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  1. Just been listening to Thistle’s Richard Foster say he is not aware of any games in the lower divisions having been cancelled due to COVID.Richard I can think of two in your own division.
  2. Don’t agree with those saying tonight’s game was a waste of time.We learned that Danny Lennon should send Josh Jack back to St Mirren,he swans round the park and offers absolutely nothing.Did we have a trialist at left back on in the first half? If so he should never be allowed entry to Broadwood unless he pays his way in. Some good youngsters in that Rangers team.
  3. Jack thanks,I got all that and have logged in for previous games. I cannot fathom where to log in today.
  4. I have a digital season ticket,can someone please advise how I can log onto the game? Thanks.
  5. Thought Tom English talked well tonight.Also warming to Craig Levine,he comes across as very personable. Had a great dislike for Tom English after her evisicrative attack on a former Clyde Chairman and player a year or two ago.
  6. Lucky you have a commentary.All I have is a white screen.
  7. Agree in part with the post above.Yesterday was a bonus.It is the likes of Dumbarton,Forfar,Montrose and Peterhead that we have to take care off.Look after that lot and we will be safe and possibly heading for the playoffs.
  8. I agree with your comments re Sturgeon. A week ago I posted a simple question ‘has Sturgeon sounded the death knell of Scottish football?’ This post was taken down and I still await an answer as to why.
  9. According to the podcast Platinum well above target,others not so good.As you say,things will pick up.
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