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  1. Disappointed not to win that but I thought we were ok considering we are still missing a few and Uche, Walker and Washington were behind fitness wise. We created plenty, bit of a worry we never took the chances but hoping sharpness will come. Not sure about Washington being immobile, thought he put a good shift in and got in a few decent positions although his finishing wasn't great at all. Uche was murder, Walker was good and the run out will have done him good. How the f**k Connolly and Bouhenna escaped without reds is beyond me. Overall I thought it was a decent game to watch.
  2. White won't start and I don't think Washington will either as he's also only had 45 minutes. I'd start McDonald and Zanatta as being fit and confident is better than coming in and trying to get up to speed. Washington and Walker can come off the bench and then start some other group games. I doubt it will be but I'd go for: Zlamal Smith Souttar Berra Hickey Cochrane Clare McDonald Zanatta Mulraney Uche
  3. No real idea tbh. He only made a couple of appearances for us when he was 18. He was highly rated and was tidy on the ball from what I saw at youth level but honestly no idea what he's like now.
  4. I liked him and I think he'll be a miss, probably bigger than some people realise. That said I'm glad all this will he, won't he pish is gone. We should've offered him a deal and said agree to it by a certain date or bolt. If Lee is off as well we definitely need someone in.
  5. Think Petkov could do well for you. He struggled a bit at Berwick by all accounts but was there as a midfielder, in the last year he's moved to centre half and done pretty well, earning an extension and voted reserve player of the year. Would be interested to see how he gets on if it goes through. Only 19 and a Bulgarian u21.
  6. Really happy with Walker. Obviously a bit of a gamble fitness wise but he is a proven game changer up here. He'll also hopefully have a bit of focus and determination to prove people wrong after his move south never worked. Walker, Halkett, Washington and most likely Naismith. While we've got rid of Sammon and Martin. Looking like not a bad window.
  7. Conor Washington close to signing according to the Daily Record. Will take it with a pinch of salt as they are a rag, but would be pretty happy with that if it came off.
  8. Happy with that. Obviously concerns about fitness but Levein for all his faults, doesn't give many people second chances so he must be convinced Walker's head is in the right place. If he's fit and focused he's easily good enough for this league and gives us creativity we need. Less pressure on him to do everything himself this time too and on the flip side with guys like Naismith about there will be no guarantee he'll start unless performing.
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