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  1. Eh, no Keithy, No Lamont, pre empty next week choice of ex-Muirkirk coaches, No Jose either, bee in your bonnet about Muirkirk? Disgruntled ex player or a disappointed current incumbent who cannae match these guys records?????
  2. Admit whit ? Av answered all yer questions, now , I could turn this on it's head, reading through P&B this afternoon on my return there is one guy who was " hell bent " on naming a guy from a previous post, so hot chips ? _e_r_e _ri__s__ ? Or, ???
  3. Time up for me, as I was heading out there was 4 guys from AWR in front of me, 2 were going to Cecchinis to get their wives , 2 were going to the "Vaults" I think
  4. I don't know, was going for a piss, seen a poor tackle then hand bags, came back from my piss and seen 2 players going off, never thought nothing of it but but it kind off ties in now with what the AWR fans were saying at time up
  5. No, if it was indeed him that went off at 4-0 I felt AWR played better after that, I left when it went 8-0 with 10/15 to go as I was working that night
  6. If it's who I think it was nae long into the second half with the score at 4-0
  7. Yes, and why would it no make sense for you to say I am Mr Stewart ?
  8. Sigh, no again, next week I expect to be Jose, what part Hot Chips do you not get when I said " I wasn't familiar with any players ? So you are telling me Caddis played 45 would that no back up what I heard the AWR fans say ? But hey, you are probably one of a few who originally said I was Keithy, came back on a week ago under a new username to throw the lad Lamont at me, god, what did they two guys do to rattle your cage ??
  9. Topic is AWR v Lugar, not me, took in the game, not familiar with AWR or Lugar players, on the way out I heard a few AWR fans gloating that they won without Caddis, what I saw Lugar had their chances but heads went down, hence why I asked the question
  10. A few goals will be in the history books, apart from that, bang average at best
  11. Castle Rovers v Dailly, 10 mins from my abode
  12. Played it, 2 clubs, 2 years, end of,
  13. Ah, see where your going, Jas as in Jason ? Surname would be Lamont ? Keith's coach So next week I will be Jose Quitongo ? Let's go through the entire back catalogue of Muirkirk coaches, no ?
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