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  1. Same. If the right type of character is Craig Wighton I want the wrong type.
  2. Looks like a cracking talent but a nutter. A Pinilla for the 20's.
  3. Head and shoulders above everyone else in terms of quality and leadership. But you're right, he really needs to stay fit. No point being a good influence for one in every four games.
  4. I think we'll be well fired up for this one . Souttar, Naismith and Washington to start, Walker back on the bench. 3-1 Hearts. An early goal would be very helpful, the longer it goes 0-0 the nervier the crowd will get.
  5. Sky Italia reporting Milan are interested in Hickey. More than likely come to nothing, but what a move that'd be for the laddie.
  6. In the scheme of things Levein telling him is probably the right person as him and MacPhee are sharing DoF duties for this window, But I do have a problem with Levein being involved whatsoever and I agree it's a bad look, but it is what it is until Budge bins him. I also think it's unprofessional to tell him at the back doors rather than in a proper meeting, but again I'd have that at Levein's door, if he's got that task it's up to him to carry it out properly. As for the atmosphere being toxic, all the chat coming out of Tynecastle is the exact opposite. The player seem to be loving working with Stendel, the only ones who are upset are those not in the plans. We need to get results early doors though or it all becomes a big stick to beat Stendel with.
  7. Keena isn't having a pop at all. Have people actually read the article?
  8. Didn't he have to rely on those players to play though? Doyle, Berra, Wighton etc can easily sit in the reserves if we can't shift them, they won't be called upon.
  9. The same media that asks guys like Neil McCann to be objective despite the fact he wanted the job and had talks over it. Not really a dig at McCann as such, but why are people like that then asked to comment as if they don't have a vested interest?
  10. Stendel has identified guys that he either can't trust, knows won't work or knows won't buy into his methods. He's then acted quickly to move them on, the only ones having a pop back are guys with a lack of self awareness trying to save their own reputation. They are a huge part of the reason we are in the mess we are. Even if Stendel ends up a disaster, it doesn't mean he's wrong. For him to get a reaction he needs guys on board with his way of thinking. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  11. It's not a normal job though is it? How many managers like to keep on the staff of the older manager? Add to the fact he'd know that there are people suggesting Levein still has an influence, he was smart to cut that link as quickly as possible. Plus Daly's wages now go to big Colt. All these boys greeting and blaming others. How about they take some responsibility and say "maybe I've played a part in this club being a fucking embarrassment". Some humility might get them some slack from the fans.
  12. Tbf the stuff about wages could be bollocks as well but it sounds closer to the mark than us expecting a championship team to cough up that kind of money.
  13. Pretty sure that's bollocks, it's £100k more than we paid for him for one. The chat was it was a loan but Dundee wouldn't pay more than 25% of his wages and we wanted more covered.
  14. Never called him a wonderkid, just that I wouldn't be embarrassed if we signed him. Charles-Jesaja Hermann
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