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  1. All things Burgh for the 2021/22 season. #MonTheBurgh
  2. Today’s East of Scotland Football Association league match at home to Coldstream has been called off due to a frozen pitch. Have a great weekend!
  3. Away and slaver somewhere else Sam. Many Thanks! [emoji1303]
  4. We film the matches to allow the management team to watch and take notes of what worked well during the game and what needs to be worked on in training prior to the next match to get the best possible performances and results. The videos we upload are purely to benefit our own supporters, many of whom cannot make it to every match for their own reasons. If we uploaded a video of Dalkeith scoring five goals against us it’s not something in which our supporters would wish to see and if in fact any of them did wish to see it they know exactly who to go to and it would be supplied to them! A lot of work goes into the videos, it might look easy just pointing and shooting, but you miss the majority of the game as you are looking through the tiny screen trying to keep up with the ball and once the games over it can take hours to edit, never mind the time it takes to save and upload videos. Not how most people spend their Saturday nights! It’s no easy task. Our goal which was scored at Dalkeith was not uploaded as there is a slight problem with the zoom on the camera, at this particular moment the zoom was stuck in and wasn’t realised until the ball was practically in the back of the net therefore it was not uploaded because it was hard to see what had actually happened and who had scored. Hope that clears it up for you and you can quit your moaning!!! [emoji86][emoji86][emoji86] #MonTheBurgh
  5. SATURDAY’S MATCH [emoji413] Saturday 8th September [emoji739] Dunbar United [emoji625] Olivebank, Musselburgh, EH21 6QA [emoji471] Central Taxis East of Scotland Football League [emoji355]️ 14:30pm [emoji957] £6/£3/U16 Free [emoji351] ST Connect Tech
  6. SATURDAY’S MATCH [emoji413] Saturday 25th August [emoji739] St Cuthbert Wanderers [emoji625] St Mary’s Park, Kircudbright, DG6 4AW [emoji471] South Region Challenge Cup [emoji355]️ 3:00pm [emoji957] £5/£3 #montheburgh
  7. https://www.facebook.com/events/2029378310646450/?ti=ia
  8. Ladies and gentlemen allow us to introduce you to our season ticket prices for the upcoming East of Scotland Football League Season. [emoji838][emoji836]️ #MonTheBurgh #BuildingForTheFuture #NewChapter #GetInvolved
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