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  1. As Craig Gordon has just had a son born we now have an heir! Get Axels name down for goalkeeping coaching.
  2. You know that you have just started a paying taxes version of ‘what have the Romans ever done for us?’
  3. Please tell me I only imagined that they were selling wee flags with the Queen on them outside the West End of the ground.
  4. They have obviously used the Seville calculator or got Priti Patel to work out the numbers!
  5. Unless they have a video of her dancing to ‘Yes sir! I can Boogie!’ Then I am not interested. Though a Piper playing Highland Cathedral or similar would probably be more fitting and fans may actually respect something like that. I am old enough to remember the days of the massed pipe bands before the game and always associate them with Cup Finals or internationals.
  6. Not like the SFA to do anything as controversial as that. I was certain that they would have done that on the Saturday against Ireland, there wouldn’t have been any adverse reaction from the crowd at that game would there?
  7. Unfortunately I couldn’t avoid it as I work in social care and the guy I was looking after wanted to see it. I suppose on the plus side I was being paid to watch it!
  8. Poppies, I am surprised we haven’t seen anyone on TV wearing one yet. Probably as soon as the mourning is over they will start to make an appearance!
  9. The whole circus has actually made me very angry. Just a few hours before her death was announced Westminster was discussing what help the nation would get towards crippling increases in energy bills. We also have a war on mainland Europe and environmental disasters in other countries to name but a few. Since that Thursday evening though you could be forgiven for thinking that everything else has been hold while we have all been expected to grieve the death of a 96 year old who lived a very privileged lifestyle. If I wasn’t a republican 10 days ago I certainly am now!
  10. I was meant to finish my shift in social care home support at 9am this morning. The person due to replace me called in sick so I have stayed on shift and had to watch most of it as the guy I am supporting is into the royals. Happy days.
  11. Dinnae, I am working today with an autistic guy and that’s all he had been asking since he got up today.
  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if they continued singing GSTK before games down south similar to some sports in USA.
  13. A wee cough from The Dean of Westminster at the start of his sermon. I wonder if he has taken a covid test today?
  14. I think it’s also very much a generational thing. My parents (also regular Kirk attendees) are gripping by all the coverage and watching most of it. I asked my youngest son (15) if it was discussed by his friends at school and he said ‘not really’ they were more interested in the fact that they are getting Monday off school and see royalty as an outdated irrelevance. I used to be somewhere in between the two, but am becoming increasingly republican in my own outlook. I also think the reason that many lined the route last week was more a sense of witnessing a bit of history. We have never seen a Monarch die in Scotland in almost 400 years and probably never will again.
  15. I joined the QE2 in July 1990. A few weeks after joining HRH walked through the area I worked in with the Captain on their way to a lunch celebrating the 150 anniversary of Cunard. It is the closest that I have been to her and was part of an amazing period in my life when in a few months had seen my club win the Scottish Cup, the team I followed while living in London reach the FA cup final and going to Italy to see Scotland in the World Cup. The life on the ship was also like a 24 hour party. Would I describe it as being the highlight? I think my wife might have words to say about that and being present at the birth of my son’s certain tops anything else. If meeting the Monarch has been the highlight of your life then I would seriously question if you actually have one.
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