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  1. Yeah I'm not suggesting Woodburn is sidelined for a long period, just maybe a chance to give guys champing at the bit a chance. That said I fully expect Woodburn to start.
  2. Fernando Screpis - Hair and half a name, Screpis sounds like a fungal infection Thiago Costa - Hair, name and f**k knows on ability he only played once. It was in a mauling of Inverness but he could never shift Mr dependable Robbie Neilson.
  3. I'd drop Woodburn and give GMS a start. Woodburn is clearly very good, but that's a few games he's been on the periphery a wee bit, would let him know there's competition for spots if he's not performing.
  4. We were awful for the first half hour, though I thought Rangers were very good. After that we kind of started to gain some composure so to lose the goal when we did stung but we couldn't complain at being behind. Too many players froze first half, mainly Smith and Souttar. Second half was much better. We played higher up and while Rangers still made chances so did we. I was raging at McKay for shooting but you can't really blame him. The offside against Boyce I assume the linesman was steaming? Delighted for Halkett to get the goal he deserved that. Aribo should've walked at 0-0, was a shocker.
  5. This song isn't offensive, even though it shares a tune with a song we just had to ban fans for singing. This shirt isn't offensive, it's just a tribute to our Dutch players. Maybe, your club could stop trying to incorporate morally ambiguous guff in an attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator? As if the people making that video never at any point thought, "do you think this could be seen to be in poor taste?". It's a deliberate choice, so let's stop pretending otherwise.
  6. We genuinely look a decent team at the minute, and have real options off the bench, should have Souttar back too. I think we can give ourselves a chance here, but the main thing I'm hoping for is that we don't go there and shit the bed. Rangers haven't clicked at all this season, we can get something if we turn up. Just don't go 10 men behind the ball and play for a point.
  7. Evidenced by the fact Andrew McKinley says Rangers have intimated they will look at giving us an allocation. If it was genuinely down to red zones they'd not be contemplating it.
  8. How is Scott McGill getting on for you guys? Really rate him from what I seen of him in the first team last year, hoping he impresses with you and comes back ready to challenge when his loan is over.
  9. Just watched the highlights, as has already been said I've no idea why those strips were allowed. As clear a clash as you'll get and made it difficult to watch.
  10. I don't go on Kickback very often, but I had a wee look. Folk, I assume with massive head injuries, are questioning Boyce for not having a good enough all round game. Lunatics.
  11. Well exactly. If those were "good chances" so was Woodward's effort.
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