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  1. Easily the worst Peterhead team since we left the Highland League with no sign of any improvement since Jim left. If we beat Clyde to finish in ninth spot and survive the playoffs it will be a miracle.
  2. New date: Tue 11th April 7.45pm - https://www.peterheadfc.org/2023/03/16/peterhead-v-dunfermline-new-date-announced/
  3. Should be an easy win for Falkirk but you never know with football being a funny old game. The bookies are offering 10/1 on a Peterhead win which sums up our chances. Falkirk to win this one and go on to win the league if they beat Dunfermline next Tuesday.
  4. Could easily have been 4-3 to either team considering the amount of chances missed. Good luck to Clyde in the play offs,
  5. All we are saying is give us a goal. The last time we scored was against Airdrie on November 12th! Surely we are due to score again very soon and hopefully get a win at the same time. Our home record against Airdrie is very poor and I would take a draw as being an improvement on recent results.
  6. It will take more than a bounce to improve our chances of avoiding relegation. I doubt if we could beat any team on today's performance. A huge improvement is required and hopefully some new signings in January will pay dividends.
  7. Wow! https://www.ipsos.com/en-uk/yes-pulls-ahead-and-snp-strengthens-support
  8. Too easy for Kelty. We need to beat Clyde in our next game to have a chance of finishing 9th. Trouble is we can't score goals.
  9. Jim Mcinally has resigned after 11 years in charge at Peterhead which makes Dick Campbell the longest serving manager in Scotland. How much longer will he hold this title?
  10. Very likely I'm afraid. A draw would be a good result for us.
  11. Shite weather in Montrose. Let's hope the game is better than the conditions.
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