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  1. Cheers. Had it in my head it was going to be artificial but thought it looked tremendous when I seen it so wasn't sure.
  2. Is the new Lesser Hampden surface artificial or hybrid?
  3. I'd agree with this. On his day he's very good and you wonder how he's ended up at us. Then you see the performances he's dished up the last month and you know why. I'd also question his attitude when the going gets tough. However to say he's no end product is inaccurate, he's created lots of goals, scored a few and also created plenty chances that we've not converted which isn't his fault. Also mentioned chat of him being in Scotland squads was baffling above, however given he was actually in a Scotland squad it's obviously not that far fetched! I'd drop him and have him coming off the bench for a bit, try and regain a bit of confidence and drive.
  4. I think it might be the latter. Agree, he looked very slow yesterday, not like him at all. I mean he's not fast, but he's normally sharp. Maybe not 100% fit, or maybe just lost a bit sharpness after missing the last few but was disappointing.
  5. I think it's the white top tbh, quite a few of our players look chunky in it but they aren't. This was him yesterday, I don't think he looks particularly heavy here. And it's not something I've seen anyone say about him before.
  6. No sure I'm saying what you think I am tbh. I've not bought into any narrative. I never expected 3rd, but I'm basing it on the fact we did get the results required and were 3rd and miles clear that it was literally in our hands to chuck. If Aberdeen were 10 and 9 ahead of Hearts and Hibs you'd think it was yours to lose as well, I don't even get what the argument about that is tbh. I am shocked you don't like us
  7. We were 10 points clear of you and 9 clear of Hibs at one point not too long ago I'm sure, I think it was ours to throw away. Not sure that's remotely contentious tbh. Nor arrogant to expect to see out a lead that size when we had actually been in good form.
  8. Some fans did, lots haven't. I think you've fell into the trap of thinking a handful of posters on the windup are representative of the whole support though. They disappear after games like this and will be back after out next win, same as always. In general we've been confident of 3rd for a while which I don't exactly think is unreasonable given how the season has panned out. There's no doubt it shouldn't be this close though. We hung in when playing twice a week and had injuries, that was Hibs and Aberdeen's chance to put us to the sword but it didnt happen and we then pulled away after the WC break. Since then we've had a really bad month coupled with you and Hibs getting your act together to close the gap. We should have pretty much wrapped it up already given the lead we had at one point. We are so difficult to watch outside Tynecastle, so if we do get 3rd it'll be because of what we do there as I can't see the away form changing much at all.
  9. I think our home form will carry us over the line but it'll be very tight. Winnable games before the split and Aberdeen still have Rangers to play which is a much harder fixture than anything we have left. Even one of our away games is at Easter Road which we'll maybe not win but we won't be as passive as we have in other fixtures outside Tynecastle. After the split we'll have Hibs and Aberdeen at home, which will effectively be must win games for them both seeing as they also have to play Celtic, Rangers and each other. It's far closer than it should be, and if we finish 4th I think Neilson could be in trouble, but I think he'll get us limping over the line and then give it the big one.
  10. Yeah completely agree. It's almost a form of grooming. Sad older c***s who can't bear to admit they've wasted huge chunks of their own life, so take on the younger team, who themselves are often maybe looking for somewhere to belong or be recognised, to convince them it's a great laugh. Having been going to games since I was very young, you recognise the same faces passing this shite on, who ironically used to be the younger ones being exposed to it themselves.
  11. Honestly, you'll get some Hearts fans that still buy into that UJ shite, but it's genuinely the minority. But to trot about supporting the Tories as if they don't view every football fan with utter disdain is fucking weird. Wee boy on the far left looks about 20. If he supports the Tories it's via brainwashing. Or he's thick as f**k. Both could be true.
  12. Fucking weirdos. Hopefully someone set fire to their flag and gave them a chasing. Imagine having to actually order that. To physically go out your way to "design" it and ask other folk for money towards it, it's not like it's a spur of the moment purchase .
  13. After our last euro game we were in 7th place. I don't think anyone had Rangers in their sights, certainly no one sane.
  14. Hard to blame them tbh. Conceded 6 in the last week before today, and are then 3 down on less than half an hour today. This is also with a horror show in Motherwell fresh in the memory and Robbie has spent all week saying we had to be ready for a battle. So if he believes that why were we so passive and why didn't he try to address it when the game is running away from us? Sometimes he gets an unfair bit of stick, other times he fully deserves it. Shouting at the players is never great but doesn't help when folk like Hill are getting sucked into arguments. What are they expecting after a performance like that? Take your lumps and move on.
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