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  1. Good luck with diplomatic relations with Israel and the Middle East from now on!
  2. I am almost certain the plan will be for a reformed Third Lanark to be parachuted into the top league. [emoji6] That is definitely what our game has been lacking for the last 50 or so years. [emoji848]
  3. Thanks, my second ever Scotland game at Hampden was against Israel (late 79s/early 80s) with my Dad. I was in the North Enclosure and could barely see the pitch but remember the atmosphere, the singing from the West terrace and beer cans everywhere. Somewhat ironically my first game had been a 1-1 draw with Austria.
  4. Just managed to get tickets for myself and my youngest son. This will be his first full Scotland international at Hampden. We did have tickets for a game against Israel in March 2020 as well so hopefully this one will go ahead.
  5. I worked on a well known ocean liner back in the 90s. The wifey it was named after came on with her husband a couple of times. Jimmy Savile was also a regular traveler. But one of my claims to fame is being in the same team photo as Kenny Dalgleish when he was onboard and met up with the ships football team.
  6. I totally agree, I personally know of 2 cases of negative LFT followed up with a positive PCR test the same or next day. Apparently they are only around 55% accurate. I have only ever seen one return a positive result and that was confirmed with a positive PCR test. If you are unsure or have symptoms only a PCR will give a more accurate response, it’s just annoying having to wait about 24 hours for the text/email.
  7. I don’t think points deduction will work as we know the football authorities up here don’t have the balls to take action against certain clubs. I feel teams or players walking off the pitch if certain offensive songs (which have nothing to do with football) are sung may start to make the SPFL/SFA have to act on the issue. With Glasgow due to host a major international event in a few months it doesn’t exactly portray the welcoming image of the city and nation that we like to think the world has of us. I can’t imagine the the current POTUS would be very impressed by it all given his Irish heritage.
  8. It’s all a bit of a nightmare at the moment. My son heard friends at school talk about someone who had tested positive and he realised he had been at break with him the previous day. My son also had a headache and sore throat so advised the school he had Covid symptoms. He was told to stay in school unless track and trace contact him(which they didn’t). He then had a positive LFT when he came home and the PCR test was also positive.Because I work in social care I also now have to self isolate for 10 days despite testing negative. This is my 3rd self isolation since June despite never having had a positive test result myself.
  9. Same with my youngest son yesterday. He is S4 and apparently had been in close contact with someone at school who had tested positive on Thursday. My son only found out because he heard other pupils talking about it. Waiting on our PCR results and while going for the test last night my son noticed a few other pupils from his school going for tests. So expect positive results to continue to increase. As I work in social care I have been advised I need to self isolate for 10 days even if I test negative.
  10. Was Bramall Lane not also a cricket ground. That could explain a large open area before the terrace.
  11. The club must take some responsibility for this. I have had a ST for about 5 years pre covid but have received no communication from the club regarding renewal. It can’t be too difficult to text, email or even send a letter to details they must have on their database. Not everyone is always going to be proactive in renewing due to many personal factors. The young Pars manage to send out renewal letters for my son so it is possible.
  12. I totally agree. There are many decent England fans and the current team represents much of the diversity in their country now. What I can’t stand is all these politicians jumping on the bandwagon to make them look like ‘one of the people’ especially when they were telling fans to boo the team a few weeks ago. I worry about the political capital some will try and make out of any England win. It would be good if some players took a stand and refused to meet the PM or used any meeting to make a political statement of their own. The whole team taking the knee outside Downing Street would be good to see.
  13. Just in case any of you are still unsure whether to support our southern neighbours tonight!
  14. Depending on the result on Sunday we could probably declare UDI on Monday then take back Berwick along with bits of Northumberland and Cumbria and redraw the border in the North Sea to the pre 1997 one and I would doubt if many down south would notice or even care.
  15. I had similar but it was through AT Mays. The bus left from Glasgow on Saturday night (the Costa Rica match was on Monday) I was staying in London at the time but they wouldn’t do any pick ups on the way so I had to get the train up to Glasgow to get the bus back south. In the first 24 hours I had only actually traveled about 50 miles from where I was living. We arrived in Genoa early Monday morning,I think it was a 5pm KO and the city was dry. The accommodation was in Rimini on the other side of Italy and we didn’t get there till the Tuesday morning. Other than that I had a great time and the Sweden game was one of the best atmospheres at any match I have been at.
  16. The War with the Russians we accidentally started that was deflecting another news story the other day! [emoji848]
  17. My sons test results have come back positive so that means 10 days stuck in the house for us all now. To make it more frustrating my results are negative so I need to spend the time trying to avoid him and constantly disinfecting anything he touches. Still on the positive I can now watch the rest of the Euros, who do we play next? [emoji22]
  18. My son has been advised to self isolate as one of his group has tested positive. He had been for a test today and as I work in the care sector I went for one as well. I am currently unsure if I am more nervous about the test results (it would mean being stuck at home with the Mrs for 10 day! [emoji23]) or tonight’s game. Ideal scenario would be a Scottish win and positive test as I wouldn’t have to worry about taking holidays to watch the next game.
  19. Italia 90 was probably sedate due to the alcohol ban in the cities on match days. I remember arriving in Genoa on the morning of the Costa Rica game and all that was on offer in the bars was alcohol free beer.
  20. Kent also had some of the most militant miners during the mid 80s strikes.
  21. I initially thought that had been photoshopped till I found out it was the actual cover of today’s DM, unbelievable!
  22. Those Dandies doubles probably faded as The Dons had a slightly bigger win in 1983 which certainly hasn’t faded with time. I am sure that The Saints successes will go into Perth folklore and be fondly remembered for many years just like my local team The Pars and their halcyon days in the 60s are in West Fife. We should all be grateful when any trophies go to teams outside the OF.
  23. I remember walking back to Haymarket in 2014 after the 4-0 semifinal and seeing some Saints fans trudging back in the rain as well. I was obviously on a high looking forward to the final but felt a bit sorry for the Sainties as they had never won any major trophy in their entire history. 1-0 up at Ibrox and looking forward to seeing a cup double a few months later! Well we all know how that finished. Remind me ‘who the f*** is Steve May!’ [emoji23] Enjoy your victory today being the most successful team this season. Since that day in Edinburgh you have won more cup than the Dandies have managed in the last 30 years. It’s just a shame the football authorities in this country are so inept that no fans were allowed to witness your greatest day!
  24. Well done Saints. Let the party begin in Perth tonight!
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