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  1. Says it all about our defence, our goalkeeper is our best man, week in week out.
  2. Nothing against the late Queen, but to cancel all games is a wee bit over the top. A minutes silence before KO would have been just fine. Now every club is looking to try and fit in a mid-week game. Crazy.
  3. Your righ,t he had a very bad game, if that was a penalty our man should have been sent off and your No22 had at least 6 fouls in the first half and was not spoken to once, never mind being cautioned. By the way he is a very good player and I wish he had been playing for us.
  4. Surely the club are going to build a new west stand in front of the new Directors stand which would hold at least 1,000 QP fans, which would then give us a capacity of 2,500, then if we get promotion again sometime, there is space at the north side to build a stand holding at least 1,500 giving us 4,000 seats.
  5. It was the SFA Referees Department. It was the Asst/Ref who wrongly gave it and the Referee should have overuled him. Milner is a great example for this type of thing.
  6. Didn't know they had a store in Braehead, thought they were only in the Fort shopping centre. Good to know.
  7. Away fans should not be in the stand, in this league, at Stenny. If section 5 is meant for away fans, then they must be under very close observation and if misbebaving must be put out of the ground. This of course will need the Police to do this and would only be a small cost compared to the other money being spent by the club. Not impressed by the substitutions, and to be kind to number 66 he might have been training on his own but he is quite clearly not match fit, should never have been on the park. The Rangers boy flatters to deceive.
  8. Exciting times ok, heard a whisper our big new centre back is signing today.
  9. If you have a ticket for he game the bus is now open to all, not just members and season ticket holders.
  10. Agree whole heartedly. Wonder if OC knows that the club are charging £95 for kids, against Partick Thistle's £30.
  11. Anyone want a bet on how many Committee men turn up to this evening. The answer of course is none as they would have to answer questions regarding the £95 price for a kids season ticket, and also the lack of communication regarding Lesser.
  12. The £95 price for kids is a disgrace, if the club are that keen to encourage young kids to come to games, perhaps the committee members who qualify for free membership, because they have been Members for at least 40 years, and I think about half of them come into this bracket, plus a couple of ex-Presidents also,they could donate £95 to the Supporters Association and Keith could sort something out for some kids who cannot affrord this fee. Just a thought.
  13. I'm an ex-member, who became a season ticket holder after a falling out with the club after certain decisions were made by the Committe a few years ago. It was always the case that Membership had to be paid by a certain time but the Committe were always lax about it. If you really want to keep your Membership, do it right away, as this new regime are, I think likely to be more strict regarding this. If you let your Membership lapse you will have to go through the the whole thing all over again, finding two Members to sponsor you etc. However like me you can save £50 just being a season ticket holder.
  14. Really, never heard of them. Am I correct in saying that their only Glasgow outlet is in Easterhouse? In fairness, if they are paying more than Irn Bru, so be it.
  15. Think that you are both spot on. Now all of a sudden they do not seem to want any fans under 12 ,even if they had a season ticket last year, unless their father is willing to pay £95, but Partick Thistle will let them in for only £30. Disgracefull.
  16. Part of the problem Mick, is in my opinion, that apart from 3 current members, the Committee are all really new, including the current President and the immediate past President, so they are not aware what the club has done in the past, like letting in Season ticket holders for play-off games, although they now know and have let us know in advanvce this season. The CEO is, it appears, coming up with suggestions and they are being agreed, without knowledge of what happened in the past. Maybe, and I mean maybe, the 3 who have been there for a good while, are being voted down!!! The price of £95 for under 16s is out of order, a real encouragement to bring youngsters along, I don't think.
  17. Doubt if it is a 50 year lease, think that must have been miss heard somewhere. WH is commited to us for 10 years was told, so I think 15 years is more likely, plus I heard that he is taking over Nether Pollok on 1st July on a 15 year lease.
  18. Brilliant, sure cheered me up. Re the President, heard a couple of folk talking as I passed Lesser last week, on the way to my sisters, that he is standing again. Unopposed I presume!!!!
  19. Yes, were is it? Who have you been talking to?
  20. Interesting to see that the son of ex QP hero, David Graham, think if I remember correctly David scored the clubs 5,000t goal, has signed a 3 year deal with us. If he does as well as his dad that will be brilliant.
  21. When the south and west stands are finished, should hold about 3,000. There is room on the north side, behind the other goal, which could house another stand with a capacity of about 1,000 if required.
  22. Surprised to read that he is 6' 1", he does not look it on the park.
  23. Yes,how long will be be homeless? I am having lunch with my sister who lives in Sumerville Drive, and looking into Lesser, and low and behold what was left of the West stand has been virtually demolished. Are we changing things round and leaving the South stand until later, now that we are in the Championship, and rebuilding the West for the home support and putting away supporters into the East stand?
  24. Correct Chester. This all goes back to the original contract agreed with the first buider. The club decided to halt construction with them in December 2022 and the dispute went to arbitration within the building industry. For whatever reason, QP last the case and it cost the club, I was told, about £600k. Our problems all start from there and in fairness to WH he is in my opinion doing his best to resolve matters. I think when the CEO made her statement about the East Stand being finished for the start of the season she did not think that we would get promotion, the way we were playing, nor did she realise that there might be a problem with materials. The club now must bend over backwards, to appease the members, and indeed our gallant supporters for the season ahead.
  25. Our debt was about £40m, in that, when rebuilding Hampden we received money and grants that had to be repaid if we could not guarantee football at Hampden for 40 years. If the SFA moved away with their games we were in big trouble and the SFA knew that. Hence £5m, £2.5 down and £250k each season for 10 years. We now have no debts apart from trading ones.
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