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  1. Shit first half, better 2nd half. Liked seeing Cardle have a go at goal fairly often, and aye Miller was pretty pish. Couple new attacking players in next week I’ve heard.
  2. Agree with that, the camo kit gained a bit of publicity and sold well. Can see this away kit doing the same as it has appeal beyond Thistle fans, if it sells more kits and makes the club more money and some positive PR then fair enough.
  3. Yeah happy enough with that, had a decent impact at times and still young.
  4. He’ll be a loss in any case, reckon he’ll improve as he’s still fairly young as well. Caldwell will have a tough job rebuilding our attack but I’m confident he won’t go for shite like Storer and and Mutombo at least. Forgot he signed Roy, although he was binned from the first team fairly quick.
  5. Shame as he was great for us this year, be interesting to see how he does with his 3rd go at the premiership. Means our attack is being completely overhauled bar Fitzpatrick and Cardle.
  6. His boot was torn open and in direct contact with graphite for several seconds, he’s a goner.
  7. Felt like a long 90 seconds. Terrifying knowing the guy who gets his foot trapped in the graphite is doomed, gives a double meaning to “Comrade soldier, you’re done”.
  8. The part that got me about the guys in the hospital was that you can’t even administer anything for the pain as their veins have gone, horrific stuff. Brilliant show though.
  9. Would have kept Elliot given the choice but won’t lose sleep over it if he leaves. Definitely wouldn’t make him the highest paid player to keep him, although highest paid isn’t difficult atm when we have a squad of about 10 left
  10. Gutted, love the guy. It was coming though, glad he got to 10 years and he’ll stay one of the clubs top goal scorers for a long time to come.
  11. Losing McDonald and/ or Spittal will be a big blow to our attack. Was impressed with Caldwell’s business in January though, even the young players like McMillan and Mansell had a positive impact (bar Roy), so feeling pretty hopeful he’ll do well over the summer window.
  12. Ooft that’s a belter. Manpreet will be buzzing he hooked them.
  13. Had me fooled before I seen the handle. Wouldn’t be surprised if we actually signed him though.
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