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  1. Whilst cashless turnstiles is the way forward having chatted to a couple of supporters of other clubs already involved, the feeling was that it brings no real overall improvement to the fans. In particular Hamilton was mentioned as a place where this doesn’t run well for away fans and they just don’t bother going anymore
  2. We have also made it harder for people to turn up and pay at a time when we are desperate for cash. The budget has been cut and our manager needs another two but not sure if we can afford. You would have thought the club would have been keen to attract more fans and not make it harder. When the winter weather arrives people will be even less willing to mess about in extra queues.
  3. Yeah those improvements sound good and will no doubt speed things up. You have also got the Stranraer game as another test run to get it right. Still think you might need a ticket purchase point seperate to the club shop. A lot of people will want to purchase quickly and there is already a lot going on in that area
  4. It was hardly the most discreet effort with three electrical type devices sat on the turnstyle in front of him
  5. Delays don’t happen that often but can’t say that ticketing issues are the usual cause of the ones I have heard of
  6. A joke? Please explain why the club were proactively ushering people to the front of the queue that had bought online. These were people that had taken note and tried to follow the clubs guidance
  7. First week so fair enough to put down to teething problems. There will need to be some radical change to the system to make this work
  8. I bought a ticket online and wasn’t sent a QR code on either email I received . Went to shop and they kindly gave me a ticket. As an example Partick Thistle have a seperate portakabin at their turnstiles where you have a good few queues to buy a ticket so it happens within a few minutes. Today we had queues of 30 deep into a shop with a table or two like a beetle drive. Not sure how further congestion in the shop will help with merchandise sales either as it was best avoided. Think with Thistle you might be able to scan ticket so one person can work two or three turnstiles and keep things moving. Today we had one person per turnstyle that took as long as paying with cash operating an amazon scanner. To be fair the home crowd was a bit lighter due to holidays and we still had a delay of ten minutes. Hopefully lessons can be learned and make this efficient in the future but not really seeing a massive benefit from this system
  9. Think today was a massive result for us and could go a long way to helping our season. Until they went down to ten men I thought Falkirk were going to win by a few goals. Our squad is somewhat meh and the only way of improving is with cash from this cup. Looking at other results we are now in a pretty good position to qualify
  10. Teething problems? It actually looks likes a system that is going to cause the club more work than before. Think they might need to go on some exchange trips to other clubs and see how their set up works
  11. Bought a ticket on my mobile and got sent two emails. Didn’t see a link on either for a ticket. Checked on the pc as sometimes get more options and there was none. Not going to waste anymore time and effort today. Will just buy a ticket at the gate and take my chances of a refund next week
  12. I suppose the question is how many strikers or right backs could we have signed instead of barcodes and QR for entertainment?
  13. For starters I remember when other teams started this and the system could crashed. If there is still a cash gate then it allows access of sorts. Also I predict for the first few weeks everybody will still pile up at the last minute. There will be queues at new the ticket point plus turnstiles. If I hadn’t read about it on here I would never have known. This is actually a massive change of practice and whilst it may seem minor to some, many of our support won’t be like that. Rather than everyone learning the system at once having a medium approach would make it smoother
  14. That would have been a good idea. Would also like to have it where one gate remains cash for a while. Granted there will be longer queues but fans then have the option of waiting longer or going to the ticket office .Once the system is proven and most fans are aware then they could withdraw the cash gate. Hopefully as it’s now holiday time there might be a bit of slack so that a lot of problems are sorted properly for the first game of the league
  15. Could they not run a hybrid system for a period of time so that everybody becames aware of the system and it gradually beds in?
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