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  1. Heard him on the radio for a bit. Made a few good comments particularly around the people running the game at the top being stuck in the 1950’s. Whilst Strachan is a good manager he was held accountable for poor results. The people who employed him have never been held to account for a bad decision amongst many others
  2. Instead of changing the season why not load Arbroath’s home games towards the start and end of the season avoiding the worst of the winter
  3. Tough place to visit is Arbroath. If you’re lucky enough to survive the wind and still in the hunt then the ref will sort the rest out
  4. Yeah for the opposition team. If you’re Arbroath that plays in these conditions fortnightly then not a problem. Awaiting an Arbroath fan to tell me the wind has only blown twice on a Saturday since August
  5. Wouldn’t have minded Gillespie playing at centre back. Thought his positioning, tackling and game management were fairly good whilst his pace and fitness weren’t up to speed. Maybe with the conditions nice passing won’t be happening as much so going for a physical approach in midfield
  6. At this time of year and with the recent weather this is probably the last place you’d want to visit. Fair chance of being a complete lottery which favours Arbroath as they will be used to playing in it
  7. Go back and read the announcement of him being appointed. His experience, skills and background were somewhat exaggerated. The reality was he was Kerr’s mate rather than a serious contender from within the game. Ultimately Kerr can appoint who he wants and the buck stops with him. They will both be measured by results. Good luck to McArdle as he’s obviously working hard to try and succeed within the game. He may go on to be a great manger by himself but at the time it was a left field appointment to assist someone else with no management experience
  8. Hoping the board see the chance to make some cash here and invest in a few decent players. We have a good chance of making one of the top places due to points already bagged. The cut throat nature of this league makes it difficult for many teams to amass points quickly. When you look at the cash on offer for league placings then a decent finish will more than pay for any new signings plus more. Even a mediocre run of results should still get us to a decent place
  9. If Forrest goes to Livi he might be taking a gamble. Playing every second week on that pitch can’t be great for someone who picks up niggling injuries as often
  10. Did we not turn full time during the last five years which in turn would have offered more of our young players a better pathway to the first team?
  11. McCrorie has played his way much closer to the first team with his performances this season. This way Rangers get to test him at their level and if he does well will be backup goalie next season. Kelly is still a bit away from the first team so doubtful they would move him. Doohan would be more likely to leave as in a similar position to McCrorie. This only really happened as an unexpected turn of events hit Livi. Time is ticking so doubtful another opening like this would appear for Doohan or whether Celtic would want to move him anyway
  12. Has Houston signed on yet? If not maybe an imminent over the next few days
  13. Somerset is probably on the boycott list that’s if he ever leaves the safety of his keyboard
  14. Either of the old firm or Killie please. Cash is king and the right draw may give us a boost during the transfer window
  15. There are a few but not many who could do it. There was a rumour that Dorrans might be signing for MK Dons
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