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  1. If it was one of the smaller teams and during peak holiday time then i'd be tempted to use one of the local junior grounds.
  2. Was there not a hostile takeover midseason by the fans group? I suspect Low and the other directors were putting money in at times to cover any shortfall. Think Lachlan used to do the same with us and would take cash out when we got a cup run etc. Thistle are probably at the same point we were when Barr left and the policeman started running the club. The new Thistle board of directors promised to secure funding early doors but i don't believe this happened. The way those numbers were presented today might also be slightly different than normal. Watching Thistle is probably a useful exercise in seeing what fan ownership looks like. Words like sustainability sound cool but until the wider game changes i think i'd rather stick with the wealthy individua owner route
  3. That was one and the other on Thursday changed the game massively. Dipo being out for the first match despite not missing a game all season. Savoury getting injured in the QP game were all good breaks to get. Today was the opposite and you got the rough end of the stick
  4. VAR turned the game as County certainly didn't look capable of scoring. Can't really complain though as you've had a lot of big referee calls go your way recently and today evens it up
  5. Yes they've had some bad luck here today. But things level themselves out and everything that could go right did so n the previous play off games
  6. County can easily win this game but whether they go through or nor is another story. Playing a large part of Thursday with 10 men might come back to haunt them. If Fitzpatrick and Tiffoney are on form they can be unstoppable at times and will score goals. County probably need a Thistle sending off or dodgy decision to avoid the drop
  7. If you were to trawl far enough back people thought he might get a move to a bigger team. At one point he was one of the few players worth talking about , certainly from an attacking sense. This season has been totally different though and certainly a weak link. Should have been put on the bench and made to fight for his place.
  8. Some of them also need to be experienced. Would like to see one or two of them being leaders and could take on the captains role also
  9. Looks to fit their previous mould although not sure if his age makes it harder to develop for a fee. As he's from up north then it might mean a better chance of getting used to living in Scotland. Not sure if they will still target those leagues around London as it seems tough for the players to settle
  10. Far too internally focused. Irrespective of our own performances a big reason for us being anywhere near the top was due to the inconsistency of the league. A few teams put little runs together but couldn't sustain it. What happens next year if some of the bigger teams get their act together? Would the fans really be happy with a good passing game , some wins against the top teams and then finishing fourth or fifth? I guess there are a few who can find enough positives in any season but on paper its a tough season to beat. 2nd could be very hard for Bullen or any new person unless some serious cash is thrown at it. Bullen has earned the right to have a crack at it anyway. Reckon he will move though as the travelling lifestyle isn't great and probably this season has got his cv into shape.
  11. If you'd have said to me at the end of the league cup games we would finish second then i might well view that as being special
  12. Last night was not the time or the place for that. Should have be keeping the head down and apologising to fans for two big games worth of capitulation
  13. Deservedly sacked? Was that for being friends of the old board or due to cash flow issues? At the very start of the season McCall had Thistle motoring on before the injuries kicked in. Doolan has picked up the reigns when the injury list was clearing up. Can't deny Thistle have some really good forward players but the way we set up brought a lot of the problems on ourself. Not been following the league above much and know the teams too well. However should Thistle play a team willing to attack then i expect them to get opened up and take a bit of a beating
  14. No idea. If I were to guess I’d say he will be on the bench
  15. Is that not the sign of a good manager though. Identifying capable people and letting them get on with their job? It does raise the question though that if Scally and Stewart were that good then why not give them the job instead of gambling on the laptop guy coming good
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