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  1. It's a pretty shite level, maybe they double up cup and league games as one fixture like the Sunday leagues do?
  2. Absolutely shite from Hearts. Decent start then it's like we just assumed we'd get a goal and stopped playing. From about 30 minutes in I don't think we had a meaningful attempt at goal. I'd say we deserved to lose, but Alloa had one real effort all day, I think it's more accurate to say we didn't deserve to win. Robbie blaming the ref is pathetic as well. He should be looking closer to home, another slow, pedestrian performance so soon after Dunfermline is a worry.
  3. Absolutely shite performance. First half hour I thought we were ok, after that we never looked like scoring. Midfield doesn't need Halliday and Lee, it's one or the other. Subs were absolutely shite again. Robbie can f**k off blaming the ref, even if it wasn't a penalty we went 120 minutes without scoring and mainly looking toothless as f**k with a poor tempo. Look closer home.
  4. Popescu's first 30 seconds were a contender for the worst start to an appearance ever.
  5. Didn't look a lot in the penalty claim to me, Thomson ran across him, looked like a coming together rather than a foul.
  6. Will you guys be offering a PPV stream for the cup game?
  7. Not sure what you're on about with Berra tbh. Couple of slack passes aside he absolutely strolled it.
  8. I get that, but we shouldn't be that flat for a whole half. And why did we have we no interest in looking for more goals? Anyway, it's a convincing win so feel cheeky being too critical, would just like to see us play well for more than a half, this season it's been a bit of an issue.
  9. Thought we were decent first half, good tempo, good pressing and scored some really good goals. 2nd half was awful, took our foot off the gas, subs weakened us and we didn't have anywhere near the same intensity. 2 awful penalty attempts as well from Boyce.
  10. Didn't really this was a 7pm KO, assumed it'd be 7.45.
  11. Overall that was poor. Could've squeezed into one episode if all they wanted was a generic behind the scenes show. Quite relieved tbh considering how bad we could've looked. Been said before but still not happy with the treatment of Stendel. Spin off for Lee McCulloch's gnashers on the way.
  12. Glad we've got another game so quickly to put Friday behind us. Need a win, but just as important I think we need a good performance. Haring and Ginnelly should be available apparently, having both available would be a boost.
  13. I'm a big fan of him, I think some Hearts fans forget he's so young. Hopefully gets a good run of games, performs well and comes back to challenge.
  14. Had a look to see how Cochrane is getting on and seen two different sites have him in yesterday's lineup as a centre half. I assume that's bollocks?
  15. Aye because we never had chances either. Dunfermline deserved to win because they took their chances and we never. It was hardly some pumping.
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