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  1. What are you afraid of?

    You,re no taking this seriously are you
  2. Inverness v Queens

    Personally i,m more worried about whats going to happen on the pitch rather than worry about something that might or might not happen on the way to the match.
  3. Equine Eggstravaganza

    I,ll be backing all of Fahey,s horses e/w in the Gold Cup. Had some decent winners over the years doing this.
  4. Pish Adverts

    Yes it is worth repeating.What a cringeworthy advert that is. Dont know if i hate the dog or the man more.
  5. The Great British Bake Off

    Or nuts.
  6. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Just leave me your street name and number and i,ll make sure nobody robs you while you,re out.
  7. Scotland v Albania

    Scotland dont do comfortable.
  8. Queen of the South v Crusaders

    I wouldn,t mind if we rested Dobbs and Harkins for this one. Couldn,t really care about this competition at this stage.
  9. Queens v Ayr

    Dont see anything wrong with SDs post.He didn,t give anything away.
  10. Death Clock

    Same here. I died in May 2010.
  11. Indian or Chinese ?

    I like both but prefer Chinese. Crispy shredded chicken with satay sauce is my favourite at the moment. Oh and fried rice.
  12. What do you do on a Sunday?

    I just sit looking at my watch all day and look forward to my alarm going off on Monday morning. I love my work. Not.
  13. Most Iconic Concert of All Time(single band)

  14. Prog

    Was listening to Rush,Genesis and Yes this morning, Brilliant musicians all of them.
  15. What’s your favourite band/artist