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  1. He never kicked a ball in the Scottish Cup against a Junior team
  2. Nonsense. We are a SENIOR club and the SFA are the only association in the world that have the view that the have. I overheard some committee guys talking in the social club at the start of the season and the were saying the if Shankland had gone south to an English club that, because of his age, we would have received about £30,000 in compensation under their rules.
  3. Yes, but as I think it was TMWNN who told us several posts ago, if the club agree to release you, you can only go to another amateur team. If I am wrong TMWNN will soon be happy to tell me so.
  4. Suprised TMWNN has not told us that it will have to be November, as if we want to offer Reagan a Pro contract it must be before 31st December, when I understand his contract with us is due to end. After all he,TMWNN, has just come from a meeting on Monday night when it was discussed regarding the EGM.
  5. Off course you were, it was somebody trying to be too clever by half.
  6. Your first post for a while. You were strangely quite after the Cowden game. Any comment on teamlinesgate. Your are of course right about young Reagon.
  7. There is nothing wrong with the competition, it's the way that it is run and it should go back to being for the three divisions under the Premier League teams only.
  8. This was not an honest mistake. This was carelessness.
  9. We must play two upfront with Moore running on to Sal'sl head flicks. Galt must play on the left of mid field in a four, where he can cut in onto his right foot to cross or shoot at goal. The wee frenchman and Regan and Block the other tree in midfield. A back four of Grant Little Jamieson and Summers and Willie in goals.
  10. I agree, at the moment the head coach does not seem to know what his best team is. He has, in my opinion, made some strange team selections and the team that he fielded against the Celtic U/21 team was a disgrace and an insult to the sponsors. How could he have dropped the wee French guy last Saturday who has never let us down in any game, is a complete mystery.
  11. If what you say is true Mick, re the team lines, that is disgraceful and I think you are being too easy on him. He should resign and pay any fine.
  12. Yes, with the wrong number on his back, from the team sheet that I purchased for 10p at the game. He was listed as 15 and came on with 19 on his back. This is a total shambles and comes on the back of playing a youth player at the start of the season who was only allowed to play in youth football. Here we are as a club thinking about turning Pro and we can't get the team lines right.
  13. Come on TMWNN tell us about this ineligible player, all the guys who played were as far as I could see signed players or was it just a mistake on the team lines? If so whose mistake?
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