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  1. Quite possibly the most cringey thing ever. There's East Fife for you.
  2. Corrertamundo. Enjoy reality in the next few years.
  3. What a joke of a club Annan are. No bogs or carting in the away end for their biggest crowd of the year. Don't even know it there were turn styles open. Didn't want to risk going to the away end
  4. Ha ha poor Chris has a wee rage stauner. Hope they beat the drop though
  5. Hate all this pish about a poor pitch. It's pish for rovers too. If we're meant to be the more skillful team then we should bet able to deal with it better.
  6. For some reason I thought this game was on boxing day. How come no boxing day fixtures any more? Means I'm stuck with the extended family 2 days in a row now.
  7. FFS We're about 2 posts away from discussions about getting into cinemas wae jam jars and still having enough change for some Camp's coffee and two cans of breaker from Galbraiths. This topic should be, as we all know, about arranging outlandish fights in Ruel Street. I'm brining a trebuchet. 'Mon then.
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