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  1. Alan Nixon on twitter saying the Graham deal is close, seems to be saying it’s a permanent deal as well rather than a loan.
  2. I’m happy enough with how things worked out if that’s the case. You don’t want to wait about too long, better to just move on to your 2nd choice.
  3. Cammy Smith and Graham are ones I’ve also heard, id be very happy with Smith. I think he’s been mentioned here before but Mitch Clark from Leicester is an option if we don’t manage to get Osman back. I think we’re also looking to get in the 2 PCA players in this month.
  4. Watched his interview on Jagzone there, he seemed to suggest the move might become permanent in the summer
  5. Rough was getting paid to do f**k all was he not, no idea why he’s being brought back.
  6. Only had one game and he’s already manager of the month [emoji41]
  7. Pretty sure the takeover is nearly done anyway so I can’t see any last minute bids coming to anything. Plus as PoTM said, don’t think I’d trust our support to run a club.
  8. You love to see it. Buzzing to see Archie back as well, from what I’ve heard he’s not interested in management (atm anyway) so assistant is probably ideal for him.
  9. Can’t complain about that. McDonald kept him in a job last season and even with his own team this year we’ve been brutal.
  10. Shit first half, better 2nd half. Liked seeing Cardle have a go at goal fairly often, and aye Miller was pretty pish. Couple new attacking players in next week I’ve heard.
  11. Agree with that, the camo kit gained a bit of publicity and sold well. Can see this away kit doing the same as it has appeal beyond Thistle fans, if it sells more kits and makes the club more money and some positive PR then fair enough.
  12. Yeah happy enough with that, had a decent impact at times and still young.
  13. He’ll be a loss in any case, reckon he’ll improve as he’s still fairly young as well. Caldwell will have a tough job rebuilding our attack but I’m confident he won’t go for shite like Storer and and Mutombo at least. Forgot he signed Roy, although he was binned from the first team fairly quick.
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