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  1. The club must take some responsibility for this. I have had a ST for about 5 years pre covid but have received no communication from the club regarding renewal. It can’t be too difficult to text, email or even send a letter to details they must have on their database. Not everyone is always going to be proactive in renewing due to many personal factors. The young Pars manage to send out renewal letters for my son so it is possible.
  2. Wasn’t the Queen Mum a Scot. She would probably be backing the Italians tonight! [emoji23]
  3. I totally agree. There are many decent England fans and the current team represents much of the diversity in their country now. What I can’t stand is all these politicians jumping on the bandwagon to make them look like ‘one of the people’ especially when they were telling fans to boo the team a few weeks ago. I worry about the political capital some will try and make out of any England win. It would be good if some players took a stand and refused to meet the PM or used any meeting to make a political statement of their own. The whole team taking the knee outside Downing Street would be good to see.
  4. Just in case any of you are still unsure whether to support our southern neighbours tonight!
  5. Is there any filter that can be used on social media to block anything with ‘it’s coming home!’ or a 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 in the profile picture for the next few days! [emoji848]
  6. Depending on the result on Sunday we could probably declare UDI on Monday then take back Berwick along with bits of Northumberland and Cumbria and redraw the border in the North Sea to the pre 1997 one and I would doubt if many down south would notice or even care.
  7. Italy to win the battle of the anthems on Sunday at least!
  8. I had similar but it was through AT Mays. The bus left from Glasgow on Saturday night (the Costa Rica match was on Monday) I was staying in London at the time but they wouldn’t do any pick ups on the way so I had to get the train up to Glasgow to get the bus back south. In the first 24 hours I had only actually traveled about 50 miles from where I was living. We arrived in Genoa early Monday morning,I think it was a 5pm KO and the city was dry. The accommodation was in Rimini on the other side of Italy and we didn’t get there till the Tuesday morning. Other than that I had a great time and the Sweden game was one of the best atmospheres at any match I have been at.
  9. I think we should put this ABE stuff in the bin and get fully behind our southern neighbours. But we should come at it as being a great ‘British’ sporting achievement if they go all the way and win the tournament. Should they fail against the Danes or lose in the final then it immediately becomes an English defeat.
  10. I feel that Denmark will need to score first if they are to have any chance of winning, given England haven’t conceded any goals yet that is no easy ask. If England score first, especially in the 1st 5 minutes again I think it would be game over. As a Dons fan it has the feeling of most of our recent cup games against Celtic. I always go in with confidence thinking this could be our time but we end up 1 or 2 down after 15 minutes and all hope has gone. Go Danes, do it for Uncle Ebbe!
  11. I think he said ‘the team from Great Britain!’ which technically is correct as England are from GB. It does make a change from Great Britain being referred to as England which many from overseas and even some down south tend to do from time to time.
  12. I can hear that my Mrs has already started playing ‘Vindaloo’ on the Alexa downstairs.🤨 Does anyone with any legal knowledge know if that can be considered grounds for divorce? [emoji848][emoji23]
  13. I have Sterling in our family sweepstakes as well, but since the In-laws are all English I don’t mind taking their money if he keeps scoring.
  14. We should have got BBC Alba to cover it and broadcast it to the whole U.K. in Gaelic.
  15. I needed to explain that one to my teenage son. He said he was glad the Czechs had done well as they had been in the same group as us. I then asked if that meant he would be wanting England to win on Tuesday night and I got a Roy Keene style stare from him! [emoji23]
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