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  1. Shame about Baynham. Falkirk fan I know, has just told me that Keena has left the club. Could we get him back?
  2. Can only agree with you Zanetti. The lad has ability.
  3. Nonsense Diehard. Hamilton would have been available certainly, the could have done with the money.
  4. Hamilton is exactly where we should have gone and I said this at the start of the season. The Scottish winter does not allow for a game on grass each week. Please don't anybody come back and point out that Hamilton were at home yesterday, because, if we had been playing there this season, our fixtures and indeed Hamilton's would have been arranged accordingly.
  5. It must be nice to be so pessimistic David. Look to the future and hope.
  6. I think that QP asked for the game to be off because of the goalkeeper position. Of the 13 players available one must be a goalkeeper. Think all QP keepers must now have Covid. Just a thought.
  7. Like Charlie how do you know this re wges? Players on the same level as SPL, nonsense.
  8. Well it might be wrong re QP having one. Disappointing though if I am wrong.
  9. 10% of what figure are you saying that QP received? Of the £5m that was agreed £2.5m up front and £250k per year for the next ten years and daft as you think the committee may be, the current President works in finance and I bet that QP have a charge on Hampden until QP have all of the next £2.5m. As Hampden Die Hard stated QP had lots of debt that the SFA took over.
  10. I am suprised to hear that. I gave up my membership because of certain things had happened. Before WH I would point out, and in that time 2 members of the supporters club have been elected onto the committee, Greame Shields and Gregor Hall, get in touch with them about being a member, or indeed Keith McAllister and they will I am sure point you in the right direction.
  11. I was told by an ex committee guy that all grants etc were made on the basis that, there would be football played at the stadium over a 40 year period, and if the SFA had moved to Murrayfield, while QP could have played on, ther, was no way QP would have been able to maintain the stadium.
  12. Thought it was £5million? £2.5m downpayment and the rest over 10 years at "250k per year, plus the SFA taking on the debt that QP would have had regarding the debenture scheme, plus any grants that QP had received which are there over a 40 year term. That's what I understood the deal was and we would not have got that, without WH offering to donate £2.5m to the SFA to allow them to do a deal with QP as they were only offering £2m and were seriously going to move to Murrayfield without WH's money.
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