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  1. I agree with your comments re Sturgeon. A week ago I posted a simple question ‘has Sturgeon sounded the death knell of Scottish football?’ This post was taken down and I still await an answer as to why.
  2. According to the podcast Platinum well above target,others not so good.As you say,things will pick up.
  3. Are you sure you were listening to the right one?95%of what I listened to was all about what was going on with Clyde.
  4. Have a listen to the Scottish Football Marketing podcast on Spotify.Great job being done at Clyde.
  5. If we can believe wee Nicola We might be able to get into games in October.
  6. Well done Clyde fans.Over £20000 raised so far.
  7. Omar described Clyde fans as the scum of the earth.He will not be welcome at Broadwood.
  8. Him and Ally Love would be a match made in hell.
  9. If we hold on to Grant we should finish comfartbly mid table.
  10. Absolutely nothing naff about having The Bully Wee on back of shirt.
  11. Great uptake in Clyde ownership.On first day only 4 off of total for last year. Donations also looking very healthy.
  12. Looking forward to hearing what players are signed up for the forthcoming season.Time to get Danny out of furlough and building a squad that enables to challenge for the league. Congrats to who ever came up with the season ticket idea,superb.
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