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  1. Ray Grant was absolutely brilliant today. Get McStay back to play alongside him and the skies the limit.
  2. At the risk of causing some controversy let’s just get Goodwillie back.
  3. The only thing we will get out of the Group is some cash.
  4. Has Livingstone signed for another Club yet? Sneaking feeling he and Cuddihy will be with us for the start of th4 season.
  5. Excellent facilities available at Hamilton and importantly Clyde generate income from catering and bar sales.
  6. Cuddihy didn’t make the bench in Hamilton’s friendly v Larne.
  7. If you are looking for a pre match lunch then Itihaas in Dalkeith is not to be missed.Park in Morrisons opposite then 10 minute drive to Bonnyrigg.
  8. Splaine,Livingstone,Cuddihy and Rumbsy showing on Clyde player profiles as still with us.
  9. The ground is a disgrace. No seating and a bit of rain turns the pitch into a quagmire.Cowdenbeath and Albion Rovers fans will feel right at home. Wishing Cowdenbeath all the best.
  10. Absolutely dreadful.The problem going forward is the majority of these players know they are on their way out at the end of the season.Can we play 6 a side for the next 3 games?
  11. JBJ, I couldn’t agree with you more.Whilst I think DG was wrong in opening himself and his family to the events which have transpired by his desire to move on from Clyde,where he had managed find a home under the radar.The hypocrisy shown by some,especially NLC,and lack of involvement by the SPFL and SFA is staggering. It is such a shame that someone with a modicum of common sense hadn’t been there for DG years ago.Things could have been very different.
  12. Topic of conversation at Saturday’s match.With the demise of NLL,North Lanarkshire Council have no interest in Broadwood.Scottish Government pressure on Council’s to grant more and more planning permission for housing gives NLC a great opportunity to get rid of a white elephant.Allied to that Clyde’s desire to relocate back to Glasgow and they have made no secret of the fact a working group is actively pursuing this. The Clyde/Cumbernauld initiative failed on so many fronts.Clyde’s naivety in thinking if it is built they will come on top of the demise of Cumbernauld Development Corporation being replaced by an intraginent Council soured relationships.
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