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  1. Impressed with the performance tonight.Also thought Accies were quire good.
  2. The announcement of Danny's new contract prior to the Edinburgh game was a masterstroke.What good news do we expect prior to Tuesday's game at Annan?
  3. At the recent Clyde AGM it was mentioned that the Colts had been served notice by NLL.Has there been any update on this?
  4. This is ridiculous.I I hate missing games but at this rate I have no chance of getting there before half time.
  5. No Coghill and I don't think Boyle was there either-hopefully nothing sinister. I am not McStays biggest fan but when we went down to 10 men he was magnificent. A massive 3 points.
  6. Good idea cfcuk,I'll join you. There are so many ways the Club could look at generating income.i feel we miss a trick by not displaying club merchandise in the Arria Lounge where orders could be taken and delivered at the next home game.Like me there are many in the Lounge before the Club shop opens and do not have the time to go along post match. I remember the successful open day when the MacDonald team came on Board.How about something like that next season but also geare to getting season ticket sales and pepole signed up to the 200 initiative. Iam hopeful that the Chairman's message was just a rallying call and not a cry for help.
  7. I hear the Colts tenancy at Broadwood may not be renewed. What does the future hold and will they continue in the Lowland League?
  8. Congrats to both. Two interesting comments from Danny Lennon. One to Clyde fans in the Arria Lounge that he is going no where and in today's papers saying he is ambitious to go full -time.Heady times ahead for Clyde?
  9. Have to agree,Rankin is rotten.Cannot agree about Lang though,thought he had a good game.Agree that Cuddihy and Stewart should be full backs.A bit concerned that DL has become unsure as to his best line up.
  10. QoS frightened off by Clyde's valuation of Goodwillie.
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