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  1. Haha aye sure. His racist comments were just him talking, How's that picked up on CCTV. And if you mean him offering us a fight, he stood up and said it and we laughed him off and he got off. Wtf would we say to the police, "we'd like to report someone making an arse of themselves?".
  2. Pretty much tbh. Was all just very weird how he went from being fine to thinking we were a group he felt comfortable being racist in front of.
  3. What's more likely? I for some reason came on the internet to make up a story about a fictional man being racist and aggressive, even including what line I was on, with nothing to gain from lying, Or there was a racist Rangers fan from Airdrie?
  4. No. I was not shocked at which one it was though. Was on the longer route though, not the quick train.
  5. I was with my nephew, didn't really want to give the arsehole any more attention.
  6. Weird incident on the train home, some Rangers fan who was travelling on his own was talking to us about the game. He seemed absolutely fine and was pretty reasoned in his assessment of the game etc, then out the blue he made some absolutely ridiculous racist comments about Calvin Bassey. We told him what we thought of his comments, he apologised, said it was a "laugh" and we shouldn't be so PC. So we told him to stop talking to us. Then when it was his stop he jumped up and offered all 5 of us off the train for a square go All came from absolutely nowhere. He wasn't even drunk or anything. Cretin.
  7. Disappointed with how that panned out. We were absolutely fine first half, but as the game went on it was obvious that the guys we'd gambled on fitness wise never had enough in the tank and the subs made a huge difference. There's changed the game, ours never. Rangers deserved it, just gutted we lost the goal so early into ET as it completely deflated us.
  8. Aye we'll have to be careful and not reckless, I was just meaning there's no way we'll be standing off like thr last few games.
  9. Germany and Denmark flags in there. A cultural smorgasbord.
  10. I honestly don't think Saturday will have any impact whatsoever. Obviously we could lose comfortably, but despite being quite a strong team on paper, there were plenty involved trying to just get through the game and get minutes under their belt. We barely put a tackle of note in. And once Rangers brought on the youngsters they all had the desire to go and impress and we never tried to stop them knocking it about, they are clearly technically good players but I'm pretty sure if we had to win that game we'd not have just stood off them. As I say we might well lose, but we'll definitely be up for it and flying into tackles. Need to try and play at a high tempo from the start and not let Rangers dictate from the off.
  11. Today's game was about getting minutes in guys who've been injured and trying to avoid injury. The result was meaningless. Even still, that was absolutely pish.
  12. Agree with this and already think he's making better decisions as he has had a run of games. Already back in training today as well, so obviously not knackered from Wednesday.
  13. I think we'll have to risk a few guys that have been out for a while. Neilson is adamant Halkett and Souttar will make the final, but they can't go in without having played in months, so if they are even a possibility for the final they must play tomorrow. I think Devlin and Smith also need minutes or they'll be on the bench at best in the final. Other than that I'd play no one that's going to be in our starting lineup next week, with maybe the exception of Gordon as we can't play Stewart again.
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