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  1. Three Word Story...

    , a principled girl,

    Awesome picture.... he/she looks like they own the area. She knows it well. Clackmannan Tower. Ochil hills in the background.

  4. Quick Question Thread

    Cheers for that. I ended up watching football in Lauders? Ate in Hoots and drank the rest of the night away in the Malt Room. Made for a nippy head in the mornings. Back down in civilisation now but same again next month.
  5. whisky lovers

    Im about to try The Malt Room in Inverness. Anyone been in?
  6. Word Association

  7. Quick Question Thread

    Im in Inversneck on my tod for the next few nights. Where's best for a pint and for watching the kickball?
  8. The Rangers Next Permanent Manager

    Pedro being paid off in old £1 coins?
  9. The Rangers Next Permanent Manager

    That`s what I was thinking. Must be closer to half that amount.
  10. Sell Your Old Shite Mark2

    Not selling personally, but if anyone is looking for some cheap smack just head on down to the Denny SNP branch.
  11. Brechin Vs Alloa

    I can confirm that Wasps1 was not in the Ashvale pre kick off.
  12. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Cheers. Aye. Kept in overnight for observation but everything seems hunky dory. Her names not Mental by the way. Just saw how that looked. Time for some Zzzzzsss
  13. Pregnancy And Parenting

  14. Pregnancy And Parenting

    I miss mumsnet. My second is due tomorrow. First eight months of the pregnancy flew by. Last four weeks have felt like four years though.
  15. Pregnancy And Parenting

    Just Pie and Bovril for parents then basically?