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  1. I'll go for a really shite Hearts performance and a scrappy win.
  2. If Neilson goes I don't want McInnes. The style of football the last few years has been a big issue, McInnes is just a higher level Neilson. Dour faced, boring football and needs to spend a lot of money.
  3. Going by the current feeling among the Hearts support, I think most people would be delighted to see you get a draw and ramp up the pressure on Robbie.
  4. Absolutely. It's not just a cup upset, it's the worst result in our history. He also seen us out the LC meekly away to Alloa and he's been playing god awful, turgid football since January. Getting out this league, with this squad of players is not really an achievement. This result alone is enough IMO, but added to the fact we've only won 2 out of our last 7, I think it's clear it's a mistake to give him the summer and allow him to waste more money on players when he'll likely be binned before xmas anyway.
  5. We don't care enough on the park for a backlash. We'll be shite again and either scrape a win or get an uninspiring draw. If AJ has anything abut him he'll get after us. Press that backline and you'll 100% get chances, and good ones.
  6. So did a lot of Hearts fans. It's not news he's not Guardiola.
  7. Actually blown away by how poor that was. The result is our worst ever, no question, but the lack of desire was terrifying. Neilson is done. A sizeable chunk already don't like him, but that result alone is sackable. He's winning no one back at this point, so do it now rather than get further down the road and need an even bigger rebuild. Sack him now.
  8. I'd like to see Walker & Kastaneer get a start. Walker deserves one and Kastaneer was one of the few bright spots off the bench on Saturday. Hopefully Haring in as well, he needs games.
  9. Back 5 could be a rabble, no Smith or Kingsley so expect Popescu at RB and White at LB with Stewart in goals. That obviously should still be enough but it might toil if we take it into the league. Quite looking forward to this, I like playing teams I've never seen before and Brora seem like decent guys so hopefully there's a decent uptake on the stream.
  10. Also, Robbie is doing GMS absolutely no favours at all by playing him as a 10. Play him wide or don't play him, bizarre to try and shoe horn him in when we have Walker on the bench who is much better in that role.
  11. Not that it would've been particularly deserved, but I think we should've had a penalty in the first half when the centre half "shoulder barged" GMS. The ball wasn't in playing distance, and there was no attempt to make it, outside the box it's a foul every day.
  12. Absolutely shite from us, yet again. Too slow and the shape was pish. We improved second half and had a few off the line but Arbroath deserved a point. Neilson really needs to get his finger out and set us up with more purpose. Every game is sideways nonsense and then we have a wee flurry where generally we get something. Also, get Halliday in the fucking bin. Offers zero.
  13. Poor first 45, better second half. Walker changed the game again. Not the best but 2 good goals, could easily have had more too if not for poor finishing and decent goalkeeping. 3 points closer to winning the league.
  14. I'd like to see Walker start as well. He's been in good form, looks sharp and is a goal threat. His biggest issue is fitness, if he's looking like he has been he should be starting imo. Especially as GMS hasn't exactly set the heather alight.
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