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  1. Nice one mate, I,m not jealous honestly.
  2. It's a massive relief to get the first win. Hopefully this will build the confidence of the team. Confidence is one thing unfortunately so is ability, Something we are lacking.
  3. Had our first cruise last year and it wont be our last. France,Spain and Portugal ith RC.Amazing time.Will go further afield on our next one. Iwould highly recommend cruising for anybody including young families.
  4. Didn,t fancy much tonight so went for a 7/2 double with Hull and Mansfield.
  5. Mansfield for a 14/1 acca, Playing against 10 men for most of the match too.
  6. Or just give Glasgow or Edinburgh as their answer.
  7. Leave that thing alone-Rush.
  8. He was around the same time as McManus infact im sure they were tag partners. Right dirty f**ker he was too.
  9. 1. Kendo Nagasaki 2. Mick McManus 3. Steve Logan 4. Mark Rollerball Rocco 5. Brian Glover
  10. The last scene under the bridge was really intense.Brilliant acting and a brilliant programme.
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