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  1. I agree that the PM and a lot of the cabinet are way out of their depth. However I don’t think that they are actually the ones running the country just now. Step forward the guy with the dodgy eyesight!
  2. I am sure that has been the Westminster Government plan for quite a while now. Make the guidelines so vague and open to interpretation. I would not be at all surprised if the whole Cummings affair was all set up to cause a certain portion of the population to say ‘well if he won’t follow the rules why should I bother’.
  3. There are quite a few things the SNP and their leadership do I don’t agree with. That doesn’t mean that I would prefer to continue being ruled from Westminster as opposed to living in an independent Scotland.
  4. I know. It would be good if the media called him out re this when he claps tonight, but I am not holding my breath.
  5. Are we all getting our pots and pans out again in just over an hours time.
  6. I was at Pittodrie that day. Aberdeen had won the CWC against Real Madrid on the previous Wednesday and Fergie wouldn’t let the team parade the cup before the game as ‘there was still work to be done’. I think we won 5-0 against Hibs and with Celtic 2-0 down at halftime we were starting to dream it could be possible if Utd also slipped up. It wasn’t to be but we won the Cup the next Saturday at that infamous final where Fergie got stuck into the team for their performance in a post match interview. It’s hard to imagine if there will ever be another season when any of 3 teams could win the title on the last day of the season ever again.
  7. My sarcasm doesn’t always translate well when written down!
  8. If renewables are the next big thing. It’s such a shame we don’t live in a country with an abundance of wind and tidal power opportunities.
  9. l will leave it to the P&B community to see if we can find any gestures the PM had previously made! I will give this one as a starter
  10. I must just imagine this when travelling down the M74/M6 then!
  11. By slashing ‘Red Tape’ what exactly does he mean? H&S regulations, worker’s rights! Planning Regulations already seem to be able to be bypassed with a bung!
  12. I am sure I heard somewhere that indoor swimming pools are among one of the last things that will be opened.
  13. The PMs new Covid-19 rapid response team gets ready to go into action
  14. I don’t fancy going abroad and think it’s sheer madness that people are being allowed to without restrictions on returning. We are only just getting the 5 mile guidance lifted here. It just seems like the Westminster Government just wants to give out ‘good news’ with out considering the consequences( no surprise there!) My only ‘holiday’ plans had been visiting the in-laws in Sussex. It’s their Golden Wedding on 1st August and though the actual party they had planned is now off till next year they still want immediate family round on the day. I am not sure where we will stay yet as normally stay with them but a bit uneasy about staying there for any long period of time. May end up camping but imagine campsites could be mobbed down south. One advantage is that the chavs may have gone abroad! Looking at Bournemouth earlier this week I think we will give our usual day trips to Brighton a miss this time as well. In all honesty I would personally much prefer spending a few days in the Highlands.
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