Shame on all the clubs that allowed this to happen. In my opinion it undermines the integrity of the game in this country just as much as the proposed European Super League did down south. It sends out a message that only two teams matter in this country (though many would argue that has been the case for years when you look at how the authorities and media pander to them)
  2. Is this the same Boris Johnson who would rather ‘die in a ditch’ and assured the DUP that there will be no border in the Irish Sea!
  3. Is this the same Boris Johnson who would rather ‘die in a ditch’ and assured the DUP that there will be no border in the Irish Sea!
  4. I am no fan of Ruth or the Tories, but she certainly showed more empathy than one of her parties fellow MSPs
  5. I am pretty sure it is designed to facilitate compulsory ID cards being introduced. If you don’t have a passport or drivers license the Govt will provide a free ID card so they can’t be accused of discriminating against people who can’t afford either of these. After a while it gets rolled out to the rest of the population and no one protests because it also doubles as a Covid passport.
  6. I am thinking of forming a Scottish Conservation and Onionist party for the next election on a policy of safeguarding rare vegetables. Do you think it will be approved! [emoji848]
  7. So the next ‘project fear’ will include you can’t use our language, never mind trying to share Sterling for a while! [emoji23]
  8. The Conservatives had once been wiped out in Scotland by the Westminster FPTP system. The PR of the Holyrood system allowed them to rebuild a representation here to levels where they are now the second party. If only Labour would realised that Independence may allow them a similar way start to win back their previous levels of support. Waiting on another U.K. Labour government for a chance to implement there policies looks like a non starter.
  9. Are we at war with France yet? Is this actually Brexit related? Were the Channel Islands ever part of the EU as I am sure I have been on ferries to Cherbourg that had signs saying Duty Free was only available on sailings to the Channel Isles.
  10. He did, but if you add up the Tory and Brexit Party/UKIP votes in the previous General Elections they were much higher than Labour polled. The joys of the FPTP system.
  11. It looks like all the Tory sleaze is affecting their support in the North East of England! [emoji848]
  12. If past form is anything to go by he would probably send Stanley to fill in for him!
  13. Though I am gutted my team went out yesterday. We have 5 teams left in the cup who will now all think they can win it. This is what football should be like! Is it just a coincidence that in the season no fans have been in the grounds neither of the gruesome twosome have made it to the semifinals of either cup competition?
  14. I am getting very confused here! Are the Daily Mail and Dominic Cummings the ‘good guys’ now? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  15. The only positive I can take from today is that the pubs are open again tomorrow so I can go and drown my sorrows!
  16. I think the game here could thrive without them. You would have a number of teams starting the season believing they could win the league rather thinking finishing 3rd was successful. Fans will come out to see successful teams actually playing for something. I have seen a bigger crowd at East End for the Pars playing Raith when both were going for promotion than the Pars got against the OF the following season. The only thing that could spoil it would be if they left colt teams.
  17. The only difference would be that fans of other clubs up here would be out protesting to make sure they left and had nothing more to do with the game up here, no colt teams left behind.
  18. Ah but hasn’t De Piffel singlehanded saved English football from those pesky Europeans who were trying to ruin our beautiful game with all their greedy ESL plans? [emoji6]
  19. Will be holding one for the European Super League this time! [emoji23]
  20. Saw a Chelsea fan on the BBC news saying that ‘it was all them Italians who were behind this and they only have a couple of teams and don’t have a football culture like we do in this country with clubs like Stoke!’ 🤷🏻‍♂️
  21. He’s looking to shore up his vote in the ‘red wall’ seats in the North of England. Expect a few embarrassing photo opportunities with him in the press soon.
  22. I am finding it rather tiresome with all the pundits and some politicians talking about greed having suddenly taking over the beautiful game. As someone who had been going to football since the late 70s and can remember a time in the 80s when football fans (probably more so when I lived in England) were treated with contempt by the media and society in general (think asylum seekers or Islamic fundamentalists these days) Football sold out to TV in the 90s and those chickens are finally coming home to roost. Those same people complaining about the ESL have been strangely silent previously as the majority of the teams in the ‘best league in the world’ became play things of the rich from all over the world. It was only a matter of time till something like this happened. In a way it is sad that the likes of my team Aberdeen will never likely play and beat teams like Bayern or Real again, but that has probably been true for a good many years now anyway.
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