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  1. This was the first time I have done PFS or anything similar so I have nothing to compare it to. I also noticed a few cyclists seemed to be treating it like a race at times. I didn’t see the guy at Avonbridge but hope he is OK. The main focus of the day should be enjoyment and raising money for charity.
  2. Used to work in Casinos many years ago. They have changed quite a bit since then. Used to have a 48 hour cooling off period for membership so you couldn’t just walk up drunk one night and do all your cash. There was no alcohol allowed on the gaming floor and they used to close at 4am. It started changing around the millennium regarding opening hours, membership restrictions and Alcohol. There was a general easing up of overall gambling laws at the time. Another change was being able to gamble with credit cards which had never previously been allowed. I have not been in a Casino for years, but don’t expect it to be like a James Bond movie unless you go to one of the Mayfair Casinos in the Big Smoke.
  3. It sounds as though I have missed the best years of the event. This is my first time and luckily my work paid the entry, as long as I raised a certain amount in sponsorship for them. Are there many hills on the route? I have been practicing in the Cleish Hills so can do a steep hill for a while. Finishing in Ingliston is also handy for getting back to Fife.
  4. We could almost be getting in Danny Baker territory of Brown Sauce, Red Sauce or no Sauce at all?
  5. Not just the supermarkets. Remember how close to chaos the fuel dispute almost came with panic buying and queues at petrol stations. Also witness how quick the shelves empty of bread and milk if we have a few days of snow. For anyone looking to see how quick civilised society can break down read ‘Last Light’ by Alex Scarrow.
  6. There are far more important things that people should be on the streets protesting about. This sort of thing shows us as a backwards bigoted country. More importantly who thought it would be a good idea to have this sort of march this weekend in the first place?
  7. John from Aberdeen on Kaye Adams again!!!! The usual ‘the people have spoken’ ‘respect democracy’ ‘will of the people’ that we hear from brexit support.
  8. Any other P&Bers doing the Pedal for Scotland next weekend?
  9. I always thought that it was the other way round, she shagged him!
  10. Trump hasn’t finished yet though, some might say he hasn’t even fully started only history will tell. If we live that long!
  11. If someone had told me in the 90s that one day I would look back at John Major and GW Bush and wish that the respective nations were lead by politicians of the same stature today. I would have checked what drugs they(or myself) were on!!!
  12. I was thinking more along the lines of a Royal baby or wedding being announced to deflect media attention that’s the normal tactic.
  13. King Charles v Parliament/Government! Where have I heard that before.
  14. It had never been about bringing ‘democracy’ home! That has all been part of the sham that people have fallen for.
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