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  1. The Brazilian Shirt Name is one of my favourite Podcasts at the moment. They pick a game and discuss football, music and social history of the time. The most recent one is the 1964 FA Cup Final in tribute to the Saint.
  2. This appears to be the current policy being adopted by the Scottish Conservatives at the moment!
  3. I remember Greavsie once making a ‘Typical Scottish keepers’ comment once when watching an excerpt of a Celtic game. Then Saint pointed out that Peter Latchford was actually English.
  4. I know that, it shows how poorly run our game is when we have a chance to show that our game is not just about two teams but the rights have been sold to a company that only appeared to be interested in showing games involving certain teams. Promotion of the whole Scottish game and consideration of the fans seems to be an afterthought.
  5. A Scottish final without any of the ‘big’ clubs involved, so it is only natural that BBC1 are showing Palace v Fulham live in Scotland. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Will we now hear a new song at the Euros this summer ‘Two world wars, one World Cup and a vaccine roll out!’ [emoji23][emoji23]
  7. Sportspages used to be a must go shop when living in the Smoke in pre-internet days. I used to buy most of the Scottish fanzines that they had back in the late 80s. I am sure some of them are still in boxes in my folks attic. I wonder if they are worth anything now? [emoji848]
  8. As both Celtic see themselves as a club of Irish heritage and Rangers of British heritage rather than Scottish heritage would either of their sets of fans actually miss being part of the Scottish set up. [emoji848] Surely any U.K. league would also mean a combined national side as well eventually? We all know where the HQ for that would be and where they would probably play their home matches. I am certain that would be a vote winner in the devolved nations! [emoji6]
  9. I saw a friend post this pic on Facebook last night and the amount of people that went on moaning about ‘social distancing and Covid guidance’ was amazing. They soon shut up when he pointed out it was from the win at Murrayfield a few years ago.
  10. I am sure that a threat to a national rugby team playing in Cardiff would also be a boost for Welsh independence.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I remember joking to a no voter on Sept 19 in 2014 that FIFA had now asked for the amalgamation of the Scottish and English national sides after the referendum result. For a few minutes they actually believed me and were horrified at the thought! [emoji23]
  11. I am surprised that they haven’t suggested Prince Andrew! Personally if we have to have Royals station here I would prefer Harry and Megan just to see the ‘heads gone’ reaction from the Express/Mail readers.
  12. Much as we may like to moan about the quality of referees in this country and their alleged bias to certain teams. I would prefer that to VAR. Goal line technology should be as far as we go.
  13. I think it’s more a case of her standing socially distanced away from him. With his track record of shaking hands, ignoring his own guidance on travel and having affairs I don’t blame her.
  14. Some people are now trying to raise the dead, either that or they are planning to display his body somewhere!
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