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  1. Lacking in loyalty.After Clyde paid for his knee surgery he opted to up sticks and move on.
  2. When I see the signing activity in our league I am becoming more and more despondent about next season.
  3. Was about to say the joob joob should always be green.
  4. Like the sound of the Cromarty Bakery.Will be delighted to give Greg’s a miss. Surely somebody knows where to get the biscuit and americano in the same place.
  5. There are plenty of places can get one right.Has anyone found the perfect pairing? bwen on this searc( for over 20 years.
  6. Should the serious football talk not be on a Clyde 2021 forum? Time to move on from a year which I for one want to forget.
  7. Goodwillie stated on Clyde podcast last week that he wants to stay at Clyde until he is 40.Absolutely no chance of him going to Airdrie.
  8. Rumbsy was magnificent.Tremendous effort from everyone but special mention for Goodwillie.
  9. Some may drift away.The majority will suck it up.
  10. So Young lied.I’ll bet Sportsound give it a body swerve tonight.
  11. The irony in this situation is gobsmacking. Two seasons ago we were deducted points which cost us the league.This season we may be awarded 3 points which may save us from relegation. Personally,I think the game should be played.
  12. Great win tonight.Thank you East Fife.
  13. Seems strange.It was East Fife that were ordered back to the dressing room whilst Clyde continued to warm up.
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