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  1. Celtic certainly got some very soft fouls. Credit where credits due, Scott Brown is a really class player.
  2. If this game goes ahead it will be a farce.
  3. I thought the issue was dealt with competently.So there was a queue but most people were pretty relaxed about it.
  4. Two very evenly matched sides.Great to see Rankin back.The Clyde defence will only benefit from his guidance. Goodwillie’s goal. Was so clever.
  5. Sleet forecast for 7 am.If the pitch is a bog already this game has no chance of going ahead.
  6. Would have been more sold if they had been available right away and not restricted to 1 per owner..8 tickets bought directly from from Bonnyrigg. Optimistic to think more than 350 tickets would be sold to Clyde fans. SLW regardless of the weather it is going to be a mud bath.The ground has no redeeming features.Poor lighting,a slope that rivals the old one at Easter Road and I don't think they thought about drainage when laying the pitch. Having said all that ,can't wait.3-1 Clyde.
  7. Lang not on the bench for Dunfermline again.He needs to be playing,are we trying to get him on loan?
  8. Am I correct in assuming that Grant is now suspended due to the number of bookings he has accrued.
  9. I think when work is undertaken in a stadium by an individual’s company at his/her own volition and then at a later date a bill for £60000 lands on someone else desk might constitute a stitch up.
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