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  1. In addition to the basics tasks Kirk also seems comfortable with the ball at his feet and can make a decent pass from difficult positions bringing others into play. This can help take some pressure off a defence and buy time to regroup. Whilst an aimless punt might travel further it often just returns the ball to the opposition
  2. Doubt it. Tomorrow they will start working through the detail and expect a lot of stuff to be wiped out for a period of time
  3. Can't think of many teams who run with one player for one position only. It's not like we have had many emerging young players the last few years so to have two in the same position requiring game time isn't good forward planning
  4. McCall wasn't known for giving many young players a chance unless they had potential but seemed to be gradually giving him game time for when Harvie left. The next three managers didn't seem keen to offer game time or sanction further loan moves. Lets hope Bullen gives him a chance or a loan move. Whilst Reading has been a good signing it is also one that has blocked the path of our most promising youth player. Not sure this would have happened at other clubs who like to promote from their academy
  5. Lets hope he can surpass his brother who has been unlucky with our recent managers and laptop man signing someone from the same background but further down their career
  6. Yeah i will be interested to see if he can actually nail down a starting spot at Morton. Out of his total career its probably a low number of seasons where he would be considered a first choice pick. For the 6-8 games a season where he did turn up he could be on a different level but never followed up with any consistency. Perhaps Morton can get his career going again
  7. It's a good point. McCall made a lot of changes behind the scenes that brought us up several levels. With a chairman living abroad a lot of the off field stuff ticked on by without much thought. These changes saved Smith a lot of work and perhaps meant the off field development could be done quicker
  8. That depends on what you call success. We were able to compete on the park with bigger teams on much less budget. We also went away from home to difficult hunting grounds and handed out a few lessons. I would certainly consider that a success compared to many other times following the club. I would also reckon McCall brought back some lapsed fans and added new ones as the team were good to watch. Right now there is a lot happening off the pitch which is good for the club. On the park the jury is still very much out and we will need a few more weeks plus signings to convince many this is better than the McCall era
  9. It would be useful to see Moffatt play and see what he can do. If the legs haven’t gone too much he will be of use right now. Until a new striker signs there is a place going up front and I would be trying the lot of them until someone nails it down
  10. From what i gather there is a shortage of strikers full stop. Without looking far Arbroath seemed to have exactly the same problem on Saturday and it's unusual to see two sides who looked as tame in front of goal. Lets hope there is some decent budget set aside as could be another bunfight with our peers in a limited market
  11. Looking at the current state of play there seems to be a real shortage of strikers out there. Not sure if it's the same story with any other positions. Perhaps the realistic options are a youth from the league above or another gem from the London boroughs. Perhaps nothing is imminent and a bit of stage management happening. The goals to game ratio particularly at home can't be ignored though and he will surely know the consequences of not signing a goal scorer.
  12. Healthy food comes at a cost. Can't see many waiting 10 mins for a spinach and kale topping. Will ne interesting to see if they have something different for football fans that can be served quickly that is also affordable
  13. Perhaps they might view it as a charitable or emergency request if the league cup results continue. Thankfully scottish independence hasn't happened or the majority of our summer signings would be stuck in Gretna waiting for the border guards to let them through
  14. All the other teams were match ready and trying very hard so that explains it
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