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  1. Can't see us playing Thistle at Lesser, this games must be played at Hampden where we could get a crowd of 3,000 without any freebies.
  2. Just had lunch with my sister who lives in Somerville Drive and while I agree with some of the above, they have just erected the first floodlight pylon, slow but steady progress.
  3. The problem with Eze is his bad things for outnumber his good things.
  4. The old addage is don't change a winning team. With regrds to Fox via Eze, Fox only had 45mins under his belt before Saturday, but he shouted and urged his team on for the full 90mins and was understandably knackered at the end. Check his goal out, Eze would never have out battled and out jumped that defender to score.
  5. It's the same old story, we struggle to put the ball in the net. Should we not give Leigh Griffiths a chance, to prove that he can still put the ball in the net? I know he has a wee pas,t but he who is without sin let him cast the first stone.
  6. See Bannon is getting the blame for their first goal, the ball only got as far as Bannon and Scully because a 6'6" centre back can't jump and let the ball go over his head.
  7. Think you might find, that the quality of the concrete poured by the original contractor, was why the club fell out with them, and that is why all that they laid has been demolised. The west stand will be I feel extended after the end of this season, as H+S rules will not allow work to be done while we are playing there.
  8. You have got it right, under the circumstances of them having 2 big centre backs, who would have kicked their grannie to get the ball Williamson would have been a far better bet. Kenny is on of the 3 monkeys that OC has on his back, that I have mentioned before, as he is frightened not to play him in case it upsets Celtic.
  9. Your comment about Davidson being dropped before these others is 100% correct and 100% wrong from OC. The lad can play RB/CH and Midfield and has never let us down.
  10. That is disgracefull. E-mail again and address it to Greame Shields, who I believe is the membership secretary, ask him to send you a membership form and then Keith McAlistair will help you sort things out, I think.
  11. Could you not discuss at your next AGM, whenever that will be.
  12. OC is still caring those three monkeys on his back, as I have said before, the big centre back, the Celtic player and the Rangers player none of them are good enough for this level and he is frightened to upset Celtic and Rangers by not playing them, and he has built up the big number 66, so much, he cannot lose face by not playing him. While Bannon is carrying the can for their goal, as BYOS has rightly commented on, it was nunber 66 who was out of position that caused their goal and Bannon's mistake. Gaston is one of the best goalkeepers in Scotland and the reason he is not playing in the Premier League, is that he has a very good job and does not want to go fulltime. Lucky Arbroath.
  13. Some fan you are walking out on your team with 30 minutes to go. At least the Rangers fans last night waited until 15 mins to go.
  14. Did not notice her, but with WH there I presumed she would be close to him, there was a guy next to WH whom I could not see past.
  15. The guys that I have mentioned are the ones whose names spring easily to mind and I have just remembered two others, who I did not see at Ayr, that pal of Greame's, Gregor and that past President Gerry.Cannot remember the other guys names but did not notice them in the box either.
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