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  1. Delayed to include footage of the new season according to the Evening News.
  2. I would recommend avoiding kickback tbh. It's about as much a representation of your normal fan as any of these one club forums, mostly filled with oddballs.
  3. If you sign Keena that's a very good signing for League one IMO. I thought he'd be able to get a Championship club.
  4. Ooft. Thought I saw one of the Terrace podcast boys say it had finished a while back on twitter. This will be proper car crash tv.
  5. I believe we already signed off full access at the start of the process, wishful thinking that we could block it.
  6. The squad we have should be good enough to get us back up even without additions.
  7. I still hope there is reconstruction (there won't be), but 14 teams can f**k off.
  8. I'd seen someone say they actually stopped filming a while back, so might not be as harrowing as expected.
  9. Odd decision from Hibs. Even if it's not a huge uptake it's still money you don't have coming in. And it's brutal for the Killie fans who through no fault of their own miss the opening game of the season.
  10. Meh. Not exactly an unexpected outcome. I imagine any statement will be short and not have the sort of reaction people are hoping for. We've exhausted our options, time to move on now.
  11. I don't actually mind the shade, it's better than some of the washed out blues we've had before. But maroon shorts make it look like a West Ham kit and the design on the sleeves is shite.
  12. Hope it's voted against, kind of got it for an interim idea in leagues that resumed and played a lot in a short period, but for a full season? Nah.
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