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  1. What was the issue with fans in the top tier. I take it some of the Ugly Sisters had the top tier at the weekend. If that was the case it does stink of double standards as I remember Aberdeen being denied further tickets for the 2014 league cup final for security reasons as ICT had the lower tier at the east end of Parkhead. It resulted in that part of the ground being empty when more people could have been at the game.
  2. It’s such a neutral stadium that you can see one of the clubs grounds clearly from the top tier of the south stand. Green seats so it could be Easter Road! [emoji848]
  3. It was almost like a typical visit to Hampden for me last night. Head to the ground with a wee bit of optimism and hope the team get a bit of luck against supposed superior opponents. Then leave after the game and see loads of folk with red scarfs and flags all looking a bit disappointed. [emoji6]
  4. I actually agree with the PM today. The UK isn’t corrupt it’s just the party in government that is.
  5. We need a Martin Bell type independent anti-corruption candidate to stand and all the other parties give them a free run. Unfortunately even then I think there are enough people down south who seem happy being lied to and having shite dumped in the water.
  6. Judging by the amount of poppies appearing round the town centre at the moment I feel it may actually be compulsory for all fans to wear military uniform on Saturday. I know someone who is involved in WW2 festivals I may see if he has any spare Wehrmacht uniforms in honour of our investors( on second thoughts maybe not!)
  7. The late Iain Banks summed it up perfectly in my opinion.
  8. 79-80, League cup final, Scottish cup semi final and a league title. 81-82, Scottish cup win 82-83, European triumph, Scottish cup win and still a chance of the title on the last day of the season. 83-84, The Double and a European semifinal. 13-14, The league cup run. The semi final at Tynecastle rekindled a love for the team and then we took more fans to the final than we did to any game in the 80s.
  9. Totally agree with your last part about poor marketing by the club. I used to have a season ticket with my son pre-covid, originally having taken one out when under 12s were free. I never receive any emails, texts, letters etc from the club about renewing. I haven’t been to EEP since pre lockdown and had thought about going along with my son on Saturday, looking at the prices for the two of us and realised it was cheaper for us going to the Scotland-Israel game last month. Will I expect the same level of excitement at EEP as we got at Hampden? [emoji23]
  10. It will break off into smaller pieces that will then float around asking ship captains ‘keep an eye on the boat for you mister!’
  11. 20 minutes queue at the moment online so think they will go quickly.
  12. I would say it goes back to the election of a certain PM in 1979 who went on to destroy the power of the unions and start the selling of all the publicly owned industries and services which though much maligned helped to connect and unify people on these islands. We all used BT for our telephones, traveled on British Rail, got our energy needs from the local electric board or British Gas. Stamps,pensions,benefits from the Post Office. Many also lived in homes owned and maintained by the local council. I am not trying to pretend that everything was perfect or we were living in some kind of utopia back then but once all these services became privately owned (often by publicly owned companies from overseas ironically) and former council tenants ended up on the mortgage treadmill or tied to spending on credit, which was required to keep the economy going, the whole fabric of the nation seems to have changed. We now appear to be in a situation where many in these islands hark further back to a perfect time that never actually existed and have a fixation with WW2, Spitfires, Vera Lynn songs and a lost Empire. All while willing to accept a Government and PM that constantly lie to them and are happy for shite to be dumped in the rivers and seas. How did it come to this? PS it wasn’t a penalty!
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