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  1. ah, a pompous Morton fan. Who would have thought ?
  2. disagree, I think we were either 2nd or 3rd favourites in July depending on what bookie you looked at.
  3. Now that our rookie gaffer has wrapped up a league title at the first attempt, will he gain such a legendary and sacred status at Cliftonhill as the much venerated Paul Martin and his class of 2010/11 ?
  4. decisions which were very risky and roundly criticised but with the benefit of hindsight...
  5. I'm not disputing his absence from the starting XI, more the obvious estranged relationship from the club. He remains a decent footballer but clearly there is a bit of an issue behind the scenes.
  6. I'm alive ! I can see ! I have my wallet and my phone. Thank god I'm alive.
  7. agreed Vic. Golden boy it would seem. Not worthy of a start.
  8. That will be that then. Nicely done. Pleasing.
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