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  1. Noticed a Rockgen billboard behind the goal at the sports centre.Is Norrie Innes now backing the Colts?
  2. Chance to see McGrath and MccOrmack tonight.Berwick v Gretna on BBC.
  3. Crowd was far in excess of 651. Good numbers in hospitality and I am sure the kids in the family stand were excluded. would be interesting to hear how many opted for puff. From the highlights of DG’s goals was clear QP did not bring much of a support.
  4. With the signing of Parry I think we should be happy to get £10000 for Mitchell.
  5. Why would his statement and vision for the Club cause outrage? He is a lifelong Clyde fan who in the past has attempted to improve communication between Club and the wider community.He was also instrumental in bringing Danny Lennon to the Club. Give the guy a chance...time will tell.
  6. Regardless of what happens in the second half things have now gone too far. We have a recruitment team which is taking a load of flack yet we are told Danny Lennon has the final say when it comes to signings etc.Obviously this is not working and the signing strategy is a disaster.If it is down to Lennon then he needs to go and take Diamond and co with him.Lennon’s signings have been abysmal with the exception of Mitchell-I believe MCStay,Lang and Grant arrived due the influence of others. Time for change from top to bottom.
  7. Watching this I am getting more and more frustrated that Danny Lennon thinks Jones is a better option than Love or Cunningham.I think the DL love affair is over.
  8. Haufdaft that is a very good question.I know a number of their members post on this Board maybe they can answer.
  9. It is my understanding that The Glasgow Branch sought representation on the Board ,their request being denied. Worth pointing out all but one Board member ARE Clyde supporters.
  10. Very quiet on the Club’s site today.Not even the usual DL gibberish after a defeat. Itis a pity the Owner’s Q&A has been taken down.I cannot be alone in wondering if DL really does have the final say on signings.The money spent on 5 of these duds could have attracted 2 players with the Cali record required in this league. Something pending perhaps?
  11. Time for Danny Lennon to take a good hard look at himself.What does he think Jones gives us and how on earth does moving Goodwillie out on the wing make any sense?
  12. Anybody from East Kilbride want to explain why their stream of tonights match isn't working and advise how we get our money back?
  13. Does anyone know how to get access to the stream.
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